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To: Big Burrito Restaurant Group: Bill Fuller, Tom Baron, Cary Klein

Support a Safe Workplace for Big Burrito Restaurant Group Employees

Support a Safe Workplace for Big Burrito Restaurant Group Employees

- In the event of a positive case at any restaurant under Big Burrito, a company-wide email must be sent to all staff within 24 hours of the confirmed positive case.
- The company must ensure that all staff who have worked with the positive individual in the past 2 weeks are tested and removed from the schedule until such a time that they receive a negative test result. The company must fully cover the financial burden incurred by testing of any staff that is required to get tested.
- We ask that for the sake of county-wide contact tracing all customers who may have come into contact with reported positive employees be notified directly of any possible exposure by the company administration.
- The company must require the two week quarantine of, or proof of a negative test from, any staff who has traveled out of state before returning to service
- We require that as restaurants are reopened for dine-in service, a small task force of restaurant-specific returning hourly staff (comprised of both Front and Back of House Staff) and managers is assigned to each restaurant to oversee, develop, and enforce, a common sense and location-specific approach for returning safely to work and the practical enforcement of social distancing.
- We are asking for Hazard Pay for all hourly and salaried staff
- We expect that upon the reopening of each specialty restaurant, staff are rehired in order of staff seniority at the given location.

Why is this important?

Big Burrito laid off a large percentage of their hourly staff without warning and without addressing our safety concerns, leaving dozens of employees without their employer healthcare in the middle of a global pandemic. In the weeks since the lay off, they’ve publicly begun hiring for positions in their restaurant group and have required former employees to reapply and go through a review process with no guarantee that they will be rehired to their former position or rehired at the same wage. Despite their rhetoric of care and concern, the company has made no effort to change their internal operating procedures to prioritize the safety of their staff or their customers. This is dangerous for both employees and patrons. We don’t want any returning or future employees to have their health and well-being jeopardized in the same manner many of us were during the company’s first attempt at reopening at the beginning of June.

Reasons for signing

  • Treat your employees well and they will treat your customers well, treat your customers well and they will treat your business well.
  • All workers deserve to come home safely at the end of the day. We enjoy Big Burrito restaurants in part because of the amazing staff. They deserve strong workplace protections!
  • I simply wanted my children who received emails saying they no longer had jobs with Big Burrito to remain safe. Safety for customers and employees is imperative. .and required by the state of Pennsylvania


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