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To: John Legere, T-Mobile CEO

T-Mobile, eliminate mandatory work on Christmas Day!

T-Mobile, eliminate mandatory work on Christmas Day!

Eliminate the new requirement for T-Mobile employees to work on Christmas!

Why is this important?

I have been a T-Mobile employee for 5 years, worked in several different departments and have never been asked to work on major holidays such as Christmas.

Recently, I was informed that T-Mobile is now ranked number 1 for the prestigious JD Power Awards. It seems to me that in order to keep this competitive position, T-Mobile has decided that employees like me will be forced to work major holidays, including Christmas Day.

Christmas Day is a time to be spent with family and loved ones.

Whether you work for T-Mobile, or you just own a cell phone and care about the morals of your cell phone provider, please sign and share this petition, to show T-Mobile's CEO John Legere that it is not acceptable to force it's employees to work on Christmas Day.

With enough voices, we can make a change!

Reasons for signing

  • While some employees like the option of working holidays (aren't able to travel to be with family, need the holiday pay, etc.), it should always be just that - an option. I refuse to believe that a corporation as large as T-Mobile will be made or broken by giving employees options about holiday hours, especially on Christmas, when significantly fewer people are out shopping.
  • When I was in the military and single I took holiday duty so that people with families could spend time with them. T-Mobile's decision precludes that option. No one should be forced to work if there's a possibility that some employees may be willing to cover.
  • Because it makes my stomach turn!!!!!!!


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