To: The Sherwin-Williams Company

The Sherwin-Williams Company, please let us wear shorts.

We, the employees of The Sherwin-Williams Company, are asking for a dress code reform. The summer months are long and hot, especially in the south, and pants just aren't cutting it. We are requesting that khaki shorts be made an exception to the corporate-approved uniform attire.

Why is this important?

This is important to us because if we were allowed to wear shorts while working in higher temperatures, we would be less likely to overheat, which would, therefore, allow us to become more productive. Most of the employees work in warehouses that do not have A/C or are delivery drivers who are in the heat all day. It is important for us to stay cool and presentable while we work so that we can promote a healthy company image, one that Sherwin-Williams can continue to be proud of. We are required to look professional to uphold this image, and we think that khaki shorts would suffice, still meeting the professional attire requirements.