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To: Tropical Smoothie Café

Tropical Smoothie Cafe: Hazard Pay COVID-19

Tropical Smoothie Café to have hazard pay for serving customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lives are at risk.

Why is this important?

Update : Most of our store are now doing curbside pick up even as the Virus is becoming more and more serious Experts now say the covid-19 is going airborne we have no masks and subway gloves which mean even more contact the employees have to make .Lives are at risk. Several customers come in every day not knowing if they’re sick due to the shortage of tests. Even though there is no dining in the store, there still are small crowds in small lines that form. During orders, some of them have already displayed signs of sickness. Hazard pay would be at the very least since we are not offered sick day leave.


2020-04-04 12:18:23 -0400

If I am essential I need essential pay

2020-04-04 12:18:01 -0400

My state has been Issued a stay at home order but A smoothie café has issued a curbside pick up they want us to keep putting our necks out there with no Comp. Experts say the coronavirus has went airborne but we have not been Issued any masks or gloves that aren’t just Plastic from subway not to Mention the mayor hours cuts I already Work for minimum-wage my two week check are a 100$ . If im I Essential I need a Essential pay

2020-04-03 22:18:16 -0400

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