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To: Domino’s Franchise CEO Craig Turner

Unfair Domino’s conditions and termination

More leniency and less risk of termination for having car troubles since we use our own cars for delivery and don’t get compensation for it.
Higher pay for seasoned employees vs new employees.
Reasonable proof for termination, and reasonable notice.
Pay equal to position worked… extra work equals extra pay.

Why is this important?

We are being treated unjustly for being loyal to the company and committing years of hard work.
For using our own cars for delivery and not being paid mileage or any other compensation for years (recently, early ’22, they added $.56 per mile, which still doesn’t cover much). Furthermore, being written up for having car troubles because of the wear we have to put on them for work.
Multiple employees have been terminated with no notice, and upon hearsay with no proof of reason.
Constantly doing managerial tasks and responsibilities, with no manager pay.

Finally, multiple employees unlawfully terminated for striking because of wanting to improve these conditions.


2022-05-30 20:25:14 -0400

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