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To: Amazon Logistics

Amazon Drivers demand better working conditions

The workload of Amazon drivers is excessive. Before peak season, we consistently delivered around 150 stops per day. Ever since peak season began, we have been doing 200 stops per day (up to 250 stops when accounting for group stops). This was done with out consulting drivers. There was also no raise given to drivers for the extra work. We still aren't provided with decent health insurance or a pension even though we work for the richest company in America.

Consequently, we respectfully and formally request that Amazon Logistics make immediate improvements to our workload and routing. Specifically, we want:

1) No more than 150 stops per day

2) Group stops split up so that they are counted individually.

3) Improved routing via the Flex app (to reduce backtracking)

4) More sweepers, in order to reduce workload on full time drivers, and so that no part time drivers are sent home without a route

Why is this important?

We work long, tiresome hours for Amazon. Our work generates billions of dollars in revenue for this corporation. We are valuable and essential to this company and we demand to be treated with respect.



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