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To: Staples CEO

Amazon Returns are killing Staples workers

We need more budgeted hours to add more employee coverage, or we need to stop accepting Amazon returns. We simply cannot perform our jobs because of lines of Amazon returns. They brought in more foot traffic, but there are ways to do that without strengthening our greatest competitor and throwing away our productivity.

Implement a teacher discount program forever, and the community will fall in love with us. Our foot traffic will go up, the community will rally behind us and recommend us, and we will be offering greater value to our customers. Veterans matter too. Tap into that untapped resource and stand out among retail stores! Those who support teachers and veterans are an American institution, and customers fervently believe in that.

Why is this important?

Amazon is getting free labor out of our brick and mortar store, which is supposed to serve our town. Instead, we are now saving Amazon money, a company that is trying to put us out of business. We are now serving Amazon's customers at the expense of our own: Print and Marketing employees are deluged to the point they can't catch up on producing orders or train new associates. Role Clarity is a thing of the past if we can't do our pull lists, cycle counts, and work on our selling culture. We care about our stores. We want them to perform better.

Morale is plummeting. If Staples will not stop Amazon returns or increase budgeted hours, employees will leave in droves. We carry the burden of greater workloads with less time for doing our actual jobs, skyrocketing our physical and mental health issues and emotional struggles as mere human beings as we seek to just go to work and maintain our store.

We are people who matter. Our stress level matters. We need better strategies to bring customers into our stores. We don't need Amazon to do that.

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