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To: Cigna

C is for Change - End unreasonable production demands at Cigna

Improve work conditions, remove barriers that prevent us from performing our job duties, stop the constant harassment about AHT(average handling time), APP STARTER, KCS, One Guide Next Best Actions and allow us to actually help customers, remove raise freeze, increase our pay by paying-by-product the products we are required to handle, give us a way to report verbally abusive members and HCPs, fulfill your promises to pay covid claims for testing by not making the processes take months in particular the out of network claims. Reduce overall stress for all representatives and understand that we have all given and given and we are tired, frustrated, mentally and physically exhausted, stop the constant firing of our co workers which is causing more and more demands on us that are still there, honor national holidays in all departments. For those employees forced to go home because of coronovirus, compensate them for the internet connection they are paying for. Stop requiring employees to use their own PTO or perform makeup time for system failures regardless of the cause.(This process is supposed to be remedied next year with tech issues paid time off but in the trade you are losing ETO when Covid IS STILL RAGING)

Why is this important?

A very large portion of your call representatives are on the verge of quitting and live in constant fear of being fired. We are mentally drained, exhausted, frustrated, and our mental and physical health is suffering.


How it will be delivered

Corporate can see what you see the petition, number of signatures, and comments. Everyone remains anonymous!

Please keep sharing and encouraging your co-workers we need to express to the company that this is NOT 1 group, 1 team, 1 department, 1 office....this is nationwide....a pandemic affecting all call center employees.

Thank you for your continued dedication to this issue!!!


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