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To: Wendy's Restaurant NPC, McDonald's burger king etc. All fast food chains in the United States

Close Wendys and all fast food chains and pay its employees

Close Wendys and all fast food chains and pay its employees.

Why is this important?

The United states is in the middle of a pandemic where most businesses have closed due to corona virus spreading. Yet wendys remains open and ia forcing its employees to work out od a drive thru window does not even follow the safety guidelines of 6 ft. Were not given masks or hand sanitizer and were told to ration are gloves. Were forced to wear headset that are right on our faces that are not being disinfected between uses. Why is it our lives our not important. Since when is a double cheeseburger an essential thing for people to survive. We have kids and families that we are endangering everyday. Most people who work in fast food our senior citizens, people with disabilities and people with kids. Why are our lives not important. Let us go home or give us safe work environments and the proper items to safely do our jobs during the corona pandemic.


2020-07-04 22:40:19 -0400

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