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To: OnlyFans Corporate

Give Sex Workers a Voice on OnlyFans!

-Undo the recent changes lowering the caps on what creators can receive for pay-to-view messages and tips, and restore the caps on these payment channels to their previous levels;

-Stop holding money earned by content creators and delaying payouts to creators with no notice;

-When making changes to platform policies, give creators advanced notice of when the policies will be put into effect so as not to disrupt their workflow;

-Apply penalties to accounts on an individual basis, rather than making sweeping and sudden policy changes that penalize all creators for the actions of a few;

-Address the algorithmic discrimination that disproportionately affects sex workers;

-Use the power and influence OnlyFans wields as a tech company to address the discrimination its creators face on other tech platforms: specifically, address the way Instagram censors users who link to OnlyFans in their profiles or even mention the platform by name

Why is this important?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many sex workers have relied heavily on OnlyFans to make a living, and in so doing, have helped to accelerate the growth of the platform and increase the profits of the company overall. In response to this surge in growth and some of the complications that have come with it, the platform has introduced new policies that have hurt these workers’ ability to make the money they need to survive, thus compromising their quality of life. The recent decision to lower the amount of money creators can receive via tips and pay-to-view messages has resulted in lost income for many. OnlyFans has also failed to address existing issues, such as the discrimination its creators face on other platforms, which limits their ability to self-promote. While sex workers do not account for the whole of OnlyFans’ creator base, they constitute a significant presence on the platform and notably played a meaningful role in launching the platform into the public consciousness. Unfortunately, due to societal stigma, they are also a uniquely vulnerable population--and this stigma is further compounded for BIPOC and trans workers, who are disproportionately impacted by policies that hinder their ability to work. We believe that as long as OnlyFans continues to profit off the labor of these creators, the company also has a responsibility to protect them and to craft its policies in ways that do not disproportionately penalize, censor, or otherwise interfere with their ability to work and survive.


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