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To: TikTok/ Bytedance

Global Citizens For Justice Against TikTok: We Stand With Nnete Matima

TikTok/ Bytedance has made many performative and false claims of celebrating diversity and inclusion. However, racism, discrimination, bullying and toxicity are deeply ingrained within its company's culture.

On September 21, 2023, I filed a civil rights complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against TikTok / ByteDance for the racial discrimination and retaliation that I faced while employed with the company.

No worker should have to experience the kind of racism and retaliation that I suffered at TikTok. I was bullied, harassed, and despite being a top performer, had my performance and performance evaluation sabotaged. I was called racial slurs. When I complained to HR and Ethics, I was retaliated against and terminated.

Workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying are common problems that we must eradicate!

Let's stand together and show TikTok that racism and abuse have no place in the workplace and we are not going to take it!

Why is this important?

Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work!


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