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To: Starbucks

Keep Premium Pay for the Remainder of the Pandemic

Keep Premium Pay for the Remainder of the Pandemic

We are demanding that the premium/hazard pay of an added $3/hour be extended for as long as the CDC and/or WHO declare COVID-19 to be a threat in North America, as well as the entire duration that masks are mandatory for partners to wear while working. Even though the government is loosening measures, it is important that partners be paid fairly for risking their health by going out and serving their communities as baristas. This is a multi-billion dollar company, so please pay us for what we are worth.

Why is this important?

Starbucks admits to being "committed to caring for the health and well-being of [their] partners," yet is failing to do so by removing the premium pay. This pandemic is not over.

Reasons for signing

  • Their effort to keep things normal
  • I also have worked thru the entire pandemic and feel like we too are important
  • The minimum wage to survive in the Bay Area is over $35 ph while the executives of Starbucks and the other fast food/beverage industry are pulling down $millions ALL from the backs of their workforce.


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GET INVOLVED! Email template for partners:

Dear [Name of District or Regional Manager],

I am writing to you today to express my concern regarding Starbucks’ decision to halt the continuation of premium pay for partners. As a partner, it is unacceptable that we are risking and compromising our health by going out and serving our communities as the face of Starbucks, only to not be compensated as such. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and so I am demanding that senior leadership put back into place the premium pay for the remainder of the pandemic. Many baristas rely on their job at Starbucks to support themselves and their families, but the current wage does not suffice. Your customers are not loyal to Starbucks solely for the food and drink. They come back because they look forward to the connections, smiles and experience they have received from their baristas. We are angry, overworked, struggling to survive, and our voices will be heard.


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