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To: Publix employees

Let the unions in at Publix

Vote to allow a labor union, such as United Food and Commercial Workers union, represent their best interests

Why is this important?

Publix has taken drastic steps to cut costs and hours among the already low-paid, low-hour store level employees. This was completed unilaterally and without input from the associates. Meanwhile, the corporate officers continue to get paid at a much higher rate, and are never asked to cut their pay or benefits. Allowing a labor union to represent you would establish a process in which Publix must follow before they are allowed to do this. It provides a disciplinary process that is fair and equal to everyone, which will eliminate favoritism. It would establish an universal pay scale. It is also important to know that Publix, by federal law (Chapter 5 United States Code) CANNOT fire or otherwise discipline you for attempting to form or join a union.


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