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To: Sprouts Farmers Market CEO Jack Sinclair

Sprouts Farmers Market is Good for Customers Terrible for Workers

Sprouts Farmers Market is Good for Customers Terrible for Workers

Treat their hourly workers better. Better wages, better hours, less under-staffing, less turnover, less reliance on calling people in, 8 hour shifts for the store management.

Why is this important?

Sprouts Farmers Market is unusual that it offers healthy food for relatively low cost, setting itself a part from the larger organic grocery outlets like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. What Sprouts fails at is loyalty to their lowest paid hourly staff. With the larger grocers, employees are protected by unions and practices that ensure a better working atmosphere and better hours.

Sprouts Farmers Market is focused on growth. While there are opportunities for employees to take advantage of health insurance as part-time workers, very few are given the hours to pay for health benefits, much less pay their bills. There are employees that have worked for Sprouts Farmers Market for two years or more that are scheduled 8 hours a week.

There is next to no assurance of hours on a weekly basis. Hourly employees are subject to hap-hazard schedules. In California cost of living is sky high. As an hourly worker at Sprouts Farmers Market it's a joke to believe that you can get enough hours to live on or pay your bills because of hours are unpredictable week to week.

Sprouts Farmers Market experiences very high turnover. Employees quit their jobs because they do not feel valued. This feeling of being undervalued stretches across pay scales and allocated hours.

Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the very best of the best for its customers, and one of the very worst work environments, with morale that's consistently low. This must change.

Sprouts Farmers Market averages a 2.9 rating out of 5 via Glassdoor. Most of the company reviews center around communication of executive staff, scattered scheduling and poor wages.

Reasons for signing

  • My wife works for Sprouts and her schedule is unnecessarily hectic, especially during this outbreak.
  • Store Manager seems more focused on anything he can do to get his bonus, at the cost of several employees not getting their usual hours, and the ones that are getting their hours are suffering with little to no support from core management, but mostly because core management is left to help several other departments at once, and they can't be everywhere, cleaning up after the mess the store manager has created. ☹️
  • Horrible management, they play favorites, stagnant wages and you aren’t even able to keep your raise that you had when you transfer locations.


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