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To: Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks Food Waste

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Alisa Shields
Starbucks Food Waste

We need to change the way Starbucks displays food in the pastry case. We waste so much food by having to set a fresh pastry case every day or every other day in all corporate stores. Most stores use 2 of each pastry plus one of each sandwich, bagel and egg bites everyday to create an inviting food display. And most of the time we do not sale these items in the case to customers. Why can't Starbucks use their creative team of employees to create replicas that can be reused every day to display food items and still make it look inviting? Having to not reset the pastry case every day would help save on the cost of labor across the company also.

Why is this important?

Making these changes would help cut down on food waste costs and labor costs across the company. And would ensure each store had a consistent and inviting pastry case display.

Reasons for signing

  • This would help reduce food waste in a Huge way and it has been a topic of conversation among my partners recently.


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