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To: Sukanya Palaart - Owner of Mom's Siam

Support Mom's Siam Workers

We are the hosts, food runners, servers and bartenders of Mom's Siam and are invested in making it the best workplace possible for all of us. Mom's Siam is a Richmond institution and a special place we are proud of and enjoy working at. We work hard to create a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere for customers and coworkers alike. Over the past couple of months there have been grievances left unaddressed which has harmed morale and communication that is so necessary in how we work together. Because of the lack of professional conversation from both management and ownership, we hope that public pressure will push them to address the letter of demands with which they have already been presented

The letter of demands contains the following:

- $12 hourly wage for servers, $15 hourly wage for bartenders and support staff
- 3rd party accountant running tip calculations & distribution
- Room for growth - $0.50 yearly raise for all positions AND option for food runners/hosts to begin serving after 6 months
- Equal and fair distribution of shifts

All of these demands are meant to start a conversation with ownership about how much our work does for the business and how much we feel that is undervalued. They also stand to address the multiple conflicts we have had regarding scheduling, hourly/tip checks bouncing, and hourly/tip totals being miscalculated.

Why is this important?

The workers of Mom's are striving to create a better work environment but have been summarily ignored by the owners. Our staff has created a letter and has been attempting to organize a meeting, but attempts have been stonewalled from ownership. We are asking for your support for a good-faith meeting between ourselves and Sukanya, where we can bring our issues to the table.



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