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To: Starbucks

Suspend Starbucks business until further notice, due to the Coronavirus

Starbucks should suspend all business hours, at every location, while continuing to pay hourly and salary workers, during the spread of the coronavirus.

Why is this important?

Closing Starbucks, during this pandemic of the coronavirus is crucial. The virus itself is airborne, and although washing your hands frequently, and disinfecting the store is helpful, that won’t prevent the spread of said virus. Both customers AND partners are at risk of catching and spreading the virus. At this point in time, there is no way to know who has the coronavirus, due to the limited number of tests. Suspending all business hours, until further notice, WHILE continuing to pay both hourly, and salary workers, would be beneficial to both customers & partners.

Most Starbucks locations are strategically placed near hospitals and schools/universities. Although most schools have closed, most hospitals have not, and will not close. This leaves most partners exposed. While Starbucks have put new policies into play, that doesn’t mitigate the entire risk of catching the virus.

Partners and Customers can display no symptoms, while still being able to transmit the virus to others. Instead of waiting until a partners has been exposed or catch the virus, closing all stores would prevent anyone from getting the virus. At this current time, partners are on the frontlines, potentially being exposed and spreading the virus, unknowingly.

The moral thing to do, would be to suspend business, while paying partners, until there is a grip on the virus.


2020-03-20 17:21:16 -0400

Just an update, I’m not sure if it’s nationwide, or just my district, but cafe stores are closing up.

2020-03-19 01:50:34 -0400

20,000 signatures reached

2020-03-18 20:02:49 -0400

Just an update, if you are a current partner at any Starbucks location, Partners are organizing a “coffee break,” on Monday. Higher up needs to listen to us, and adhere to our petition. The only way to do that, is got hit them where it hurts: their wallet. Further plans will be shared

2020-03-17 14:29:02 -0400

10,000 signatures reached

2020-03-16 10:30:32 -0400

5,000 signatures reached

2020-03-15 15:02:53 -0400

Recently, I’ve been told that Starbucks has decided to stay open. However, they’ve limited the customer interaction, by not allowing customers to sit in stores. That’s not enough. Partner’s safety should be top priority. Recommended by gov’t, gas stations, hospitals, & Supermarkets should be the only places open at this time.

2020-03-15 07:29:04 -0400

1,000 signatures reached

2020-03-14 21:10:46 -0400

500 signatures reached

2020-03-14 16:26:23 -0400

100 signatures reached

2020-03-14 16:04:19 -0400

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2020-03-14 12:37:07 -0400

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2020-03-14 11:55:10 -0400

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