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Tell Aerotek, Workrise & PeopleReady to Make Renewables Jobs Fair, Safe, and Sustainable!

Renewable workers spend months away from their families working in the sun, snow, and dangerous terrain, and too often can’t afford rent back home. Many workers are leaving the field because they simply cannot risk their lives for jobs that won’t even pay the bills.

While these workers are building the new energy infrastructure of this country, temp agencies like AEROTEK, WORKRISE & PEOPLEREADY are making renewable jobs unsustainable by driving down pay, benefits, and standards across the industry.

We demand that AEROTEK, WORKRISE & PEOPLEREADY take immediate action to implement the following improvements to ensure renewable energy jobs are fair, safe, and sustainable:

- Create a clear pathway to advancement and direct hire
- Establish a fair minimum per diem rate by geography
- Allow workers to access an independent representative for workplace issues
- Provide ongoing on-the-job training and certifications
- Pay workers for time and gas mileage to travel to worksites

Let’s be clear: There is no just transition to a green economy without renewable industry workers. These workers love their jobs and want to see the industry grow and be profitable for all – but that vision must include the safety and well-being of the workforce.

AEROTEK, WORKRISE & PEOPLEREADY can immediately take these steps to protect renewable industry workers and make jobs more fair, safe, and sustainable.

Why is this important?

Public pressure is one of the key ways to force AEROTEK, WORKRISE & PEOPLEREADY to improve the policies and working conditions that affect workers. Bad publicity means less money in its pockets, which is the only thing we know the corporate entities care about. If you sign the petition, you can send a powerful message that you are with us in our fight.

Join us in calling on AEROTEK, WORKRISE & PEOPLEREADY to make renewable jobs fair, safe, and sustainable, ensuring workers can have the respect and dignity we deserve at our workplaces.

Thank you for speaking out.




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