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To: Hospital Contractors in the US

A Call for Travel Nurses to Negotiate against Unfair Practices

Travel Nursing is an inherently volatile market; this can allow for bad faith practices to skew favor in the direction of corporate decision-makers. To push back against this, as well as to encourage the fair treatment of all nurses, we travel nurses now demand the following contract baseline:

- “3k for 3”— a standardized weekly rate, $3,000, and length of contract, 3 months— to act as the bare minimum.
- Contracts that actually bind, not just when it suits the hospital.
- Clauses to reimburse for housing losses incurred by “bait-and-switch” events.
- Optional patient ratio clauses.
- Optional “no floating” clauses.

Additionally, we request that contracts be in clear terms with all related data to be visible to the signing nurse; this will require more transparency from the staffing agencies.

Why is this important?

Corporate will never grant these requests out of generosity, and agencies will not push for them unless we demand that they do. To bring about these changes, we need to negotiate as a collective-- effectively “boycotting" certain contracts, and being vocal with our recruiters about what we will not tolerate.

Without this very basic organization, we will always be undercutting each other, always playing into the interests of the hospital owners and employers; but, Organized, we can make our market as pro-nurse as possible.

How it will be delivered

Collective negotiation can begin once we have all chosen a common goal.

In the meantime, we are looking for fellow organizers; if you would like to help, you can contact us at [email protected]. A website, forum, and social media group are forthcoming.


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