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To: UC Santa Cruz Administration: Bill Prime, Sue Matthews, and Cynthia Larive,

Workers deserve to be treated with RESPECT

Workers deserve to be treated with RESPECT

We feel very upset, frustrated and disrespected for the misconduct shown by UCSC Dining Management. We the undersigned, continue to be in solidarity with AFSCME 3299 and join in on their demand to be RESPECTED and STOP THE RETALIATION AGAINST WORKERS.

Why is this important?

We, students of University of California Santa Cruz continue to be in solidarity with AFSCME 3299 dining hall workers and student workers.

Being a student at the University of California is a privilege we hold. While many of us are studying from home and the few are living on campus full time, workers continue making UCSC run. It has become increasingly clear that without students and workers on campus, the university does not feel like a university. While many of us have the privilege of staying safe at home, that is not the case for AFSCME 3299 workers.

Workers continue to go to work and risk their safety during a pandemic. Many workers are part of communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Essential workers already face the risk of working during a pandemic. On top of those risks, workers at UCSC Dining Halls have to go to an unsafe, toxic workplace environment created by their management. And when workers take back their power, they are faced with retaliation from management.

Since he began his tenure as an Associate Director of Dining Administration at UCSC, Clint Jeffries has routinely failed to advocate for dining hall workers. One manager, Lilian Galdamez Mijano, routinely belittles AFSCME 3299 workers to the point of tears. She attacks the quality of their work and punishes all workers for small mistakes. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, students do not see these aggressions taking place in the Dining Halls; they are living far from campus, and even those students living on campus do not enter the dining halls. This diminished student presence has worsened a toxic work environment at UCSC dining halls. When workers ask Clint for support or request that he talk to Lilian about her problematic behaviors, they are met with disappointment. Clint unconditionally and consistently supports dining hall managers over the workers he is supposed to help and serve. Clint’s refusal to support AFSCME 3299 dining hall workers reflects UCSC’s failures to support students and workers, especially during a pandemic and financial crisis. We understand that these issues do not start nor end with Dining Hall management but extend to UC administration. Specifically, Barbara Greening and her anti-worker and anti-union attitudes when meeting. Despite her role within UC labor relations she routinely disregards workers' concerns, speaks over , belittles, and degrades them creating an even more hostile and discouraging environment. We know from lived experiences that what affects the worker affects the student. It is our responsibility to use our privilege as students to once again raise our voices and demand respect alongside AFSCME 3299 members. It is clear that the UC administration does not care about workers or their safety during a pandemic and the UC will only listen to our collective demands if we target their corporate greed. Clint Jeffries and management have failed to advocate for workers’ safety and thus students’ safety. We know that our care, safety, and well being is tied to community care, it is dependent upon students and workers coming together.

Reasons for signing

  • Workers deserve dignity and a livable wage!
  • As a UCSC alum, I’m ashamed of the way the university is treating its workers.
  • All workers must receive the respect and dignity they deserve!


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