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To: The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory: Allen deserves his job back

Allen is just one employee amongst the thousands of workers who have taken to our Facebook group to expose the bad behavior of The Cheesecake Factory Company and has become a victim of swift retaliation by a new store manager. He had spent close to two years at his store where he had no prior disciplinary write-ups. Allen was loved and respected by his co-workers.

After a whole night of the manager running the expo line poorly, Allen asked him to stop pre-selling all of his tables. This new manager got in Allen’s face, and insulted him in front of his co-workers and guests, telling his table “I’m sorry he doesn’t understand anything” while Allen maintained his composure. Instead of the manager being disciplined, Allen was swiftly removed from the schedule and unjustly fired without the company’s written due process. There was no statement taken from Allen about what happened. There was no fair trial.

Allen feels let down by the company. He’s scared about the future that is essential for him to support himself and his family during a global pandemic. For him, this job was his lifeline and main source of income.

We are Cheesecake Factory workers who have joined in solidarity with Allen, like so many others, who have experienced unfair treatment and abuse from management across the country. We are calling on the company to reinstate Allen’s employment with back pay wages that were taken from him as a result of this retaliation and loss of income.

Why is this important?

We spend more time in the restaurant than we do in our own homes with our families and we love and take pride in what we do. For a lot of us restaurant workers, this is a profession, a career and a way of life that can not only support our families, but also pays our bills and maintains quality of life. We understand that the restaurant industry can be difficult, stressful and exhausting, but we look to our managers for guidance when that happens.

A manager should protect and respect the staff, follow the guidelines and hold themselves to the same standards. A manager should never yell at a worker in front of guests and other staff members for any reason. As employees, it is our RIGHT under the National Labor Relations Act to speak out at the workplace with our co-workers. It is against federal labor law for an employer to retaliate for voicing workplace concerns.

We deserve a fair trial. This is our opportunity to change the restaurant culture not only within The Cheesecake Factory but to also set a higher standard for restaurants across the country. By signing this petition to support Allen, he will have the opportunity to stay safe, support his family and put food back on the table.

We ask for your support by signing this petition, sharing this with friends and joining our fight for what is right!



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