To: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook: Stop exploiting your workers

Facebook: Stop exploiting your workers

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Facebook shouldn’t profit from exploitation in Kenya or anywhere else. I stand in solidarity with all Facebook moderators, and call on you to:

- Declare you will respect moderators’ rights to organise, by posting a statement in every moderation floor about moderators’ right to form a union;

- Pay workers better — their hazardous work deserves a raise;

- Protect content moderators by giving them access to real medical and psychological care — not wellness coaches;

- End the harmful outsourcing that is driving abuses — content moderators need the same rights as Facebook staff.

Why is this important?

The revelations in Time magazine ( about abuses in Facebook's content moderation centre in Nairobi, Kenya, expose a rot at the heart of Facebook.

Workers report exploitation and unlawful union-busting at the centre in Nairobi run by Sama — the US company who Facebook use as its main provider of outsourced content moderation in Africa.

Daniel Motaung, pictured above is a Facebook whistleblower and former Facebook content moderator. He has launched a legal case in Kenya against Facebook and Sama - aiming to end their exploitation and union-busting of content moderators in Kenya. Sign this petition today in solidarity with Daniel and moderators around the world.