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To: Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Suite.

Tell Ally Financial: We Demand Location Flexible Work

For the past 2+ years, Ally Financials’ formerly office-based employees have performed exceptional work, flexibly, outside the traditional office environment. This allowed employees to control their own lives, mental and physical wellbeing, and family responsibilities while remaining committed to Ally’s culture, bottom line, risk, and reputational requirements. However, Ally leadership recently announced an inflexible return to office for the majority of the week with heavy monitoring beginning the week of September 5th. This rigid mandate from senior leadership does not consider the individual demands of each job role or department nor the diversity of individuals needs.

Those asking for more flexible arrangements have many compelling reasons and circumstances: from disabilities (visible or not); family care; safety, health, and environmental concerns; financial considerations; to just functioning better, being happier, and being more productive.

The one thing we all have in common is wanting to do the best work of our lives for a company whose official stance is to be an industry disrupter, be (even) better, and do it right.

We demand that:
• Ally allows each of us to work directly with our immediate manager to figure out what kind of flexible work arrangements are best for each of us, for our department, and for Ally.
• These work arrangements should not require higher level approvals, complex procedures, or providing private information.
• These work arrangements should be applied equally across teams. Managers and Directors should not be the only ones given autonomy and flexibility.

Why is this important?

We believe that Ally should encourage, not prohibit, flexible work to build a more diverse and successful company where we can feel comfortable to “be an open, diverse, and inclusive culture” together.


2022-08-31 20:58:37 -0400

Ally is moving to 4 days in office next month and 5 days full time in office in the next couple months.

2022-08-31 20:40:23 -0400

HR does not support employees and does not allow an open door policy or provide empathetic support.

2022-08-30 11:23:37 -0400

Ally actively discriminates in their recruiting practices against unemployed, military spouses, veterans, and disabled candidates.

2022-08-25 16:08:19 -0400

Offices outside of headquarters are not adequate and employees are piled on top of each other like animals.

2022-08-25 16:07:45 -0400

Employees are expected to call out of work due to being sick instead of being allowed to work from home, all while their leaders are working from home.

2022-08-25 15:35:46 -0400

We are losing all of our top performing, innovating employees due to not having a voice. None of our teams have enough support and our customers are experiencing hour long wait times because our high turnover due to complete inflexibility and authoritarian command and control leadership.