To: District Manager, Facilities Manager, CEO, H.R.


Our store is hot and falling apart!! I have been an employee with this company for 18 years. Never has it taken 3+ months to fix an air conditioning system when summer temperatures hit over 115+ outside. Our equipment is failing, falling apart, or non existent. This all has caused loss of customers, loss of sales, and a HUGE loss of morale. It has been so hot in our dining room, we, mainly myself, sweat the entire time that I have to wear a headband to prevent my sweat from dripping on food or customers. We have a hard time thinking straight because of the heat exhaustion. We constantly have to stress about serving food safely, in a very non safe environment. Our equipment is failing us, and causing us to fail inspections. Why can't anything get fixed? Some of this stuff has been broken for years!! Please address this soon so we can all be profitable and do it safely so we don't risk our guests safety.

Why is this important?

We all have families and mouths to feed, bills to pay, and we all know prices are skyrocketing because of inflation. Why wouldn't we want to be set up for success and able to make lots of money for our organization and employees. Our guests are very loyal, and deserve better, and so does this crew!! We don't want to risk getting our guests sick or get sick ourselves.