Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Toyota, Share your Tax Breaks
    Contract has been ratified.
    1,693 Signatures
    Created by Workers at the PDC Torrance Proudly Represented by Teamsters Local 848
  • Prioritize Frontline Essential Workers for COVID Vaccine
    "Frontline workers and all adults 16 and older with underlying health conditions will be eligible for vaccine appointments starting April 5."
    799 Signatures
    Created by Lauren Spinrad
  • Let us have visible tattoos!!!
    Starbucks announced that it has changed its dress code and will now allow employees to show non-offensive visible tattoos, as long as they are not on the face or throat, effective on Monday, October 20, 2014. I am jumping up and down and am so excited that we can now be more comfortable at work! I'm thrilled that Starbucks listened to feedback from employees like me and has updated its policy. I'm also so thankful to the thousands of baristas and supporters who joined my campaign and shared their stories about why this is important. I never thought my petition on would be signed by so many baristas around the world and it’s great that when we come together, we can make our company better. I’m ecstatic and going out to buy a short sleeve shirt for work right now!
    25,730 Signatures
    Created by Kristie Williams
  • Covid tests at IST Austria
    We received a response with which employees were happy.
    433 Signatures
    Created by Works Council
  • Get Kroger Workers Hazard Pay
    Kroger has agreed to pay workers the $2 hazard pay as demanded in this petition!
    24,587 Signatures
    Created by Elizabeth Babij
  • Trader Joe’s: Crew needs hazard pay now!
    We won, in a way. While Trader Joe's still refuses to provide hazard pay to the thousands of workers who are putting ourselves on the front lines of a global pandemic, our petition raised awareness among our coworkers of the power of collective action. It appears we also may have inspired other grocery workers to petition their companies to provide hazard pay, many of which have been successful. Sadly, Trader Joe's is hoping that maintaining an image of compassion will excuse the company from having to tangibly act with compassion. The company used the existence of this petition to lie to workers, telling them it was a trick to get people to sign their name to the union effort. That is so emphatically untrue. Telling crew that to scare them is a cut and clear Unfair Labor Practice violation. Their attempt to union-bust as we cry out for help amid a global health crisis makes it clearer than ever where corporate's priorities lie – and the work we need to do to get them to act right. Our win is not because Trader Joe's is providing its workers common sense policy, but because our fellow crewmembers are now unshakably aware that this company will refuse to do what's right if we remain quiet. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to stand as a reminder for crewmembers that we are here and we will not back down. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to remind corporate that we have broad public support and worker solidarity on our side – and we're only just getting started. Solidarity forever.
    21,453 Signatures
    Created by Trader Joe’s Union Coalition
  • No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service
    Starbucks will require all customers inside locations to wear masks starting on July 15.
    1,171 Signatures
    Created by Kitty Mork
  • New Seasons Market Employees for COVID-19 Hazard Pay
    March 22nd - New Seasons Market workers win temporary "Thank You' pay.
    1,948 Signatures
    Created by Jordan Hoff
  • Allow Starbucks Partners to have Unnatural Hair Color
    Starbucks announced that it will permit partners to have unnatural hair colors -- pink, purple, blue, etc. Learn more, here:
    14,611 Signatures
    Created by Monique Archuleta
  • Let us have beards!
    We did it! Publix said it will allow store employees to wear beards starting on September 29, 2018.
    20,519 Signatures
    Created by Brandon Wesley