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To: Crazy Mocha Coffee Company

Take a Stand with Crazy Mocha Workers

-Conscious Communication-
We ask to be immediately updated on the current plans for reopening of Crazy Mocha cafes and provided with continuous updates through this current shutdown.

-Transparent and consistent policy re: starting wages and shift compensation-
We ask that all employees receive a company-wide written policy that accurately details starting wages for all positions and locations as well as a formal payment procedure for situations where workers elect to work shifts at a higher hourly rate.

We ask that employees receive at least $0.50 for every year that we have worked for Crazy Mocha more than the starting hourly rate of those who just started.

We ask that future pay stubs accurately reflect the number of hours at each rate or indicate a shift differential showing the amount of extra compensation received per hour and the total number of hours.

-Job descriptions and raises-
We ask that all employees be given detailed job descriptions along with the implementation of a fair yearly evaluation and raise procedure.

-A more responsive, effective Human Resources-
We ask that Crazy Mocha’s HR make themselves more accessible for all employees and respond to all communication promptly and professionally.

We also ask that all policies be made Title IX compliant and for the opportunity to collaborate with HR on personnel policies going forward.

-PPE and worker safety-
We ask that Crazy Mocha provide all employees with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including but not limited to masks and gloves.

We ask that prior to reopening, the company introduce official, effective procedures for security issues. To facilitate this, we ask that security cameras be installed in all locations.

Why is this important?

We have dedicated ourselves to growing and sustaining Crazy Mocha because we believe in the value it brings to Pittsburgh’s communities. Many of us have worked for years to serve our customers with a high standard of customer service and care. We are valuable members of the business and should be treated as such.

Instead, we have been ignored and treated as if we were of no importance to Crazy Mocha whatsoever. We haven't heard anything from the Company since March 26. Any information we've gathered has been from public news reports and social media. Our personal appeals for information are disregarded. Our comments are deleted from social media posts. We've already reached out to the Corporate team who is still working and received total radio silence.

Even before this pandemic, when we've reached out to HR in the past, we've been told our concerns are invalid and to stop contacting them about our issues. Many of us have been manipulated by the company: we've been falsely promised benefits for which we weren't actually eligible, we've been told we'd make a higher wage for a shift and never paid that rate, we've been lied to about the nature of regular raises. We've had safety and security issues in stores and been told to just call 911. We have felt extremely disrespected and dehumanized, as if we're completely replaceable.

We are a big reason that regular customers keep coming back and, first and foremost, would like this fact to be acknowledged.

We look forward to being able to return to our jobs. We care enough that we would like to see changes so that we can continue to provide an excellent product and exceptional service like we always have. We just ask that our concerns are taken seriously and with heart.


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