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To: Sharon Dreisewerd of Applebee's Bar & Grill

7901's Petition for Change

Sharon needs to either be replaced by a honest and fair General Manager, or she needs to change her ways of Management. She discriminates based off of gender, race and favoritism constantly in the workplace, which has caused a unninamous drop in employee moral and motivation to work under her "leadership". She gives complete freeway to a single employee, allowing her to do as she pleases with no repercussions or disciplinary action taken against her while other hardworking employees are belittled and written up for the smallest of mistakes. Sharon is consistently calling in sick employees and refusing to send people home with temperatures of 102.4 degrees, telling them they cannot be sent home until they have a temperature of 106. She has no regard for customer's or employees health and safety in a time of global pandemic, compromising the store for her own favor. She has driven the entire staffs moral down to the ground and is constantly having great employees walking away from a job they would normally want to show up for and enjoy.

Why is this important?

Sharon has caused multiple amazing employees to lose all motivation do their job, or to even show up for their job. The employees dread coming into work because they know the unfair situations in which we must work in. Sharon condones rude selfish behavior with her favoritism towards a single employee who refuses to follow our standards or even learn her duties to the fullest extent. Sharon let's her do anything she pleases, including treating the other staff like they are below her, doing the bare minimum and less of her duties, taking breaks and leaving whenever she wishes, spending most of her shifts on the phone, and then retaliates against the honest hardworking employees that speak up against the unfairness. She has caused our store to suffer and our guests to become disgruntled by the constant disruptions in our workplace. After months of asking for fair change, Sharon has done nothing but turn a blind eye to Jennifer's disturbances to the crew and retaliation against those who complain. Sharon is constantly mocking and spewing out profane and racial slurs against our customers, employees and anyone else who dares to speak against her personal views inside and even outside of the store. She is highly unprofessional and not fit to run a staff if she refuses to change her ways and drop the ongoing discrimination as well as exposing contagious employees to work shifts that she could easily fill with a healthy employee.


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