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Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Uber: Give consumers the option of adding a tip to all Uber fares
    Uber announced on June 20, 2017 that it will be making in-app tipping available to all U.S. drivers by the end of July 2017. Read the announcement here:
    3,323 Signatures
    Created by J. DeWolf
  • Save the Met Opera
    Friends, thanks to your unwavering support, we saved the Metropolitan Opera! Final union agreements were reached on August 21st while staying true to our message: We tightened our belts, and the Met Opera management cut up their credit cards. We are proud of IATSE members for their bravery in the face of potential lockout – and we are also humbled by your immense support for the Save the Met Opera campaign. Thank you! The 2014-2015 season kicks off on September 22nd with a new production of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro and will include 221 performances of 26 operas in six new productions and 18 revivals. Learn more about the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the union behind the scenes of the Met Opera, by visiting our website (, Facebook page (, and Twitter (
    7,839 Signatures
    Created by Joe Hartnett
  • Chittenden County Bus Drivers Have Our Support
    Chittenden County bus drivers and the Green Mountain Transit Board of Commissioners reached a new collective bargaining agreement with a five-year contract starting July 1. The contract gives drivers a 14% pay increase spread over the five years. Thanks to all who supported the bus drivers!
    148 Signatures
    Created by Vermont NEA Picture
  • Pay support staff what they deserve!
    As of today, Tupelo Honey Cafe has raised the wages of support staff in their downtown Asheville, Raleigh and Virginia Beach locations back to $5.15 per hour. I’m incredibly proud of the success of this campaign and more than ever, I am convinced of the power working people have when they stand up and work together to demand more. When it comes to workers’ rights, I believe we have to take power and create voice – those things are not handed to us. Food service activism is on the rise, though addressing workplace conditions within the restaurant industry is a fairly new phenomenon. My hope is that our small victory is one of thousands of small victories that ultimately will change the way workers view their ability to speak up and shape their working conditions. -- Alia Todd
    1,284 Signatures
    Created by Alia Todd and Hayley Ingram
  • Let Your Employees Show Their Tattoos
    Skechers has officially updated its dress code to allow tattoos. We are now able to show tattoos as long as they aren't on our hands or neck.
    467 Signatures
    Created by Walter Burnie
  • Apple: Observe MLK Day
    We did it! In January 2016, Apple employees got Martin Luther King day off for the first time. Here's the full story:
    231 Signatures
    Created by Aimée Castenell
  • Enterprise: Free The Beard
    After this petition launched, Enterprise surveyed staff on a potential dress code change. In 2016, it changed its dress code to allow beards.
    13 Signatures
    Created by Marshall Hendrix
  • Wells Fargo: End the Obsession with Sales Goals
    Wells Fargo has announced it's eliminating product sales goals. Read more, here:
    11,719 Signatures
    Created by Khalid Taha
  • Student-Activist Denied Registration by UIC
    On August 10, José had a formal meeting with UIC administrators, and all of our demands were met! The University agreed to immediately lift the hold on José's registration and guarantee his TA assistantship for the Fall semester. José is now officially registered for classes. Also, the University Provost attended the hearing and personally apologized to José for the unjust way he was treated - she agreed to work with the different departments involved to make sure this does not happen again. Our petition-- which had over 200 signatures-- was delivered to the administration at the meeting. On behalf of the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), thank you for showing UIC admins that an injury to one is an injury to all.
    218 Signatures
    Created by Jeff Schuhrke
  • 177 Signatures
    Created by Vermont NEA Picture