Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Trader Joe’s: Crew needs hazard pay now!
    We won, in a way. While Trader Joe's still refuses to provide hazard pay to the thousands of workers who are putting ourselves on the front lines of a global pandemic, our petition raised awareness among our coworkers of the power of collective action. It appears we also may have inspired other grocery workers to petition their companies to provide hazard pay, many of which have been successful. Sadly, Trader Joe's is hoping that maintaining an image of compassion will excuse the company from having to tangibly act with compassion. The company used the existence of this petition to lie to workers, telling them it was a trick to get people to sign their name to the union effort. That is so emphatically untrue. Telling crew that to scare them is a cut and clear Unfair Labor Practice violation. Their attempt to union-bust as we cry out for help amid a global health crisis makes it clearer than ever where corporate's priorities lie – and the work we need to do to get them to act right. Our win is not because Trader Joe's is providing its workers common sense policy, but because our fellow crewmembers are now unshakably aware that this company will refuse to do what's right if we remain quiet. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to stand as a reminder for crewmembers that we are here and we will not back down. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to remind corporate that we have broad public support and worker solidarity on our side – and we're only just getting started. Solidarity forever.
    20,365 Signatures
    Created by Trader Joe’s Union Coalition
  • Market of Choice Employees for COVID-19 Hazard Pay
    CEO Rick Wright has announced hazard pay for all Market of Choice employees! Thank you for making this happen and setting an example for grocery companies everywhere!
    236 Signatures
    Created by Daniel Keene
  • Close DIHS and Shift to Remote Learning
    The desired goal was accomplished.
    159 Signatures
    Created by Julius Figueroa Picture
  • Allow Starbucks Partners to have Unnatural Hair Color
    Starbucks announced that it will permit partners to have unnatural hair colors -- pink, purple, blue, etc. Learn more, here:
    14,599 Signatures
    Created by Monique Archuleta
  • Walmart: Stop Cutting Our Hours!
    After Associates delivered more than 20,000 petition signatures to dozens of stores around the country, Walmart implemented a new process for scheduling shifts. Associates from stores around the U.S. are reporting that when they clock in for a shift, a new screen asks them if they would like more hours. We're told managers are being instructed to provide Associates with more hours when requested. This is a major victory for Walmart Associates who've spent years speaking out about Walmart's scheduling practices, which left many workers without enough hours to pay their bills.
    21,528 Signatures
    Created by OUR Walmart
  • Don't Let Law Firms Hide Harassment and Discrimination
    NALP Agrees to Help Lift the Shroud on Firms’ Forced Arbitration Policies Read more here:
    1,011 Signatures
    Created by Pipeline Parity Project Picture
  • Groceries, Not Guns at Kroger
    CNBC reports: "Kroger on Tuesday [September 3, 2019] followed Walmart in asking shoppers not to openly carry guns in any of its stores, in states where 'open carry' is allowed, unless they are authorized law enforcement officers."
    65 Signatures
    Created by Mary Mueller
  • Starbucks: Give us a fair workweek!
    Starbucks baristas in 12 states say they are now receiving as much as three weeks' notice of their schedules! The company has asked workers for more input into their schedules and seems to be rolling back the terrible practice of "clo-penings" (working back to back, opening and closing shifts). We started this campaign to demand Starbucks give us one-month advance notice of our schedules, stable hours, and access to full-time work. And the baristas we've heard from are saying things in their stores are changing. Thanks so much for joining us. Your voice -- and that of the more than 7,800 other signers of our petition -- was crucial in bringing about more predictable schedules for thousands of baristas.
    8,044 Signatures
    Created by Zee, Connor, Liberte, and Sarah