Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Raise Wages to $22 To Truly Support Our Family
    "We were able to secure a $2/h raise on our minimum wage! It is not exactly the living wage we demanded, but a step in a better direction, and a reminder that our voices have power!"
    1,074 Signatures
    Created by Giovanna Victor Caria
  • Hops Burger Bar workers seek COVID-19 protections for the community
    After a one-day strike we delivered our list of demands. Two weeks later workers received a temporary COVID-19 plan of action. This win includes paid sick leave through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). This act originally expired in January and was renewed again until March. We are hoping protections will be extended past March. Please continue to support us! It will take community pressure on management at Hops and throughout the city of Greensboro to make sure they follow through on meeting employees’ demands.
    2,939 Signatures
    Created by Lillian Thorne
  • Protect frontline employees at Industrious co-working spaces
    Thank you for all of your support on this campaign! We were able to achieve almost all of our demands and have received accommodations from management.
    2,202 Signatures
    Created by Concerned Industrious Employee
  • NBCUniversal: pay the migrant workers making your products in Thailand!
    NBCUniversal finally agreed to pay up the #Kanlayanee workers stitching their Despicable Me T shirts! This is the first time migrant workers in the Mae Sot area in Thailand receive full compensation for the wage theft they fight against. Thank you for your relentless support, we love international solidarity! Without the energy and work from people and organisations all around the world, this would not have been possible. For two years a group of Burmese migrant workers were illegally paid less than a dollar an hour, were forced to work unpaid overtime, and had their holiday pay withheld at the Kanlayanee factory in Mae Sot, Thailand. In Sept 2019, the Kanlayanee workers bravely spoke out to stop the labour abuses. A few weeks later, the factory suddenly closed, leaving them with nothing. They have been fighting for justice ever since; demanding that they receive the $100.000 usd they are legally owed for making products for four major global companies: Disney, Starbucks, NBCUniversal and Tesco Lotus - เทสโก้ โลตัส. The factory owner made sure they got blacklisted as a result, leaving them unable to find alternative work. What seems like nothing to these brands, means the world for the workers. With this compensation, they can repay debts, send money to their family back home in Myanmar and rebuild their lives.
    3,844 Signatures
    Created by Mirjam van Heugten
  • Raise Starbucks Pay to $15 an Hour
    Starbucks has released a statement that its looking to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. We won. Thank you to all baristas and non baristas who signed this campaign.
    10,735 Signatures
    Created by Jasmine Barringer
  • Lovestruck Game Writers Deserve Fair Pay!
    Thank you so much for your support! We are struck by the enormous amount of love you, the players and community, have shown us over these last 21 days. The number of people who added their voices to ours helped to demonstrate that they believed, as we do, in a fair wage for quality work. Thanks to you, we have reached an agreeable resolution with Voltage and we are excited to share that every single writer has received a meaningful pay increase and improved transparency at work!
    4,144 Signatures
    Created by Voltage Writers Picture
  • Publix: The worst paid family leave policy
    WE WON! Publix announced in December of 2021 that it is finally going to start providing paid parental leave to all employees. Thank you for advocacy to help win change for 225,000 Publix employees! While it's a great step in the right direction for Publix to now provide all employees with some paid leave, their policy is unequal -- the amount of paid leave that employees can access will range from 2-6 weeks based on duration of employment, whether the staff person is salaried or hourly, etc. We need to continue fighting so that paid leave is not an elite benefit, and everyone can be there for their families in the moments that matter most. - Paid Leave for the U.S.
    6,121 Signatures
    Created by Adam Nolan
  • Pay Us What We're Owed
    This has almost 5 THOUSAND signatures and I can't thank you guys enough. We were just awarded our ENTIRE pay in 2 increments! My staff and I can finally rid our hands of this company and start moving on and picking up the pieces in full! #SpeakOut I will never apologize for being outspoken. It's gotten me extremely far in life. Thank you to my friends on and off Facebook who helped my staff and I get to where we are now and everyone else who signed our petition. You're aren't unnoticed. If you've been mistreated by your restaurant employer and need some support, reach out to the Restaurant Opportunities Center ( and they'll be able to help you out as well. Thank you once again! Have a nice day!
    4,591 Signatures
    Created by ROC United Picture
  • Let us dye our hair
    We won! Thanks to all the baristas who spoke out, Starbucks is now allowing employees to have pink, purple, and green hair. We did it!
    647 Signatures
    Created by Diana Gonzalez
  • Starbucks: Dads need time to bond with their babies too!
    WE WON! Starbucks announced on January 24, 2018 that it is finally going to offer paid parental leave to all employees. Partners will have some protected, paid time to welcome new children to their lives. Starbucks is only one company, but it’s a leader and many other companies follow its example when it comes to how to treat employees. Starbucks is still giving its corporate executives MUCH more parental leave than it gives everyone else (corporate moms still get 3x the leave as baristas, and corporate dads get 2x more) but now, nobody is left out.
    88 Signatures
    Created by Ryk and PL+US