Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Walmart: Stop Cutting Our Hours!
    After Associates delivered more than 20,000 petition signatures to dozens of stores around the country, Walmart implemented a new process for scheduling shifts. Associates from stores around the U.S. are reporting that when they clock in for a shift, a new screen asks them if they would like more hours. We're told managers are being instructed to provide Associates with more hours when requested. This is a major victory for Walmart Associates who've spent years speaking out about Walmart's scheduling practices, which left many workers without enough hours to pay their bills.
    21,555 Signatures
    Created by OUR Walmart
  • City of Madison Workers Demand Coronavirus Protections
    Helped us win some stuff, mobilized workers. Got some demands met, employer refused hazard pay definitively.
    591 Signatures
    Created by Madison City Worker
    Won two weeks of paid sick, reduced service and some guarantees after going public and to the media. Didn't get a lot of the safety measures we needed.
    1,218 Signatures
    Created by Madison City Worker
  • Trader Joe’s: Crew needs hazard pay now!
    We won, in a way. While Trader Joe's still refuses to provide hazard pay to the thousands of workers who are putting ourselves on the front lines of a global pandemic, our petition raised awareness among our coworkers of the power of collective action. It appears we also may have inspired other grocery workers to petition their companies to provide hazard pay, many of which have been successful. Sadly, Trader Joe's is hoping that maintaining an image of compassion will excuse the company from having to tangibly act with compassion. The company used the existence of this petition to lie to workers, telling them it was a trick to get people to sign their name to the union effort. That is so emphatically untrue. Telling crew that to scare them is a cut and clear Unfair Labor Practice violation. Their attempt to union-bust as we cry out for help amid a global health crisis makes it clearer than ever where corporate's priorities lie – and the work we need to do to get them to act right. Our win is not because Trader Joe's is providing its workers common sense policy, but because our fellow crewmembers are now unshakably aware that this company will refuse to do what's right if we remain quiet. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to stand as a reminder for crewmembers that we are here and we will not back down. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to remind corporate that we have broad public support and worker solidarity on our side – and we're only just getting started. Solidarity forever.
    21,299 Signatures
    Created by Trader Joe’s Union Coalition
  • Apple: Observe MLK Day
    We did it! In January 2016, Apple employees got Martin Luther King day off for the first time. Here's the full story:
    233 Signatures
    Created by Aimée Castenell
  • Tech should not be in the business of war
    WHEN WE ORGANIZE, WE WIN!! Thank you for signing on to amplify the call for our employers to say NO to tech for warfare. Today we learned that Google will not renew its AI contract with the Department of Defense. (Read the story here We, employees of the tech industry claim this as our victory, but we also acknowledge this is just step one. We will continue to fight for Microsoft, IBM and Amazon to follow Google’s lead, and we will continue to fight for the tech industry’s commitment to no more future military contracts.
    373 Signatures
  • Sick leave for Starbucks Partners
    On January 24, 2018, Starbucks announced a new policy related to sick leave: "A new Partner and Family Sick Time benefit will be available to all eligible U.S. partners, which will allow partners to accrue paid sick time based on hours worked and then use them if they or a family member needs care. When this benefit goes into effect this year, Sick Time will accrue at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked, thus a partner working 23 hours a week can expect to accrue approximately five days of sick time benefit over the course of one year."
    452 Signatures
    Created by Deborah Hauser Picture
  • Uber: Give consumers the option of adding a tip to all Uber fares
    Uber announced on June 20, 2017 that it will be making in-app tipping available to all U.S. drivers by the end of July 2017. Read the announcement here:
    3,378 Signatures
    Created by J. DeWolf
  • Starbucks: Extend paid parental leave policy to ALL employees
    WE WON! Starbucks announced on January 24, 2018 that it is finally going to offer paid parental leave to all employees. I am so full of love and happiness to know that partners like me will have some protected, paid time to welcome new children to their lives. Starbucks is only one company, but it’s a leader and many other companies follow its example when it comes to how to treat employees. Starbucks is still giving its corporate executives MUCH more parental leave than it gives everyone else (corporate moms still get 3x the leave as baristas, and corporate dads get 2x more) but now, nobody is left out.
    4,887 Signatures
    Created by PL+US: Paid Leave for the U.S.
  • Netflix: Extend paid parental leave policy to ALL employees
    After thousands of Netflix customers and employees joined this effort, Netflix has announced that it’s expanding its paid parental leave for hourly employees. Employees in the streaming (16 weeks), DVD (12 weeks), and customer service (14 weeks) will now all be getting fully paid parental leave where previously, none of the leave provided was fully paid. Additionally, the new policy will cover paternity leave and adoptions whereas previously only maternity leave was provided. This expanded leave time will make a big difference in the lives of hundreds of Netflix workers and their families. One customer service employee who joined this petition said she’s “ecstatic” about the news. Thank you to everyone who supported this effort! Our work isn’t finished. The new policy does not meet the full demands of this petition, so let’s keep the pressure on Netflix to continue to improve its leave policies. There is no need for a two-tiered leave policy for hourly and salaried workers. Everyone should be able to take time away from work to care for a newborn or loved one.
    7,956 Signatures
    Created by Shannon Murphy Picture