• 7-Eleven not allowing Tips
    In a time where a labor shortage has gone beyond anything an owner could imagine finding a great employer has become a tremendously difficult task. Our customers coupled with our management like our employees to feel special, appreciated, and rewarded. In numerous occasions our clientele has requested to tip employees, thus a tip jar should be permitted. A small jar can go a large way and can allow employees to feel supported and get a bit extra during such a difficult time.
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    Created by Noufel Aleem
  • United states postal service
    Theres alot of postal employees some took time off for covid for no reason just to be off work and get pd for free those of us who had to keep working should be paid if you dont want to pay up give us our full retirement benefits and let us get the hell out of there
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    Created by Diane Rowell
  • Work from Home Rotation
    Since the pandemic is still ongoing, transportation and safety are currently an issue for all employees of Caledonian.
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    Created by Alejandra Melendez
  • Remove Jeff Storm
    This petition is important for several reasons; the first, it is unethical behavior that associates at Lowe’s of West Hills have suffered. There are many tenured, knowledgeable and hard working people working at this location. Employees should not be afraid or stressed going to work at Lowe’s because of this manager. Employees have the right to a workplace that is free from harassment and Constant mental distress from individuals who should lead by example and lead their team to succeed. Employees have the right to report claims against unfair and unethical treatment without retaliation and with the expectation of fair solutions.
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    Created by Roxy Ramirez
    Exposure to the mass population puts the lives of every craft in the organization. No hazard pay, no priority to be vaccinated. Our exposure could spread variants without the opportunity to be vaccinated. This is important to all contacted daily and could benefit the general public and the workers delivering, serving at retail offices and all support personnel.
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    Created by John McTavish
  • Lowes West Hills
    Management is harassing employees by intimidation and fear of being written up for reasons that are unfair and unethical. Abuse of authority and lack of support during COVID pandemic.
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    Created by Roxy Ramirez
  • Hazard Pay Now!
    As per the decision of publix
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    Created by JACOB philip
  • Hazard Pay for Cannabis workers
    Los Angeles has the highest cases of COVID-19. It is now reported that one in five people have Covid. We are literally risking our lives to produce a product for a company that has yet to acknowledge that sacrifice. We have worked all of 2020 without any adjustments to pay. Peoples lives are at stake.
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    Created by Pat Bean
  • Harassment,Retaliation, Unfair treatment of Employees
    This is very important because this treatment has been ongoing even before. So many workers have been fired( even I), quit because they can’t stand for themselves and for everyone.
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    Created by Janice Carothers
  • Hazard Pay for Essential Variety Care Employees
    No one saw COVID-19 coming. The staff realizes that we need to see patients because the patients need us and our community needs us. We need Variety Care Administration to provide hazard pay to any and all staff that has duties considered to be essential. Housekeeping, Maintenance, Receptionist, Medical Assistants, Lab techs, Providers-- anyone that who must be in the front lines of COVID and directly impacts the care of patients should be given hazard pay
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    Created by Variety Care
  • Starbucks please do not open dining rooms
    It’s not recommended to have prolonged contact with anyone without masks. Opening the inside cafe opens up not only prolonged contact, but prolonged contact, as people take their masks off to drink, eat, talk, sneeze, and cough. The CDC still recommends masks and no prolonged contact with people. Baristas are going to be put into a position to pick employment or risking their lives. Please keep inside dining closed down until there is minimal covid infections in the United States or a vaccine most Americans will get. It seems to be a greedy move to open cafes and subject baristas to illness or death. Please keep cafes closed to reduce the spread of covid! It is not time to let go of caution .
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    Created by Cynthia McGowen
  • Get Kroger Workers Hazard Pay Again
    Because we have been there on the front line from the beginning working long and hard extra hours and risking getting sick with covid or bringing it home to our kids and now from what I hear quite a few Payless stores are cutting workers hours and we cant make a good living off our normal wage
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    Created by Jessica Tedder