• Shipt: Resolve Tip Issues and End Ongoing Wage Theft
    Shoppers are dedicated to providing the high-quality service that our customers expect and work hard to earn tips to supplement our modest base wages. For months, we have experienced issues with tipping that Shipt has failed to take seriously or rectify. Shoppers have reported tips they receive that are not paid out, or are submitted by customers but not collected and paid to the shopper. When we bring these issues to Shipt’s attention, we are almost always treated as though we are lying or trying to receive compensation we don’t deserve. We are ignored and forced to jump through hoops to ensure we receive the proper pay. Tips are a fundamental part of Shipt’s pay structure, and should be treated as such. For months, customers have expressed concerns when placing orders on certain devices, especially through Target’s website, they are not even given the opportunity to tip. As we put their health on the line to deliver essential items during a global pandemic, Shipt should do more to ensure all customers have the opportunity to tip, and that they are encouraged to do so at a level that is in line with industry standards. Too frequently, we go the extra mile for customers who are not properly informed (by Shipt) about how tipping works and when it is expected. We understand that mistakes happen, and for that reason we believe there should be a standardized and transparent process for reporting missing tips. Shipt should work to create a process in which shoppers can audit their tips, identify discrepancies, and report them to the company, without being left in the dark, ignored, or treated with suspicion. As an app-based company, Shipt bears full responsibility for the app’s functionality. Whether by design or in error, when shoppers are not paid the amount they rightfully earn, this is a form of wage theft.
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    Created by Concerned, Shipt Shoppers
  • End mandatory OT and reinstate Hazard Pay at Fullbeauty!
    This letter is a Petition for Immediate Measures to be taken in order to protect and improve the lives of Fullbeauty fulfillment center workers during the COVID-19 crisis. At Fullbeauty we work hard, we look out for each other, and we are invested in the success of the company. We are Proud to work at Fullbeauty. However, Fullbeauty workers are currently subject to unfair, mandatory overtime that can leave us physically exhausted and more susceptible to Coronavirus infection. Furthermore, the excessive mandatory overtime is creating havoc in many of our households, as school schedules are in flux, and high quality, affordable, reliable child care is often difficult to find. Additionally, many of us without school aged children are feeling the pinch as we take on increased roles as caregivers for sick and elderly family members. In short, the current, unfair, mandatory overtime situation is hurting everybody. To make matters even worse, Fullbeauty has taken away our Hazard Pay despite the fact that contraction is again spiking in Indiana and all workers are at continued, serious risk of infection. With over $500 Million in annual revenue, Fullbeauty can certainly afford to reinstate Hazard Pay in recognition of our sacrifice to the company . Consequently, we the undersigned demand that Fullbeauty be a better corporate citizen during this health crisis by: Immediately suspending mandatory overtime for its distribution center employees and Immediately reinstating Hazard Pay for all workers We engage in this collective, concerted activity under the protection of Federal Law, specifically, Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. We are also prepared to engage in further actions that are also protected by the Act, as well as collective action designed to safeguard our immediate health and well-being from imminent danger as defined by OSHA, Standard number 1977.12 (b) (2). We anxiously await your response to our demand.
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    Created by Peter DeMay
  • Grinnell College Lost Jobs
    Grinnell has stated that they want to maintain a high quality college experience and education, even though we face an international crisis. With that in mind, they are asking us to pay the same amount of tuition and take on the same amount of debt. Grinnell works because we do, and that hasn't changed because of the pandemic. Now more than ever, we need paid remote positions so we can pay for our education, broaden our post-graduate opportunities, and provide ourselves and our peers with the same academic, social, and structural support during a time when most things feel uncertain and unsafe.
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    Created by Student Worker
  • Install Protective Barriers at Starbucks Drive-Thru Locations due to COVID-19
    To protect both Starbucks partners and customers as the spread of COVID-19 continues to occur throughout the United States.
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    Created by Starbucks Barista
  • Tell La Casa Norte ED Jose M. Muñoz: Respect your Workers and Stop Union Busting in Our Community!
    On July 13, an overwhelming majority of our staff at La Casa Norte, a local organization serving youth and families experiencing homelessness in Chicago, informed our management team and Executive board that we had decided to form a Union with OPEIU Local 39 and asked them to voluntarily recognize our Union. We have organized a Union for many reasons that all help build a stronger and more sustainable La Casa Norte for our members, clients, and communities that we serve. Shockingly, in direct opposition of their purported ‘values’, Mr. Muñoz and La Casa Norte leadership have not only refused to recognize our Union, but have begun pursuing an aggressive anti-union effort against us. We were disappointed to see that the leadership of an organization that exists to promote dignity and respect has had a distinctly anti-worker response to our unionizing efforts. La Casa Norte leadership have chosen to expend limited resources to contract union-busting lawyers in an attempt to obstruct and delay our access to a timely and fair Union election, and have begun to illegally retaliate against coworkers that are visible leaders of our campaign. It is time that Mr. Muñoz and the La Casa Norte Board of Directors hear, loudly and clearly, from those of us who denounce their engagement in such dishonest and unethical practices. It is time that those of us who do the real work serving clients and meeting community needs are treated with the dignity and respect that we deserve. We must take a stand against unjust practices, and make clear that we will not accept behavior that violates our shared values, particularly the greater mission of La Casa Norte.
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    Created by Tori Vazquez
  • Starbucks: Remove the Espresso Bar Barrier
    These barriers do not restrict contact among baristas at all, and do nothing to "protect" the partners against any form of germs. Baristas store-wide all share the same equipment and supplies. The plexi glass doesn't change that. The barriers slow down all orders and increase the wait time in drive through significantly. They increase the chance of injury behind the counter. They add a lot of stress and anxiety to already stressful situations on shift. Regularly there isn't enough staff to have a barista on each espresso bar, meaning that a single barista is left to dance around the barrier to try and cover both bars. Which again significantly slows service time, and distracts from the company's standard of excellent customer service and connection. It must be noted that these barriers have been installed at a time when many states are relaxing their restrictions and mandates as they phase into reopening. Why are these all of a sudden needed, when Starbucks has been without them for the entire 6 months of the pandemic? Starbucks, we sign this petition and ask that you remove these new physical barriers to the partners being able to provide excellent service and speed in delivering orders. And in removing them, know you are valuing partners mental health and well being by removing the excess stress the barriers cause.
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    Created by Coffee Lady
  • Stop Sexual Harassment at Trader Joe's Brookline
    We, a group of crew members at Trader Joe’s Brookline (Store 501 in Boston) who wish to remain anonymous, have witnessed our coworker sexually harass female employees on a regular basis. On July 24th, a report of sexual assault and several sexual harassment complaints were filed against this person. We demanded the perpetrator’s immediate termination, as stipulated by the company’s zero tolerance policy toward sexual misconduct. We were confident that these statements corroborated by multiple crew members, both in terms of specific incidents against female coworkers and general patterns of behavior, would be received with due seriousness. We trusted the management team at Trader Joe’s Brookline to take immediate and appropriate action and remove these negative influences from our work environment. On August 5th, store management announced their decision to not pursue any action against the perpetrator. They claimed that multiple statements did not provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt and that the investigation turned into a “he said, she said” case as the perpetrator denied the complaints. The official website of the company states that at Trader Joe’s, “we value open communication and are committed to listening to our Crew.” “We structure our entire business around supporting the Crew Members” and “Behave with integrity—we treat others how we would like to be treated.” We strongly believe that Trader Joe’s decision to not terminate the perpetrator violates the company’s core values and sends us a message that sexual misconduct is acceptable in the workplace and our integrity is to be called into question; that we will be punished for addressing the issue, as evidenced by the fact that our coworker was fired immediately after confronting the perpetrator; and that we will face retaliation for working to make our store the best it can be for crew members and customers alike, should we run afoul of employees favored by store management. We stand against continuous sexual harassment at Trader Joe’s Brookline and believe that store management failed to listen, support, and act according to the golden rule. We demand the immediate termination of the employee that has both insinuated and instigated sexual behavior towards female coworkers and ask for your support in seeking justice for the immediate victims and other crew members affected by the offensive workplace environment at Trader Joe’s Brookline. We urge you to sign and share this petition at bit.ly/tjharassment, spread the word using #traderjoesharassment, and use your power as Trader Joe’s customers to talk to store management at Trader Joe’s Brookline about the company’s policies and actions taken to address the issue in person or over the phone at (617) 278-9997.
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  • Lovestruck Game Writers Deserve Fair Pay!
    All of the Lovestruck writers are members of marginalized genders and/or sexualities. Voltage has given us an invaluable foot in the door to the industry and a platform to tell stories that represent our voices, our passion, and our experiences. We are also all fans of the app, and we care deeply about the stories we tell. We don't want this to be the end of our partnership with Lovestruck, nor does it have to be. However, the conditions under which we are currently working are untenable. Not only are we paid less than half the industry standard in both base pay and our raises, we are not provided with information about how the routes we write perform either. The increased base pay that Voltage is currently offering is still well below the industry standard. We are eager to have an open and honest conversation with management in order to work together to settle on an equitable rate. The ultimate goal of the contract writers of Lovestruck is to see our hard work and commitment to authentic storytelling given the value it deserves, which will allow us to continue to provide loyal Lovestruck fans with the top-notch content they deserve. We've seen the support for our request for equitable pay and improved conditions come pouring in across social media, and it means the world to us. We cannot thank you enough! By signing this petition, you add your voice to the chorus of Lovestruck fans, game workers, romance writers, organizations, and more in inviting Voltage executives to hop on a call with us to discuss these matters. Thanks again for your incredible support! 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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  • Say the words! Solidarity means saying "Black Lives Matter"
    Recently Whole Foods workers have been sent home for wearing Black Lives Matter paraphernalia at work, on the grounds that they are somehow controversial. Respectfully, we beg to differ. As an Amazon employee, and a Black American descendant of enslaved peoples in this country, I must say, that anyone who believes that the words Black Lives Matter, are controversial suffers from an unfortunate delusional state induced by years of conditioning in white supremacist ideology. Workers should not be forced to choose between earning a living, and asserting that the lives of other human beings have value. Whole Foods is wholly wrong to have ever enforced this policy. Nothing short of a full throated apology and a sincere commitment to sit down, shut up, and LISTEN to us, will do at this point. This is not a request. It is a demand. Words have meaning, and you can't claim to be in solidarity with the Black community, and then show the reckless indifference to Black and Latinx lives that Amazon is demonstrating currently. While you're here sign our petition to shut down DSF4 for deep cleaning. We've had 3 confirmed cases of COVID 19 reported in the last month and management is lax about enforcing social distancing unless it's to get rid of an organizers like Hibaq Mohamed or myself. Workers should not be retaliated against for speaking up for the safety of themselves and their colleagues. Standing in solidarity in the fight against systemic racism and injustice means being willing to say that Black Lives Matter AND act on that truth by treating Black employees with the dignity and respect that we deserve.
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    Created by John Hopkins
  • Reinstate Covid-19 Pay for New Seasons Market Workers
    Covid-19 cases are on the rise and New Seasons has stopped our bonus pandemic pay. Every day we go to work we are put at risk of contracting coronavirus. As of now there is no end in sight of the pandemic. There have been confirmed cases at three of our stores, Orenco Station, Seven Corners and Williams. Workers are anxious that they could be the next to fall ill. Stores are busy adding to this anxiety, the produce departments for all stores were $270,000 over budget the sales week of July 8th to 14th. Stores are comping sales at a higher percentage over last year.
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    Created by Tekiah Elzey
  • Let Amazon MTurk Workers Unionize
    "Gig workers" and "crowd workers" are among the most underpaid and exploited workers in the twenty-first century. While there have been efforts to unionize gig-workers at platforms like Uber and Lyft, efforts to unionize their "crowd worker" counterparts have been rare. This is a petition that supports the rights of crowd workers at the world's largest crowd work platform - Amazon's Mechanical Turk - to unionize and collectively bargain for better wages, just like workers in any other industry. Under the National Labor Relations Act, all workers have the right to collectively bargain, and workers at MTurk should be no exception. Please sign this anonymous petition to voice your support for the rights of MTurk workers to unionize.
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    Created by Gagan Atreya
  • Open the Books on UCPD
    On June 10, President Zimmer announced austerity measures, including voluntary and mandatory furloughs and the suspension of University contributions to retirement plans. Union-represented staff have been asked to approve cuts to their retirement plans in order to avoid possible layoffs. This is on top of freezing all non-contractual raises across campus and cuts to our collections budget in the Library, which pays for resources like books and journals. The release of the budget is necessary to show how much has been spent, and is budgeted to be spent, on the UCPD. This information is needed to understand the fairness of the cuts to the Library and other units, and to understand the spending priorities of the University. Questions about police spending are more important than ever Much of the campus, city, and the nation understand this. We view the question of UCPD’s budget as directly relevant to the austerity measures that have been imposed upon us without our consent amidst calls from University administrators to embrace antiracism. If Provost Lee believes that “the Library reflects the University of Chicago’s aspiration to be the most dynamic research and learning environment in the world,” then we need a transparent budget to demonstrate that such professed priorities align with actual spending. If President Zimmer wants our community to do the work of “[a]ddressing racism and creating positive and sustainable change,” then we need immediate concrete steps to dismantle racist policies and policing on campus. We agree with #CareNotCops that UCPD has failed to create a safe environment on campus and the surrounding community. As library workers, we know firsthand the centrality of the library to research and education. We also know that many patrons consider the library a refuge from a toxic campus environment. But we acknowledge that the Library has failed to be a refuge for some. There must never again be a patron who is subjected to police brutality in the Library. Like #CareNotCops, we too want “the space to dream and build truly liberatory and collective safety for all.” As library workers, we are often placed in potentially dangerous situations. These situations are likely to be more common now that on site workers are responsible for enforcing social distancing regulations and patrons are more likely to be in heightened states of stress. We are not experts in de-escalation or mental health crises. Currently, if we are in immediate danger our choice is either to call armed law enforcement, who have a record of using violence and racial profiling, or to attempt to defuse the situation on our own, which could put ourselves or patrons in danger. We need a better option. We deserve a better option. For this reason, we also endorse the statement of the Maroon Editorial Board. The University must immediately transition to an unarmed, emergency management service that is aligned with anti-oppressive principles. If this University truly prioritizes research, education, and the safety and well-being of its community, then we demand that its leaders show this.
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    Created by Library Activist Network at UChicago