• Rehire Illegally Fired Union Activists
    Flight Attendants at SkyWest have been organizing a union in the face of serious interference from management, and Shane and Tresa are leaders on the campaign. The Railway Labor Act prohibits interference, influence, or coercion by management over the flight attendants’ choice of representative. And it is unlawful for management to retaliate against any worker engaging in concerted activity over issues of mutual concern. But enforcement rests with the federal courts and management may hope it can get away with their illegal actions long enough to stop Flight Attendants from organizing and gaining the right to collectively bargain. All this does is give a bad name to the carriers who contract with SkyWest - Alaska, United, American, and Delta. Even the notorious union busting at Delta has never so blatantly crossed the legal line for firing activists or forming an illegal company union. And make no mistake, in uncovering a serious security flaw in the company-sponsored voting system used by the company union, Shane and Tresa heroically stood up for what was right to alert their coworkers to the issue while demonstrating how easily votes can be manipulated. SkyWest is using their whistleblowing as pretext to fire these two prominent leaders on the union drive. But the company shouldn’t be involved in “union voting” at all. Sign our petition to demand that SkyWest immediately rehire Shane and Tresa. This union busting demonstrates why Flight Attendants at SkyWest are organizing. Stand with Flight Attendants and demand justice for Shane and Tresa.
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  • Corporate Members: Escape the U.S. Chamber of Commerce + Support Climate Policy Progress
    Pro-climate companies have an opportunity to lead the way when it comes to climate change. But first, they have to escape the influence of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is one of the largest trade associations in the United States. Its members include corporations like Exxon, Shell, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron. It also has a long history of being anti-climate, spending millions lobbying against climate policy progress. Most recently, the Chamber worked to block the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which invested $369 billion in clean energy and policies to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. The Inflation Reduction Act is our best shot at avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. Several pro-climate companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are also members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These companies are known for their climate forward initiatives, which conflict with the actions of the Chamber. Clearly, there’s a disconnect here. To be climate leaders, these companies must stop their support for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s obstruction. It’s time for pro-climate companies to LEAVE the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and LEAD by lobbying for bold and just climate policies at the federal, state and local levels, aligning political contributions with climate leadership and leading pro-climate coalitions in advocating strongly for pro-climate policies. Tell pro-climate companies it’s time to ESCAPE THE CHAMBER.
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  • Solidarity with Entertainment Workers
    Working in Hollywood may seem like a glamorous life with fancy movie premiers, big fame and even bigger paychecks. But for many in the industry this is far from reality. The majority of working actors, voice actors and others on your favorite movies and shows are getting paid so little to perform that they struggle to pay for basic necessities. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ dominate the entertainment industry and these new business models push out actors who just want to make a living. With “traditional” entertainment media like cable, actors would continue to receive significant payout from shows and movies they’ve been in that play as reruns – these are known in the industry as “residuals.” But with the advent of streaming services, residual pay has dwindled so much that even actors on some of the most internationally acclaimed shows are unable to live a normal life. An actor from Netflix’s Emmy-Award winning show Orange is the New Black shared on social media that she earned only $27.00 in residuals from the show. Streaming has also meant shorter seasons of television shows, and longer breaks in between seasons making it difficult for actors and entertainers to have steady income. At any given time, unemployment among professional entertainers is around 90%. Just like striking writers, actors are fighting back against new technologies like AI that threaten to manipulate their image, including giving studios access to their “digital likeness” that could be used without their consent – and without compensation – forever. With the writers and actors on strike for the first time in decades, this is a flash point for the entertainment industry. As fans and workers ourselves, it’s important we stand up for the artists whose work we love. Sign the petition to stand in solidarity with the SAG-AFTRA union members and demand that production companies come to a fair agreement. Sources: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-019-10213-0 https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/kimiko-glenn-pay https://www.theverge.com/2023/7/13/23794224/sag-aftra-actors-strike-ai-image-rights
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  • WeAreTeamCasa
    Casa Bonita is a Denver institution, and we all have core memories of this fantastic establishment; and our community has a right to know what has been promised to us. Here are some quotes from Team Casa members! Michelle, bartender: I’ve been a loving fan of Casa Bonita since the early 90s, spent many years in the service industry since then. When I got this dream job as a bartender I was thrilled to be in a place of weird camp and wonder. However, with the changed pay structure and limited hours available on the 3 day schedule my dream is falling apart; I cannot afford to work at CB. The dollars don’t make sense. Our whole house deserves better for its hourly employees. I’d gladly take minimum wage with tips so that our kitchen can receive better pay, give them the $30 they deserve it! We also need to see more operating hours so that we can all be offered benefits, as originally promised to us. Park County needs to remember we (the hourly employees) are the ones who love this place and will take care of it with joyful enthusiasm. In return we ask them to see our humanity and let us earn a competitive wage with benefits. Russ, bartender: This is a bait-and-switch - our pay has been cut by up to 40%. We are truly disappointed by management’s continued disrespect. We’ve been waiting over four months to get regular hours, we’re still not fully open, we have no path to earn enough hours for benefits. We were excited about the possibility of reviving a Denver institution, but what was a really fun adventure has turned into a real-life nightmare…I’m really proud of the group #WeAreTeamCasa that we’ve created. Our team just wants an opportunity to work, and earn what we were promised when we started, and to have a dignified working environment. Cory, bartender: My name is Cory. I originally signed my first offer letter on March 13th. I was told that there would be zero blackout dates Casa would require me full time, and that I had to quit my other jobs by the end of April to ensure employment with Casa. Here we are four months later with still no sign of an opening date. I have been living off of credit cards and drained my savings. Rachel, Bartender: I took this position at Casa Bonita because I believed it was something special, and it is. The promises made throughout the hiring and training process were enticing. Full time hours, benefits and a high rate of pay. Not one of these has been met. Although worker happiness and well-being has fallen to the wayside, I believe there is room for change. Ownership and management alike are capable of meeting our needs and making this an amazing place to work for everyone! Gayle, Bartender: Upon hire at Casa Bonita, they requested I leave a full-time job in order to devote full-time hours to Casa Bonita. That was in March. It is now July and we have yet to come close to full time hours. On top of that, there was a promise of lucrative business which would bring an incredible opportunity monetarily. We have yet to see any of this lucrative business–despite people nationwide waiting patiently to finally see the inside of this Colorado landmark. We want to see Casa Bonita thrive, and if ownership/management cannot bring that about, then we will.
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  • Justice for Insomnia Cookies Workers
    It is unfair for employers to flagrantly ignore labor laws and best practices, at the expense of workers who just want to support their families. Even if you don't work at Insomnia Cookies, you're still vulnerable to this kind of abuse in the workplace. If we stand in solidarity we can show all of our bosses how strong we are together. Please consider signing in support of our demands
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  • Popeyes: Obey Child Labor Laws
    Child labor is a pervasive problem, especially in the service industry, and there’s no one holding these greedy corporations accountable. That is why we are bringing light to this issue and speaking up. Popeyes has the power and the money to improve working conditions and ensure that we can all make our ends meet without making any sacrifices. That is why my coworkers and I are organizing, fighting for, and won in 2022 AB 257, The Fast Recovery Act, to protect our health and safety, bring ourselves out of poverty, and improve the lives of ourselves and our families. Now the industry is pouring millions of dollars into a deceitful referendum campaign to kill the law. These are the following demands we’ve petitioned at our store: 1) Allow us to take legally required rest breaks, including our second 10-minute rest break. 2) Provide a healthy and safe work environment, including training workers and managers on preventing burn injuries and responding quickly when injuries occur, including calling 911 when appropriate. 3) Provide an adequate first aid kit on-site.
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  • Support Mom's Siam Workers
    The workers of Mom's are striving to create a better work environment but have been summarily ignored by the owners. Our staff has created a letter and has been attempting to organize a meeting, but attempts have been stonewalled from ownership. We are asking for your support for a good-faith meeting between ourselves and Sukanya, where we can bring our issues to the table.
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  • Let Starbucks Partners Decorate For Pride
    Being allowed to decorate our stores for Pride, and other holidays, is important to partners, many of whom are themselves part of the LGBT+ community. In a time where LGBT+ rights, transgender rights especially, are under attack, it's important that both customers and partners feel supported and welcomed. Partners and customers alike LOVE to come in and see a fun and positive environment with fun decorations. We receive lots of positive feedback from customers that they love seeing the creativity partners bring to the table, and likewise positive responses from partners who feel more involved with the store and free to express themselves. Why is the company backing away from supporting its LGBT partners? What is there to gain from making every store depressingly identical, with no personality? While Starbucks insists that Corporate policy has not changed, and that this is 'false information' the rule is still being enforced at a regional level in many stores.
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  • Stand with the Writers Guild of America
    With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ growing in popularity, the television production industry has seen huge growth over the past decade – but compensation for writers hasn’t kept up. Some writers are saying it’s become difficult to sustain a career as a writer in Hollywood and even harder for junior writers to break into the industry. But the strike of more than 11,000 WGA members is about more than just fair pay. They’re fighting back against a system full of exploitation and increasingly tough working conditions. Specifically they want better residual pay – or royalties for reruns. Before streaming services existed, writers would be paid a percentage of revenue every time their work was shown on television. Streaming has made it so writers don’t receive this pay since users can watch these platforms whenever they want and don’t need to wait for a rerun. Writers are also fighting back against a new threat: the use of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT in writers rooms. Union members don’t want studios to dismiss a writer's contributions – and thus their compensation – by only crediting AI as the author of scripts or as source material. The strike means that all tv production in Hollywood has come to a grinding halt – this has serious implications for the entire industry if the worker’s demands aren’t met. Our favorite shows, including live late night comedy shows, have already stopped production. As fans of their work, we are a crucial part of this moment – it’s important we support the writer’s who create the content we love to watch. Sign the petition to stand in solidarity with the WGA union members and demand that production companies come to a fair agreement.
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  • Protect independent contractors advertising on Thumbtack from Unfair Deactivations
    Someone with 4 1/2 to 5 star reviews with impeccable customer reviews that has been on the site for many years. Should not face deactivation out of the blue for a lone client complaint/issue.
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  • Uber Drivers Demand Safety on The Job, Higher Wages & an End to Unfair Terminations
    Uber marked a record $31.8 billion in revenue in 2022 and has the resources to make these changes. Uber is responsible for the dangerous conditions we are facing on the job, and Uber is responsible for the policies that make it hard to protect ourselves from these conditions. According to “Driving Danger,” a new report from the Strategic Organizing Center, nearly three quarters of Black, indigenous and people of color driving rideshare and responding to a national survey reported that they accepted rides they sensed were potentially dangerous to them for fear of being deactivated for bad customer reviews (2). Uber undermines our safety when they penalize us for declining rides we feel could put us at risk. By keeping our pay low, Uber forces us to work long hours, taking ride after ride, just to make ends meet. By paying us more for our time and our labor, Uber can make it easier to protect ourselves on the job, and make the risks we face everyday feel more worth taking. Uber’s policies are hurting drivers and passengers alike. When drivers have better protections, riders will be safer, too. When drivers know what we earn from each drive, riders will know what cut Uber is taking from each drive. (1) - https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/08/business/uber-revenue.html (2) - https://thesoc.org/what-we-do/driving-danger/ ---- Los conductores de Uber demandan seguridad en el trabajo, sueldos más altos y un final a los despidos injustos Mientras Uber se prepara para celebrar un récord de ganancias en su reunión anual de accionistas del 20231, conductores de viaje compartido en el país se están uniendo para actuar directamente y demandar que Uber mejore la seguridad al terminar con los despidos injustos de conductores y pagando a los conductores una tarifa justa por nuestro trabajo. Mientras nosotros luchamos para sobrevivir, estamos siendo amenazados, asaltados, robados o peor. Uber nos fuerza a tomar los riesgos y costos involucrados en el trabajo del viaje compartido. Nosotros pagamos por nuestros autos, gasolina, teléfonos, mantenimientos y reparaciones y la mayoría de los conductores que son heridos en el trabajo deben cubrir todos sus gastos médicos de sus propios bolsillos. Mientras tanto, Uber no ha tomado suficientes medidas para mantenernos seguros mientras hacemos nuestros trabajos. Los bajos sueldos y la constante amenaza de despido nos empujan a trabajar en condiciones de trabajo inseguras. Uber puede desactivar nuestras cuentas, despidiéndonos de inmediato, según las quejas infundadas de los clientes o por ser selectivos al momento de aceptar viajes. La posibilidad de perder nuestros trabajos, con pocos recursos para recuperarlos, nos hacen aceptar viajes que consideramos inseguros y servir a pasajeros que pueden ponernos en riesgo para poder mantener a nuestras familias. Al mismo tiempo, muchos de nosotros vemos que Uber está tomando una porción cada vez más grande de nuestras tarifas. Muchos de nosotros estamos ganando sueldos mucho menores de los mínimos locales y estatales e incluso menores a un sueldo apto para vivir, mientras que Uber está reportando ganancias récord. Sin importar dónde vivimos o dónde conducimos, todos estamos enfrentando los mismos problemas que Uber podría resolver hoy, si quisiera hacerlo. Por eso estamos demandando lo siguiente: -Sueldos aumentados para todos los conductores y un límite en la parte de ganancias de Uber de nuestras tarifas. -Transparencia sobre la compensación y cuánto de nuestras tarifas Uber se está quedando. -Un proceso de despido “justo” que nos dé el derecho de saber por qué estamos sufriendo la desactivación y el derecho a un proceso de apelación justo y consistente. -Una actualización de las políticas de Uber para prevenir que los pasajeros utilicen nombres falsos e imposibles de rastrear y dar a los conductores el derecho a cancelar o rechazar viajes cuando nos sentimos inseguros, sin castigo alguno. Uber registró un récord de $31.8 billones de dólares en ingresos en el 2022 y tiene los recursos para realizar estos cambios. Uber es responsable por las condiciones peligrosas que estamos enfrentando en el trabajo y Uber es responsable por las políticas que dificultan protegernos a nosotros mismos de estas condiciones. Según “Driving Danger”, un nuevo reporte de Strategic Organizing Center, casi tres cuartos de afroamericanos, indígenas o personas de color conduciendo en viajes compartidos y que respondieron a una encuesta nacional, reportaron que aceptaron viajes que sintieron que eran potencialmente peligrosos para ellos por temor a ser desactivados por malas reseñas de los clientes2. Uber socava nuestra seguridad cuando nos penaliza por rechazar viajes que sentimos que pueden ponernos en riesgo. Al mantener baja nuestra paga, Uber nos fuerza a trabajar largas horas, tomando viaje tras viaje, solo para poder sobrevivir. Al pagarnos más por nuestro tiempo y nuestro trabajo, Uber facilitaría que pudiéramos protegernos a nosotros mismos en el trabajo y haría que valiera más la pena enfrentar los riesgos que enfrentamos a diario. Las políticas de Uber están lastimando a los conductores y a los pasajeros. Cuando los conductores tengan mejor protección, los pasajeros también estarán más seguros. Cuando los conductores sepan lo que ganamos de cada viaje, los pasajeros sabrán la parte que se lleva Uber de cada viaje.
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  • Stop Jon Byrd. Fully investigate the cover up & protect Michigan workers
    Sisters Brothers and Family, It's not complicated. The Union is the best tool for working people to unite together and win improved wages and working conditions. The labor movement allows us working people to join together against powerful adversaries and advance our shared values. Right now there is something that stinks within the Michigan AFL-CIO. Time is up for Jon Byrd, the longtime Michigan Laborers' District Council External Affairs Director, South Central Michigan Area Labor Council President and Secretary of the Michigan AFL-CIO Advocates 501c3. The story finally made it to the press. Read the articles. These rumors have been brewing for decades. Now is the time for leadership to act. There is no neutral. Which side are you on? Sign on to my letter to national AFL CIO President Liz Shuler and the AFL CIO Executive Council. Michigan AFL CIO Leadership failed to protect members and the public. Now I am calling on national leadership to step in and do their job. Join me. Which side are you on?
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