• Sprouts Farmers Market is Good for Customers Terrible for Workers
    Sprouts Farmers Market is unusual that it offers healthy food for relatively low cost, setting itself a part from the larger organic grocery outlets like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. What Sprouts fails at is loyalty to their lowest paid hourly staff. With the larger grocers, employees are protected by unions and practices that ensure a better working atmosphere and better hours. Sprouts Farmers Market is focused on growth. While there are opportunities for employees to take advantage of health insurance as part-time workers, very few are given the hours to pay for health benefits, much less pay their bills. There are employees that have worked for Sprouts Farmers Market for two years or more that are scheduled 8 hours a week. There is next to no assurance of hours on a weekly basis. Hourly employees are subject to hap-hazard schedules. In California cost of living is sky high. As an hourly worker at Sprouts Farmers Market it's a joke to believe that you can get enough hours to live on or pay your bills because of hours are unpredictable week to week. Sprouts Farmers Market experiences very high turnover. Employees quit their jobs because they do not feel valued. This feeling of being undervalued stretches across pay scales and allocated hours. Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the very best of the best for its customers, and one of the very worst work environments, with morale that's consistently low. This must change. Sprouts Farmers Market averages a 2.9 rating out of 5 via Glassdoor. Most of the company reviews center around communication of executive staff, scattered scheduling and poor wages.
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  • Change the Long Hours Culture at WeWork
    Anonymous testimony from WeWork employees in the UK points to an unhealthy and unproductive long hours culture. Employees describe having no work life balance, with work days of 14 hours or more regularly bookended with mandatory out of hours events. Workers should be consulted on when they work, for how long and how many out of hours events they need to attend. This would improve employees’ work-life balance and help to enable a happier and more productive workforce – good news for WeWork and those who work for it. We are calling for WeWork to listen to its employees and end its culture of long hours.
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    Created by Henry Skewes
  • Amazon, give all part-time warehouse workers Paid Time Off
    Amazon is denying DSM1 warehouse workers the same benefits given to regular part-time employees. According to our own employee handbook, regular part time Amazon employees working 20-29 hours a week receive a minimum of 12 paid days off a year in accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) and Paid Floating Holidays. At DSM1, we receive 0 paid days off a year. We believe that DSM1 workers should get the same benefits for working the same number of hours as other Amazonians. To make this point, Amazonians United Sacramento (AUS) collected a petition signed by 218 co-workers demanding we receive PTO. We turned that petition in on December 1st 2019 and in response Amazon management has refused to acknowledge receipt of the petition, refused to meet with AUS, and told us we have to transfer jobs to get PTO. We're not going to let Amazon dodge the real issue. The fact is that Amazon is a trillion dollar company run by the richest man in the world and they intentionally give all class q part-time workers less benefits than regular part-time workers so that they grow the company at our expense. We've had enough. Paid Time Off is not an individual issue but one that affects all employees at DSM1 and across the Amazon Logistics network. Most DSM1 workers have second jobs, childcare responsibilities, or elder care responsibilities that prevent us from transferring jobs to get the benefits we already deserve. For this reason, ensuring equitable PTO benefits to employees cannot be handled through individual meetings, job transfers, or supposedly "open communication." Resolving this issue requires that Amazon management meet with DSM1 workers as a organized group. Please sign this petition if you believe that Amazon management should meet with AUS representatives about PTO and that Amazon should give all of its part-time workers PTO.
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  • End Bullying and Harassment in the Beauty Industry
    Working in the beauty industry is not as glamorous as you may think. Recently the BBC* highlighted that one in 60 people work in the beauty industry, and many face bullying and harassment. Many, like those featured on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements meaning they can't speak out after already going through the ordeal of facing bullying and/or harassment at work. We need your voice to make the case for beauty industry workers to be protected from bullying and harassment in the workplace. Sign the petition now. *Victoria Derbyshire Show (27/11/2019)
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    Created by Henry Skewes
  • H&M workers deserve good schedules and free speech in the workplace without retaliation
    In August 2019, H&M management terminated sales associate Nick Gallant after he began exposing safety violations in the workplace and started educating his co-workers on their rights under the new fair work week laws in San Francisco and Emeryville, California. That’s why we need you to sign this petition and call on H&M to Bring Nick Back, to stop retaliating against workers, and to give all California H&M associates a Fair Workweek. **United for Respect (UFR) is a national non-profit organization. UFR is a multiracial movement of working people throughout the U.S. advancing a vision of an economy where our work is respected and our humanity recognized. UFR is not a labor union and does not intend or seek to represent retail employees over terms and conditions of employment, or to bargain with retail employers.
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  • Waymo must address sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace
    Waymo (Google) silences and retaliates against workers who report sexual harassment. Waymo (Google) is teaching women to be afraid to report when they experience something sexually problematic, inequitable or discriminatory in fear of retaliation and being fired. Waymo (Google) has pending claims against them with the EEOC for failing to act responsibly to protect a woman who experienced sexual assault and harassment by other employees. This woman reported it and was fired in retaliation — the men kept their jobs and one was promoted. This petition is one way to say “not okay Waymo (Google).”
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    Created by Dylan Wilder
  • Support from Customers for Fair Wages for Rev.com Workers
    We respect the rights and autonomy of freelancers and gig workers to be paid a fair and living wage. Transcriptionists are the heart and soul of Rev.com and decreasing pay abruptly and without announcement or community input puts undue strain on workers, who deserve to be treated as vital participants in any company success.
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  • Hannaford: Join Milk with Dignity
    About Milk with Dignity: Milk with Dignity was created by Migrant Justice, a human rights organization founded and led by immigrant farmworkers in Vermont. The program enlists the resources and market power of companies to improve labor and housing conditions on dairy farms. Companies pay a premium for milk from participating farms that agree to comply with standards in the Program’s Code of Conduct. For decades, low milk prices and industry consolidation have created downward economic pressure on dairy farms, leading to low wages and systemic rights abuses. Though conditions vary from farm to farm, the dairy industry relies on a primarily immigrant labor force working extremely long hours for low pay, in dangerous conditions, with few labor protections, and living in substandard housing. Milk with Dignity advances a systemic solution to a systemic problem by enlisting companies to require dignified labor and housing conditions from suppliers and to pay a premium to help raise wages and improve conditions. Participating companies commit to prioritize sourcing milk from farms that enroll in the program. Those farms, in turn, receive a premium from the company to reward and facilitate compliance. Migrant Justice provides comprehensive education to farmers and farmworkers on their rights and responsibilities under the Program. Compliance is monitored by an independent third party organization -- the Milk with Dignity Standards Council (MDSC) -- that staffs a 24-hour hotline and conducts annual audits. The MDSC works with farmers and workers to resolve complaints and achieve compliance with the Code of Conduct. The Milk with Dignity Program provides a unique and essential resource to farmers to improve labor and housing conditions and to raise industry standards. Premiums from participating companies cover worker bonuses, wage raises, new protective equipment, housing improvements, and other costs associated with compliance. The MDSC supports communication between employers and workers, creating a transparent and collaborative process. Ben & Jerry’s became the first company to join the Milk with Dignity Program by signing an agreement with Migrant Justice on October 3rd, 2017. The Program launched in 2018 and currently covers nearly 70 farms in Vermont and New York, totaling 100% of Ben & Jerry’s northeast dairy volume purchases. Over 250 farmworkers -- both immigrant and U.S.-born -- are protected by the Code of Conduct and have seen dramatic improvements in wages, scheduling, safety protections, and housing. Milk with Dignity is a “worker-driven social responsibility” (WSR) program. WSR starts with the premise that corporations must take responsibility for the labor conditions in their supply chains. And the only way to authentically and effectively ensure human rights is by following the lead of workers themselves, implementing worker-defined standards backed by strong enforcement mechanisms. Milk with Dignity is adapted from the globally-renowned Fair Food Program, a pioneering WSR initiative created by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Several supermarket brands owned by Ahold Delhaize have joined the Fair Food Program, committing to source their tomatoes in accordance with workers’ human rights. Hannaford now has the opportunity to take a similar step with the Milk with Dignity Program.
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  • $15 Minimum Wage for all Publix employees
    A living wage is the most urgent concern for all workers. It reflects how much a company values its employees and their dignity as human beings. With the cost of living rising ever higher and wages continuing to stagnate, the working class continues to deteriorate and if this goes on there will be nothing left to salvage. These current circumstances are already unsustainable, it is past time that we are rewarded for all of our continued hard work. Individual states have already started to introduce $15 minimum wages and those states are flourishing. Publix is a pleasure to shop and work at, we provide better service than our contemporaries and yet they have raised their wages (Aldi's, Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart ). I believe that if we provide the best service that our wages should reflect that. If you agree then please sign, it's not too late to regain our dignities back. (I'm using a pseudonym)
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  • DLA Piper, Dump Forced Arbitration
    As a partner at DLA Piper, Ms. Guerrero alleges that she was sexually assaulted and harassed by another partner at the firm, then retaliated against for reporting this misconduct. [2] Ms. Guerrero is not alone in the treatment she has experienced while working for a law firm. A global survey found that one in three women report experiencing sexual harassment while working at firms. [3] Sex discrimination remains pervasive within the legal profession, and the upper echelons of the profession remain overwhelmingly white and male. [4] [5] Despite these shocking allegations, Ms. Guerrero is currently unable to take her claims to court. Instead, DLA Piper is attempting to force her into secret, binding arbitration in which the rules are stacked against her. Employees are far less likely to win in forced arbitration than they are in a court of law, and even when they do win, they recover far less than they would in court. [6] Despite the overwhelming evidence that forced arbitration enables workplace abuse and impedes access to justice for workers, DLA Piper remains unashamed of the practice. As recently as 2018, the firm proudly stood by their forced arbitration policy, stating that: “There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of dispute resolution process. It has been our experience as a firm that arbitration is a fair and efficient way to resolve internal disputes, and one that benefits all parties in what are often sensitive matters for everyone involved.” [7] DLA is one of only a handful of law firms that has continued to use forced arbitration for its own employees. Recent survey data shows that nearly 86% of law firms have rejected forced arbitration in employment contracts for all employees, making DLA’s continued use of the practice all the more troubling, especially for future lawyers considering their employment prospects. [8] Ms. Guerrero’s experiences at DLA Piper exemplify what is wrong with the legal profession. Rather than acting swiftly to protect its employees from workplace abuse, DLA Piper refuses to drop its harmful forced arbitration policy—perhaps because it is afraid of being held accountable for illegal behavior. Instead, it is forcing its employees to choose between the ability to vindicate their civil rights in a court of law and their job. As the future of the legal profession, we condemn DLA’s actions, and call on the firm to end its use of forced arbitration in employment contracts for all employees, including Ms. Guerrero, other lawyers, and all non-attorney staff. As Ms. Guerrero’s experience at DLA Piper vividly demonstrates, the legal profession is a long way from justice. DLA Piper can begin to rectify the harm it has caused by ending its use of forced arbitration, once and for all. [1] https://www.dlapiper.com/en/us/people/d/de-verneuil-vanina/ [2] https://medium.com/@VaninaGuerrero/open-letter-womens-rights-at-dla-piper-1aaf2b330214 [3] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-14/third-of-female-lawyers-sexually-harassed-metoo-report-finds [4] https://news.bloomberglaw.com/daily-labor-report/jones-day-accused-by-female-lawyers-of-sex-bias-unequal-pay-1 [5] https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/27/us/paul-weiss-partner-diversity-law-firm.html [6] https://www.epi.org/publication/the-arbitration-epidemic/ [7] https://www.law360.com/articles/1105619 [8] http://www.peoplesparity.org/survey-says-law-firms-are-ditching-forced-arbitration-but-heres-how-to-avoid-the-ones-that-arent/
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  • It’s Time to Recognize the Kickstarter Union
    As Game Workers Unite co-founder and tech industry labor organizer Emma Kinema said in her recent XOXO speech, Kickstarter's mission to democratize the way in which people create art, music, games, tech, and writing is a noble and important pursuit, and it is only natural that it is at Kickstarter where we are seeing one of the first tangible signs of democratizing a tech industry workplace through unionization. Workers throughout tech, games, and many traditionally unorganized industries are watching, cheering on, and standing with the workers of Kickstarter in solidarity. Kickstarter United has sparked all of our imaginations and have our fullest support. Stand with them today!
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  • Stop Target's "Modernization Plan"
    Target has rolled out a new plan called "Modernization" which is turning our jobs into Amazon jobs. New metric systems to monitor our movements and progress, time limits with the threat of disciplinary action, and unrealistic workloads which team members cannot fulfill, setting us up for failure and creating an incredibly stressful experience where we live under the constant threat of "coachings" for not meeting these unrealistic expectations. Target tries to justify this on the basis of raising our wages, but Target also has slashed our hours so we actually have less time to do even more work. This makes Target more money and gives us less despite the wage being raised. This is what Amazon has done with their recent wage increase to $15 an hour. We want a stop to the "Modernization Plan" so we can give our community members the full attention they deserve when they come to our stores. We need more workers on the salesfloor, more workers on the registers, and end this ridiculous multitasking that stretches us too thin and upsets our community members who can't find workers to help them find the items they need.
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