• Starbucks Baristas deserve a $1,500 bonus for working during the Pandemic.
    According to Macrotrends, an investor research platform, Starbucks cash on hand for the quarter ending June 30, 2021, was $4.907 Billion. (Cash on hand can be defined as cash deposits at financial institutions that can immediately be withdrawn at any time.) One line in the company mission statement reads, “We are performance-driven, through the lens of humanity.” We call on executive management to look through that lens and put on a store apron and join us in the stores. Give Baristas a bonus for creating value. If you agree, executive management should put on an apron and make lattes. And if you agree Baristas deserve a $1,500 bonus, please sign this petition. Sign if you are a Starbucks shareholder, a Starbucks Barista, or a Starbucks customer. Thanks a latte! Unnamed Barista Spokesperson References: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/08/microsoft-will-give-employees-a-1500-bonus-for-pandemic-efforts.html “Microsoft will give employees a 1500 bonus for their efforts during the pandemic” https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/06/walmart-offers-bonuses-to-warehouse-workers-ahead-of-holidays.html “Walmart to offer to offer bonus to keep warehouse workers on the job through the holiday” https://investor.starbucks.com/press-releases/financial-releases/press-release-details/2021/Starbucks-Reports-Record-Q3-Fiscal-2021-Results/default.aspx “Starbucks Reports Record Q3 Results” https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/18/starbucks-shareholders-vote-against-executive-pay-plan.html “Starbucks Shareholders vote against executive pay plan” https://www.bloombergquint.com/onweb/starbucks-lays-out-50-million-potential-bonus-for-ceo-johnson “Starbucks lays out $50 million potential bous for CEO Johnson” Reference for median Barista pay https://golf.com/gear/rise-club-demand-forcing-ping-executives-to-work-production-lines/ “A rise in golf demand is forcing Ping executives to work on production line”
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  • Smith College Stand in Solidarity with Sonic Workers
    These issues are continuing to gain media attention, and publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The American Prospect, and NBC News have platformed the voices of Sonic workers. In the wake of this global health crisis, fewer workers are willing to tolerate these conditions. Soon there will be no choice but to take workers' demands seriously.
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  • Support Carré Otis and Survivors in Creating a Safer Modeling Industry
    The industry that allowed and enabled serial abusers like Marie is still the same industry: One that lacks regulation, escapes accountability, and normalizes trafficking -- all off the backs of young women and men. It’s time to ensure that everyone in this industry can work in a safe environment, free from harm, with access to justice. SUPPORTED BY: Model Alliance Akasha Hendrix Alessandra Biaggi, New York State Senator Alex Shanklin Alexander Kjellevik Alexandra Waterbury Alyssa Sutherland Amanda Rodriguez Amber Valletta Ambra Battilana Gutierez Amy Dorris-Hulth Athena Currey Ava Smith Ayesha Barenblat, Remake Barrett Pall Beverly Johnson Bradley James Falconer Braeden Wright Brana Dane Caitlin Dulany Carre Otis Carrie Ann Moss Chandra North Chloe Hayward Cindi Leive David Stewart Dexter Rangel EJ Moran Elizabeth Cline Elle Dawson Elliott Sailors Emily Mott Erin Heatherton Erin Pasquet Evelyn Yang Fitz Greg Asbed, Co-Founder, Coalition of Immokalee Workers Gwen Van Meir Hannelore Knuts Heidi Mount Ingrid Schram Iskra Lawrence Ivan Lizarde Jason Boyce Jason Hofmann Jennifer Hoffman Jill Dodd Julia Schwadron Marianelli Kai Braden Kara Young Karen Alexander Karen Elson Kenny Sale Laurie Marsden Lesa Amoore Lisa Kauffmann Lynn Mabry Madeline Hill Madisyn Ritland Mariel Hemingway Mary Greenwell Matthew Charles Sutton Maurice Smith Meera Fox Meisha Brooks Meredith Hattam Michael Hager Michael Williams Milla Jovovich Mira Sorvino Nadine Strittmatter Nova Hagel Pania Rose Paulina Porizkova Prema Kerollis Rachel Price Sara Ziff Sarah Hay Sarah Newell, Director of Outreach and Communications, WSR Network Sarah Spinner, PsyD Shaina Danziger Shari Plummer Shawna Lee Shelly Zander Susan Holmes McKagan Susanna Mahoney Sydney Giordano Tatjana Patitz Theresa Haas, Director of Transnational Strategies, WSR Network Yuh-Line Niou, New York State Assemblymember Zoe Ghertner
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  • FedEx take care of your injured workers
    Because the more drivers who come together maybe we can have this policy changed immediately.
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  • End PCC's Support for the Criminalization of Poverty in the Puget Sound
    As retail grocery workers, we are on the front lines of the the Puget Sound's housing crisis. Day in and day out we bear witness to the systemic failure of our government to address the suffering that so many in our community face everyday. PCC, as a community owned coop, has an obligation not only to keep its workers safe, but also to advocate for progressive, humane, and effective policies at the city and county level to confront and overcome conditions that have lead to the housing crisis. Unfortunately, PCC has instead opted to partner with big business industry associations and the Seattle Police Department to lobby the city council for increased sweeps of homeless encampments and more funding for police departments. Not only are sweeps inhumane, they are a failed strategy, one that only serves to temporarily move poverty and suffering away from the eyes of the privileged. PCC has chosen to side with business interests that would prefer to hide and displace the unhoused, rather than invest in providing solutions and aid to the most vulnerable in our community. Further, and without staff input, PCC has emplaced both armed security and, on occasion, off duty police officers supplied by Seattle's Finest in our stores. This has created an environment that is potentially unsafe and certainly unwelcoming for many staff and customers, especially those us who are members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. While many of these efforts were begun under the leadership and direction of former CEO Suzy Monford, we have seen no evidence that the current interim CEO Brad Brown intends to change course. As hourly retail workers, we ourselves face rising rents and housing instability, all while working for a company whose presence in neighborhoods creates gentrification and property appreciation. We must stand in solidarity with each other and our community to force PCC to change track and become the business that we all know it can be- one that centers community, dignity, and compassion as core values. Please show your support and sign today.
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  • Allow simple acrylic nails at Starbucks
    I believe people should join in because it is about freedom of expression. There are many people who have tattoos and colored hair so why not nails. I took a week off from work and was able to finally get nails. I realized that I missed having this part of me throughout the past two years. I felt very confident and I wish I was able to take that to my workplace. Having the freedom to wear nails fulfilled my need for creativity that allows human beings to grow and to represent who they are as an individual.
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    Created by Simrat Kaler
  • Stop PMG DeJoy: Protect the USPS and Election Integrity
    We North Carolinians for Voting Integrity in State Elections and Defense of the Public Postal Service, the postal public, along with our neighbors, families, postal workers and the wider community, continue to be distressed by the intentional deterioration of the service provided by the USPS, considered by most of us to be a national treasure. Under the mis-leadership of PMG Louis DeJoy postal jobs have become more difficult while the decreased service standards make social communications and commercial life more difficult. DeJoy’s 10 Year Plan, includes the rotten apple of deliberate slowdown of first class mail which, if implemented, guarantees the continued worsening of this situation. PMG DeJoy has also, predating his appointment, contributed to the attack on democracy by engaging in multiple “straw-donor” schemes that are blatant violations of campaign finance laws. He’s thus aided in the election of candidates that are now working hard to restrict voting rights. Primarily an attack on voters of color, it impacts all working people and must be stopped. His corruption seems to have no limits as revealed by the recent reports of his purchasing $300,0000 in bonds from a company owned in part by Ron Bloom, chairperson of the Postal Board of Governors, that has the power to hire and fire the Postmaster General. The Justice Department is investigating his activities in relation to Federal election violations. 20 state Attorney Generals, including NC’s own Josh Stein, have signed a letter to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) bemoaning the service standards And the PRC has issued its Official Opinion strongly opposing DeJoy’s slowdown of first class mail, too. We cannot allow him to continue to negatively impact our lives.
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  • Sonic drive in allow credit/debit tipping
    We have waited long enough for this every sonic should have this option because people don’t carry around cash
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  • Investigate NYC Health & Hospitals (T2), Optum/UnitedHealth Group and their recruiting agencies
    In order to help stop the spread of this virus and keep everyone safe, we are on the frontlines daily in preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections across NYC, one of the most populated cities. We do this with compassion, empathy and integrity. We can all say that we take pride in doing some of the most important work during this pandemic by helping to fight the spread of COVID-19 as Contact Trace Monitors & Case Investigators. We are notifying the community and their loved ones on a number of resources and offering them public health guidance. We sometimes play the role of disease detective, social work and therapist, yet we are severely underpaid for our contracted or hired roles. We are under immense stress because of abuse of power, toxic workplace culture, lack of transparency and misclassification of employment status. As Contact Trace Monitors & Case Investigators, it's time that we all unite in signing this petition. Please feel free to share with your fellow coworkers and ONLY use personal email address when sharing. Call To Action: ***If these matters are not addressed within 45 days from today, we all agree that this petition be escalated to the media and/or higher government officials***
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  • Allow Credit Card Tipping at Starbucks
    As a former Barista/Shift Supervisor, I can assure you Baristas work hard for that money. They are subject to ever-evolving rules, regulations, and recipes. They are asked to work at top speed and efficiency, push sales up, and be kind even in extreme situations. They deserve every cent. As a customer, I want to make sure they are rewarded for their service. The traditional reward is tipping.
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    We lose customers or the replen team can’t get much work done Bc of the heat
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  • Permobil Employee Fair Workplace Petition
    This is an opportunity for Permobil Pasco to have a voice. If we are to retain the highly skilled employees we currently have and foster a happy, healthy work environment…. there must be a change.
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    Created by Micky Moore