• Plant-based protein options & clear signage at every ALDO cafeteria station
    With the increasing global concern over climate change and the rise in sustainability as we've seen it within our own company (e.g. ALDO as a climate neutral certified company, Call It Spring going vegan, etc), it is important that businesses and consumers adapt by taking on a greener approach to their consumption habits, which should include food choices - here's why: ♦ For the environment The animal agriculture industry is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions - facts that have been scientifically backed by: ○ Countless scientific studies, such as the most comprehensive study of the impact of our food choices by the University of Oxford: http://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2018-06-01-new-estimates-environmental-cost-food# https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46459714 ○ The United Nations (Both in 2010 and 2019) https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-49238749 ○ Our 2019 Canadian Food Guide, which for the first time since the 1970s was backed by both nutrition & health experts, as well as by science-based data relative to the environment. https://globalnews.ca/news/4873598/new-canada-food-guide-2019/ If our company wants to help its employees reduce their carbon footprint (and consequently, its own) it should offer adequate vegan & plant-based options within its cafeteria - which should be readily available and visible to all employees, in every cafeteria station. ♦ For the health of our employees - ○ Food trends have been changing lately, and so has our Canadian Food Guide - which was updated in January 2019 - with a strong emphasis on eating plant-based foods, and limiting foods with saturated fats and high sodium, which also happen to be the same categories that are high in cholesterol. https://globalnews.ca/news/4873598/new-canada-food-guide-2019/ ♦ For transparency on allergens and intolerances - Lactose intolerance is amongst one of the most common food allergies around the world: https://www.lactaid.ca/whos-affected.html ○ 90% of Asians ○ 75% of African Americans ○ 51% of Hipanics ○ 21% of Caucasians Labels such as dairy-free, or gluten-free are becoming more and more of a necessity in order for restaurants and cafeterias to be transparent in their offering. While most restaurants with a diverse and inclusive menu offer clear indications as to meals that contain dairy or gluten, the ALDO cafeteria could be more transparent and inclusive in its offering, allowing the employees to make conscious, nutritious food choices more easily.
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  • $15 Minimum Wage for all Publix employees
    A living wage is the most urgent concern for all workers. It reflects how much a company values its employees and their dignity as human beings. With the cost of living rising ever higher and wages continuing to stagnate, the working class continues to deteriorate and if this goes on there will be nothing left to salvage. These current circumstances are already unsustainable, it is past time that we are rewarded for all of our continued hard work. Individual states have already started to introduce $15 minimum wages and those states are flourishing. Publix is a pleasure to shop and work at, we provide better service than our contemporaries and yet they have raised their wages (Aldi's, Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart ). I believe that if we provide the best service that our wages should reflect that. If you agree then please sign, it's not too late to regain our dignities back.
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  • DLA Piper, Dump Forced Arbitration
    As a partner at DLA Piper, Ms. Guerrero alleges that she was sexually assaulted and harassed by another partner at the firm, then retaliated against for reporting this misconduct. [2] Ms. Guerrero is not alone in the treatment she has experienced while working for a law firm. A global survey found that one in three women report experiencing sexual harassment while working at firms. [3] Sex discrimination remains pervasive within the legal profession, and the upper echelons of the profession remain overwhelmingly white and male. [4] [5] Despite these shocking allegations, Ms. Guerrero is currently unable to take her claims to court. Instead, DLA Piper is attempting to force her into secret, binding arbitration in which the rules are stacked against her. Employees are far less likely to win in forced arbitration than they are in a court of law, and even when they do win, they recover far less than they would in court. [6] Despite the overwhelming evidence that forced arbitration enables workplace abuse and impedes access to justice for workers, DLA Piper remains unashamed of the practice. As recently as 2018, the firm proudly stood by their forced arbitration policy, stating that: “There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of dispute resolution process. It has been our experience as a firm that arbitration is a fair and efficient way to resolve internal disputes, and one that benefits all parties in what are often sensitive matters for everyone involved.” [7] DLA is one of only a handful of law firms that has continued to use forced arbitration for its own employees. Recent survey data shows that nearly 86% of law firms have rejected forced arbitration in employment contracts for all employees, making DLA’s continued use of the practice all the more troubling, especially for future lawyers considering their employment prospects. [8] Ms. Guerrero’s experiences at DLA Piper exemplify what is wrong with the legal profession. Rather than acting swiftly to protect its employees from workplace abuse, DLA Piper refuses to drop its harmful forced arbitration policy—perhaps because it is afraid of being held accountable for illegal behavior. Instead, it is forcing its employees to choose between the ability to vindicate their civil rights in a court of law and their job. As the future of the legal profession, we condemn DLA’s actions, and call on the firm to end its use of forced arbitration in employment contracts for all employees, including Ms. Guerrero, other lawyers, and all non-attorney staff. As Ms. Guerrero’s experience at DLA Piper vividly demonstrates, the legal profession is a long way from justice. DLA Piper can begin to rectify the harm it has caused by ending its use of forced arbitration, once and for all. [1] https://www.dlapiper.com/en/us/people/d/de-verneuil-vanina/ [2] https://medium.com/@VaninaGuerrero/open-letter-womens-rights-at-dla-piper-1aaf2b330214 [3] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-14/third-of-female-lawyers-sexually-harassed-metoo-report-finds [4] https://news.bloomberglaw.com/daily-labor-report/jones-day-accused-by-female-lawyers-of-sex-bias-unequal-pay-1 [5] https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/27/us/paul-weiss-partner-diversity-law-firm.html [6] https://www.epi.org/publication/the-arbitration-epidemic/ [7] https://www.law360.com/articles/1105619 [8] http://www.peoplesparity.org/survey-says-law-firms-are-ditching-forced-arbitration-but-heres-how-to-avoid-the-ones-that-arent/
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  • It’s Time to Recognize the Kickstarter Union
    As Game Workers Unite co-founder and tech industry labor organizer Emma Kinema said in her recent XOXO speech, Kickstarter's mission to democratize the way in which people create art, music, games, tech, and writing is a noble and important pursuit, and it is only natural that it is at Kickstarter where we are seeing one of the first tangible signs of democratizing a tech industry workplace through unionization. Workers throughout tech, games, and many traditionally unorganized industries are watching, cheering on, and standing with the workers of Kickstarter in solidarity. Kickstarter United has sparked all of our imaginations and have our fullest support. Stand with them today!
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  • Stop Target's "Modernization Plan"
    Target has rolled out a new plan called "Modernization" which is turning our jobs into Amazon jobs. New metric systems to monitor our movements and progress, time limits with the threat of disciplinary action, and unrealistic workloads which team members cannot fulfill, setting us up for failure and creating an incredibly stressful experience where we live under the constant threat of "coachings" for not meeting these unrealistic expectations. Target tries to justify this on the basis of raising our wages, but Target also has slashed our hours so we actually have less time to do even more work. This makes Target more money and gives us less despite the wage being raised. This is what Amazon has done with their recent wage increase to $15 an hour. We want a stop to the "Modernization Plan" so we can give our community members the full attention they deserve when they come to our stores. We need more workers on the salesfloor, more workers on the registers, and end this ridiculous multitasking that stretches us too thin and upsets our community members who can't find workers to help them find the items they need.
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  • Dress code does not define work ethic
    The dress code policy at Loves Travel Stop is outdated. They need to change their policies about hair coloration. I’ve had several employees harassed and severely upset with the corporation due to these policies. Hard workers shouldn’t lose their jobs over the color of their hair.
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    Created by Maddy Noe
  • Slack: Add a Block Button to Protect Victims of Harassment
    “Hey, do you know if I can block someone on Slack?” a friend texted me. Someone at her workplace had a crush on her, and he wouldn’t stop sending creepy messages over Slack—the platform she is required to use for many hours a day to do her job. She therefore couldn’t ignore it every time it pings her with messages, even though they were often from her harasser. Though she could attempt to avoid him physically in the office, as soon as she opened her computer, her dot would turn green. Because her coworkers need to know where she is, it meant he could see whenever she was online, too. He would immediately start messaging her; she felt like she had nowhere to hide. As it turns out, Slack does not have the functionality for a user to mute or block anyone. This is despite the fact nearly every social network now gives you the ability to block someone: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all offer easy ways to mute and block users, and they even have dedicated channels to help users through this process. But Slack technically isn’t a social network, even if it’s used socially. Slack views itself as a tool, an infrastructure for production and producing. From alumni organizations to conferences and meet ups, it helps businesses and employees plan, document, and work. The friend I mentioned earlier uses Slack as the main method of communication with her coworkers. Without it, she couldn’t plan meetings, share links, or document her progress for projects. You can’t simply choose not to use that tool without causing a significant workplace fallout. This is a scenario many women and marginalized groups suffer through: someone makes them feel uncomfortable, but if they raise the issue, it may reflect badly on them for overreacting. So they don’t say anything at all, and continue putting up with the microagressions. Online harassment can affect anyone, but it affects marginalized groups the most. On most social-media platforms, a victim can block a harasser and file a harassment report. But Slack doesn’t even mention harassment in their policies. In its “Acceptable Use Policy,” it only outlines that Slack cannot be used for inciting hatred or violence against individuals or groups. The company doesn’t have an official page—or even a blog post—on what to do when their product is used to harass people. Everyone should have the ability to mute, block, and generally augment their experiences online, because having the ability to tailor your privacy settings and how people can reach you creates safety. Ideally your workplace has a system in place to mitigate both online and offline harassment—but what happens if that person doesn’t stop? It’s time for Slack to catch up with other tech platforms and do more to protect victims of harassment.
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  • iHeartMedia: Offer paid family leave to ALL your employees
    I’m a dad, and I’ve got another baby on the way (due in two months!) and while I’ve worked for iHeartMedia for eight months, I will not have access to a single day of paid parental leave when our newborn arrives. iHeartMedia, formerly Clear Channel, is the largest owner of radio stations in the country - reaching millions of listeners across the United States every day. But for a company that touches so many families and households, they are surprisingly behind the times when it comes to its paid leave for its employees. iHeartmedia only provides time for childbirth recovery, no time for dads like me to bond with a new baby or support a partner recovering from childbirth, no time to care for a seriously ill family member, and new mothers are forced to have to sign up for Short-Term Disability in order to reap the benefits of any type of leave towards childbirth. I love working for iHeartmedia. I’m both a Software Engineer and a DJ, so my work touches on both of my passions, technology and music. I am lucky enough to work on an AMAZING project where, for the most part, my team is very flexible when it comes to our work schedule, which is why I feel and believe that iHeartMedia can do MUCH better when it comes to paid family leave. I’m surprised that we are falling behind so many of our competitors when it comes to this benefit. I know that iHeartMedia is an awesome company, and I know they can do better for dads like me, and all new parents. That’s why I’m asking that the company show bold leadership in the industry and expand the paid family leave policy to include ALL parents.
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    Created by Kevin and PL+US
  • Starbucks Food Waste
    Making these changes would help cut down on food waste costs and labor costs across the company. And would ensure each store had a consistent and inviting pastry case display.
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    Created by Alisa Shields
  • Bus Driver 77
    This is important to us as Katy Langford is a great bus driver who has always cared about the safety and well-being of our children. Our children loved riding Mrs Katy’s bus and I never had to worry! She has great communication skills and would regularly send updates with information regarding bus times, changes, or activities. Katy took pride in her job and she did it very well!
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  • Zoom Denver - We Need Bicycle Accommodations!
    If you're like me, you are immensely proud of Zoom's mission to not only lead the charge on workplace happiness, but also to set a new standard for the impact we have on the community around us. This is evident in programs like our maternity/paternity benefits, in our grassroots nonprofit projects like Erin Kehoe's PB&J sandwich drive, and in our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House. Not to mention the incredible crew that makes it all happen (Thank you Emily Crane and Melissa Dorsch!). I am also just as proud of Denver's heart for being leaders in similar initiatives, like Denver's Housing First Program which has received $11 million from the city in the last 2 years and has an 89% retention rate among homeless recipients, to $447 million for 35 school construction projects across Colorado for 2018-2019. Zooms culture in Denver is the perfect storm, and we are constantly working towards setting new standards in responsible and forward-thinking community impact. One of the initiatives which Zoom has leaned into more recently is one around emissions/waste/environmental. From metal straws, to recycled plates and utensils, to public transportation benefits, Zoom has made a point of encouraging employees to reduce their environmental impact. Even our platform has massive benefit for customers via reduction in travel, which translates into unbelievable emissions savings (1 roundtrip flight from SF to London = 1 Ton of CO2). Where we currently lag far behind, especially in the Denver office of all places, is Bicycle accommodations. Bicycles are considered the most efficient form of transportation, and are widely accepted and accommodated for in the Tech industry, especially in Colorado. We know it may be an uphill battle with our building, but it is truly a small ask considering its impact, especially in the city where this is the standard.
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  • Demand the FMCSA take immediate action on Sexual Misconduct in Truck Driver Training Fleets
    On July 23, 2019 the FMCSA posted a request for comments to study what they called a “serious pattern of harassment and assault related crimes against female and minority male truckers.”. For over a decade, harassment and sexual assault in entry-level driver training programs has been well-documented and grossly overlooked by the trucking industry and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the regulatory agency that is tasked with overseeing safety in the trucking industry. We need a plan of action to address this pattern of abuse and bring about meaningful change NOW! The FMCSA has ignored widely available public information and extensive reporting on rampant sexual assault and rape long-endemic to the trucking industry. The FMCSA should immediately place carriers where sexual assault and rape continue to occur on probation—and disallow repeat offenders from recruitment to their driver training programs until they clean up their act. Without a meaningful and urgent implementation plan, the FMCSA’s request for comments is without teeth—a simple stalling technique and a free pass for the trucking industry. My name is Desiree Wood and I am the President and Founder of REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. (RWIT), a 501 (c) (6) organization. I am also a truck driver myself that experienced sexual misconduct and several potentially violent situations during my truck driver training from 2007-2008 at Covenant Transport, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a student truck driver, I was badgered to discuss sex with a co-driver and I also experienced intimidation, culminating in a violent altercation in which bleach was sprayed at my face. During this altercation, my wrist was badly injured while I tried to send an SOS message to the company over the Qualcomm, the only communication device available to me to seek assistance from my company. My co-driver forcefully yanked from my arms to prevent me from calling for help. I was left behind in New Mexico for several days, a place where I knew no one, while my violent co-driver that had sprayed me with bleach was permitted to continue driving the tractor-trailer. He was highly intoxicated after consuming five Long Island Ice teas and was permitted to operate the commercial motor vehicle on Interstate 40 while I was left behind. When I reported the incident to the Human Resources department at Covenant Transport, they told me they would investigate—but they never did. Even though the incident was likely captured by security cameras and I had filed a police report—the company instead turned their attention to me as a troublemaker. I formed REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. (RWIT) with other lady truck drivers as a protest movement and in a response to the ENABLERS IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY AND THE ABSENCE OF AUTHENTIC REPRESENTATION FOR WOMEN WHO WORK AS TRUCK DRIVERS. Our mission is to deliver highway safety through leadership, mentorship, education and advocacy. RWIT has formed into a growing community of women truck drivers that offers support to new truck drivers and we demand change in the trucking industry. RWIT is known as the “go to” organization when it comes to sexual assault and harassment in truck driver training; we offer support and resources to women entering the industry when they otherwise would have nowhere to turn, but it’s not enough. Over the past decade, I’ve personally received weekly distress calls and email from hundreds of women across the country who have had similar or worse experiences during their driver training. In just the past two years, distress calls to our organization have INCREASED at an alarming rate. SEPERATING GENDERS IS NOT THE ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM SINCE WOMEN HAVE REPORTED BEING ASSAULTED BY WOMEN BOTH PHYSICALLY AND SEXUALLY! The solution to this issue begins with removing rapists and harassers from truck driver training fleets along with the enablers that allow them to thrive. The FMCSA is directly responsible for overseeing entry-level truck driver training programs and they have blatantly ignored this issue long enough. No more paper tiger advisory committees and comment collections that deliver nothing and end up appointing known industry enablers to oversee the issues in these training fleets. Please sign this petition from the REAL Women in Trucking to call on the FMCSA to take immediate action.
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