• $15 by 2021, 17$ by 2023 for Starbucks Partners in Orange County, California
    California is steadily raising the minimum, with it set to reach $15 an hour by January 1st of 2022 (at least for large corporations, like Starbucks). Los Angeles County is raising their minimum even faster, with it set to reach $15 by July 1st of this year. It’s expensive to live in Los Angeles County - and they need the wage increase fast. However, it’s even more expensive to live in Orange County and we aren’t due to see $15 until the rest of the state gets it in 2023. The trouble is that even if at a wage of $15 right now, many of us would still be below state definitions of poverty for our county. We need the raise to $15 by 2021, and we need the $17 an hour that will finally put us out of poverty by at least 2023. At $15 an hour and 30 hours a week, an Orange County Starbucks partner that is single earner would currently still be $1,500 dollars below the Extreme Low Income line as defined by the California Department of Housing and Community Development, a line that the agency considers equal to poverty (the majority of successful applications for section 8 housing in California come from people making less than this limit). In 2023, only accounting for inflation, this difference will be even more significant. In 2023 a Orange County Starbucks partner will need to make at least $17 an hour to be just outside the Extreme Low Income limit. Why are we using a single household earner at thirty hours for our numbers? Because this represents the 'worst off' possible newly hired partner. This is a partner trying to support just themselves, and trying to get as many hours as they can in a new store. This is a partner trying to get through college while working. This is a single parent trying their best to pay the bills and take care of their child. It is this petition's stance that Starbucks should guarantee that even our 'worst off' partners are paid enough to be above the state’s official definitions of poverty. In Orange County, we don't have the minimum wage we need, or the path to one. We ask that Starbucks lead the way.
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    Created by Brandi Flickinger
  • Allow Colorful Hair and Tattoos at Cinemark
    Most of the employees at Cinemark are young; either in high school or college. This is a critical point in life to experiment with your appearance, but Cinemark is very conservative and allows no such thing. Many have meaningful tattoos and have to cover them up with a long sleeve shirts under their work shirt. In many cases, this makes them sweaty and tired from the extra heat, and oil and drinks splash onto the sleeves, leaving them wet. As for creative hair, more and more employers are realizing you can be professional with green or pink hair. The attitude matters, not the hair. Dress code itself is also limiting, only allowing an entirely black wardrobe down to the socks, often requiring employees to spend a decent amount of money on clothing they will only wear at work, including shoes. Freedom of expression will make employees happier and more productive at work, resulting in everyone being more satisfied all around.
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    Created by Emilia Toczylowska
  • Higher wages and paid sick leave for Walmart employees
    Spending spurs an economy. Buying power is important in a capital based society. Walmart is behind in how it treats its employees. We are taught that Walmart is a family business and values its workers. We want this to be shown in how we are paid. Sam Walton felt it was important to treat your workers like family. We feel like his legacy should be supported in his passing. Paid sick days is important because it is impossible to expect a person to work 40+ hours a week and not get sick . We are humans and all humans should be afforded certain safety nets. Paid sick days are needed to ensure that worker health and public health is adequately cared for.
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    Created by Diallo Burke
  • Tesla Motors Base Pay Increase
    We all love Tesla and want to see the company do well but we need to be able to take care of ourselves as well. We have been told to be scrappy while watching our wages diminish, our work load increase, and continuous promises of a better future if we push though now. This future will not come at Tesla if we do not fight for it. The company is doing exceedingly well with stocks and sales but the amount we make has decreased. Our VPS' and TA's do not make a living wage and we are fighting to breathe life into a company that is not doing the same for us. We love Tesla and our teammates. Even though it is hard to fight for ourselves let's do our best to fight for each other. Tesla will be great and make a real change in this world but only if we hold it to what is right. Please join me in signing this petition and helping Tesla become sustainable not only in our products but how we treat our people. Let's dare to do more and be more.
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  • Fix the AC at H&M #463 in Parkdale mall
    H&M drives business to this mall. Our customers expect better. Our employees deserve better. Our routines in store have shifted entirely because a large portion of our Back Of House is unusable due to the heat. We are simply asking for a return to normalcy.
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  • All We Wanted for Christmas (and still want in 2020) is a Correct Paycheck.
    We've had nurses on maternity or sick leave receive no pay. We've had staff missing thousands of dollars of wages, accumulated over multiple paychecks with multiple errors, who took months to be reimbursed. Some nurses and staff are still working to correct their pay, and there are new issues each pay cycle. Managers are being obligated to fix pay versus dealing with issues on their unit. The payroll department is offsite from each hospital and have taken weeks to get back to local HR about pay problems. This situation is untenable and deserves to be spotlighted. My name is Adam P. Witt and I'm an emergency department nurse at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ and President of HPAE Local 5058. I write this along with Anna Pona, interventional radiology and cath lab nurse at Southern Ocean Medical Center and President of HPAE Local 5138, Lorna "Mickie" Miquiabas, same day recovery nurse at Palisades Medical Center and President of HPAE Local 5030, and Sandra White, certified nurse assistant at The Harborage, and President of HPAE Local 5097. We stand with one another and will all staff throughout the hospital system on this very important issue.
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  • Hey Google: Stop Retaliation and Scare Tactics Against Workers
    If Google can't be trusted to support workers who speak out against illegal and unethical activities at the company, how can it be trusted to hold the world's information in a responsible, unbiased, and ethical way? Illegal retaliation also hurts us all in promoting homogeneous workplaces, which stifles workplace inclusivity and diversity.
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  • Sprouts Farmers Market is Good for Customers Terrible for Workers
    Sprouts Farmers Market is unusual that it offers healthy food for relatively low cost, setting itself a part from the larger organic grocery outlets like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. What Sprouts fails at is loyalty to their lowest paid hourly staff. With the larger grocers, employees are protected by unions and practices that ensure a better working atmosphere and better hours. Sprouts Farmers Market is focused on growth. While there are opportunities for employees to take advantage of health insurance as part-time workers, very few are given the hours to pay for health benefits, much less pay their bills. There are employees that have worked for Sprouts Farmers Market for two years or more that are scheduled 8 hours a week. There is next to no assurance of hours on a weekly basis. Hourly employees are subject to hap-hazard schedules. In California cost of living is sky high. As an hourly worker at Sprouts Farmers Market it's a joke to believe that you can get enough hours to live on or pay your bills because of hours are unpredictable week to week. Sprouts Farmers Market experiences very high turnover. Employees quit their jobs because they do not feel valued. This feeling of being undervalued stretches across pay scales and allocated hours. Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the very best of the best for its customers, and one of the very worst work environments, with morale that's consistently low. This must change. Sprouts Farmers Market averages a 2.9 rating out of 5 via Glassdoor. Most of the company reviews center around communication of executive staff, scattered scheduling and poor wages.
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  • Change the Long Hours Culture at WeWork
    Anonymous testimony from WeWork employees in the UK points to an unhealthy and unproductive long hours culture. Employees describe having no work life balance, with work days of 14 hours or more regularly bookended with mandatory out of hours events. Workers should be consulted on when they work, for how long and how many out of hours events they need to attend. This would improve employees’ work-life balance and help to enable a happier and more productive workforce – good news for WeWork and those who work for it. We are calling for WeWork to listen to its employees and end its culture of long hours.
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    Created by Henry Skewes
  • Amazon, give all part-time warehouse workers Paid Time Off
    Amazon is denying DSM1 warehouse workers the same benefits given to regular part-time employees. According to our own employee handbook, regular part time Amazon employees working 20-29 hours a week receive a minimum of 12 paid days off a year in accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) and Paid Floating Holidays. At DSM1, we receive 0 paid days off a year. We believe that DSM1 workers should get the same benefits for working the same number of hours as other Amazonians. To make this point, Amazonians United Sacramento (AUS) collected a petition signed by 218 co-workers demanding we receive PTO. We turned that petition in on December 1st 2019 and in response Amazon management has refused to acknowledge receipt of the petition, refused to meet with AUS, and told us we have to transfer jobs to get PTO. We're not going to let Amazon dodge the real issue. The fact is that Amazon is a trillion dollar company run by the richest man in the world and they intentionally give all class q part-time workers less benefits than regular part-time workers so that they grow the company at our expense. We've had enough. Paid Time Off is not an individual issue but one that affects all employees at DSM1 and across the Amazon Logistics network. Most DSM1 workers have second jobs, childcare responsibilities, or elder care responsibilities that prevent us from transferring jobs to get the benefits we already deserve. For this reason, ensuring equitable PTO benefits to employees cannot be handled through individual meetings, job transfers, or supposedly "open communication." Resolving this issue requires that Amazon management meet with DSM1 workers as a organized group. Please sign this petition if you believe that Amazon management should meet with AUS representatives about PTO and that Amazon should give all of its part-time workers PTO.
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  • End Bullying and Harassment in the Beauty Industry
    Working in the beauty industry is not as glamorous as you may think. Recently the BBC* highlighted that one in 60 people work in the beauty industry, and many face bullying and harassment. Many, like those featured on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements meaning they can't speak out after already going through the ordeal of facing bullying and/or harassment at work. We need your voice to make the case for beauty industry workers to be protected from bullying and harassment in the workplace. Sign the petition now. *Victoria Derbyshire Show (27/11/2019)
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    Created by Henry Skewes
  • H&M workers deserve good schedules and free speech in the workplace without retaliation
    In August 2019, H&M management terminated sales associate Nick Gallant after he began exposing safety violations in the workplace and started educating his co-workers on their rights under the new fair work week laws in San Francisco and Emeryville, California. That’s why we need you to sign this petition and call on H&M to Bring Nick Back, to stop retaliating against workers, and to give all California H&M associates a Fair Workweek. **United for Respect (UFR) is a national non-profit organization. UFR is a multiracial movement of working people throughout the U.S. advancing a vision of an economy where our work is respected and our humanity recognized. UFR is not a labor union and does not intend or seek to represent retail employees over terms and conditions of employment, or to bargain with retail employers.
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