• #ThePriceOfRetail for workers during the holidays
    For an industry that brings in $250 billion dollars in profits in NYS/NYC each year, there is plenty to go around and the successes of the industry should translate to greater flexibility and share of the profits by the workers. With your support, we can bring these issues to our city and state lawmakers and show employers that their consumer base wants them to do the right thing by their workers.
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  • Random job lost
    Lives we’re effected
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  • Employees deserve severance pay
    It's not right that the rich corporate just shut down businesses without warning and putting so many people without jobs. This is an issue that's been going on for so long and there has to be an end to this. It's before the holidays and people are out of work in a time where right now jobs are hard to find. While the corporate people are sitting comfortable cutting peoples' jobs, the people he cut out of jobs are worrying about how they're going to feed their families, pay their bills, live. Justice is due.
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  • Boycott REI: Wages & Hours Matter, We Matter!
    REI’s CEO, Jerry Stritzke, and the Board of Directors are well aware of our hardships, which we have voiced as loud as we can. Collectively, we have faced: homelessness, medical debt, having to rely on food stamps to feed ourselves, even selling our plasma so we can pay the rent, and living off of credit cards. REI’s leadership has known about our struggles for years, and yet they have no plans to make any meaningful investments in their dedicated retail workforce, also known as REI’s Green Vests.  Amazon, Whole Foods, and Target have committed to a $15/hour starting wage and the retail workers of #OptOutside are asking our co-op to do the same. On average we start at a little over $10/hour and in some regions under $10/hour. Help us hold REI accountable to the values it was founded on. BOYCOTT our beloved co-op until our leadership announces a $15/hour store-wide wage increase, more full-time opportunities for regular sales associates, and more hours for every retail worker, so we can all make ends meet. We would like to stress that a living wage increase alone is not sufficient. Payroll cutbacks have plagued our work culture and they would become more drastic. It is essential that our leadership commit to a scheduling policy that offers us more full-time opportunity, which would ensure that a broader number of store employees receive guaranteed health benefits and a retirement plan. It is also imperative that REI commits to giving its green vests more hours overall, because too many of us are scheduled so few hours that we are struggling to survive our jobs. Stand by REI’s extraordinary retail workforce. If thousands of REI members and outdoors lovers sign in support of this petition, it will make a difference. Your voices will be heard! REI will do right by us if this petition amasses thousands of supporters. Help us to continue doing what we love doing best — educating and outfitting you all for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. Gift us a campfire story like no other. Wages matter, hours matter, we matter!
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  • Equal treatment for Contractors at Apple
    We all deserve to be treated equally, whether no matter your gender, age, wherever you come from and more importantly: no matter what your employee status is.
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  • STOP Retaliation and harassment in Comcast NOW!
    Experiencing high levels of harassment and retaliation after filing any complaint in good faith is unacceptable by any company. After filing multiple complaints with management, I've been faced with retaliation or justification for any injustice done by staff, management and HR Comcast needs to enforce its Anti-Retalition policy, zero workplace violence policy and harassment policies. Employees should feel safe to follow Comcast's Open door policy without the fear of retaliation or the loss of pay.
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  • Marriott: live up to your values, expand your paid family leave policy!
    My name is Malissa and I work for Marriott at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. My husband and I want to start a family, but we are delaying because the paid family leave that I get from Marriott is not enough for us to care for a new baby and make ends meet. One of Marriott’s core values is “take care of associates and they will take care of the customers,” but my coworkers and I don’t feel like we are taken care of well enough. They only offer two weeks of paid parental leave, plus half-pay of disability leave for childbirth recovery. No one can afford to start a family on that! That's why I started a petition asking Marriott to expand their paid family leave policy. Join me in asking Marriott to expand their paid family leave policy. Marriott became the number one hotel company in the world since they merged with Starwood properties, but it's pathetic that a company can hold such a high rank in the world and only offer two weeks paid parental leave. My husband and I delayed starting a family this year because we could not afford to miss work. Now we are worried we may have to delay starting a family another year for the same reason. I like my job, but I am now considering the possibility of leaving Marriott for a company with a better-paid family leave policy. Join me in asking Marriott to live up to its values and expand their paid family leave policy. Let's show them that employees and customers care so they can improve their paid family leave policy.
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  • Free the ponytail
    Men just passed a petition to allow them to grow a beard at Publix, yet girls get told they have to keep theirs up for food safety reasons. Why do guys get the freedom to grow facial hair and yet girls are still stuck in the “old ways”. What ever happened to equal opportunity?
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    Created by Madison Stiles
  • YGC - Working from Home
    Enacting the ability for members to work from home for a consistent [up to] two days per week would: -Increase employee work/life balance -Allow for more flexibility for members with health complications that aren't optimal for the office but are manageable at home while working, personal/family issues like parents' conflicting work schedules, etc. -Boost employee morale (because they wouldn't have to spend hours in traffic every day, employee transportation expenses would lessen, employees would save time, money, and stress levels, etc.) -Significant boost in productivity due to lack of stressful commute, immediate accessibility to work via laptop, better concentration for those with a home office, and all of which helps workers perform a full (or more) work day as proven by many studies such as "A 2-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home" reported by INC. on April 2, 2018 Our fellow Yamaha teams are already exercising this option (i.e. HR, Marine, Watercraft, etc.). Let's get our YGC team to start enjoying the same productivity benefits that working from home has proven for others?
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  • Uber and Lyft: Give Drivers a Voice
    “When Uber deactivated me, I had been driving for them for 2 years. One day, I woke up and couldn’t log in to the app. Uber deactivated me because of a glitch in their system. In my case, the deactivation was Uber’s fault, but drivers get unfairly deactivated every day for all sorts of reasons. Uber kept me out of work for 3 weeks and I fell behind on my car payment. A car payment that I was making to Uber, because I had been leasing a car from them for 18 months. Once my account was reactivated, I worked 12-13 hours a day to catch up on my car payment. It didn’t matter. Uber repossessed my car - taking the thing that I rely on to make a living and something that I was leasing from them. Even though I’ve been reactivated, I live in constant fear that I could be deactivated again for some unknown reason. We shouldn't have to live like this.” -Eleisha R. Every day, Uber and Lyft drivers work under a constant fear of having their accounts deactivated. Deactivation is the equivalent of an immediate firing. Drivers are frequently deactivated with little to no warning, and they are often given no explanation of why they were deactivated, or how they can remedy the situation. The constant threat of termination, in addition to limited opportunity for recourse, means drivers are constantly in a state of fear. Drivers’ stability at work is entirely out of their hands. Instead, their future is decided by the whims of passengers and the companies. It is almost impossible for drivers to advocate for themselves once deactivated, or to fight for reactivation. If you aren't an Uber or Lyft driver, can you imagine working in these conditions? There are numerous things that trigger deactivations including car accidents, background checks, passenger complaints and driver personal safety concerns. Clear policies on why deactivations occur must be developed for each of these issues and more. Drivers need a voice at Uber and Lyft in shaping these policies to better protect both drivers and passengers alike. Drivers deserve a seat at the table. Gig Workers Rising has decided that it is time to take action against Uber and Lyft’s unfair deactivation practices and the devastating impacts they have on drivers. This petition will be delivered in person to Uber and Lyft by drivers. Join us by taking action and signing our petition.
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  • New York Cable System Worker Cooperative
    Corporations like Spectrum keep taking more and more away from us as they leverage our future for their profit. 1800 men and women who have worked 40 years of their life toward the American dream are on strike battling for almost 2 years against Spectrum as they try to destroy that dream. They are using our jobs to tear apart our families, our friendships, our homes, our entire lives. They could care less about us, the government, elected officials, or the customers. We deserve better than this. We will show them just how much better. We will take over the business we spent 40 years building and run it without them. This task is to large for any one man to handle but together we will replace the only real problem; Spectrum. We have the power and opportunity to do it. All we have to do is take advantage of the opportunity right in front of us. We may never have a chance like this again.
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  • End unpaid internships and unfair compensation practices
    We, as progressives, believe in workers rights. Yet all too often, non profit organizations, political campaigns, for profit companies, and political organizations post jobs that either are unpaid internships or that pay workers as independent contractors instead of employees -- which means the worker is responsible for 100% of the taxes on their compensation and 100% responsible for benefits they would have otherwise received as an employee. Research from Pay Our Interns show that unpaid internships effectively block the point of entry for college students who cannot afford to work for free to gain experience and that people of color and low-income families are significantly underrepresented. And, once the Democratic National Committee started paying their interns, the share of people of color in the program leapt from 18% to 42%. And from my personal experience, I can tell you that in my twenties, I was paid for a number of years as an independent contractor instead of an employee. When I was hired for these positions, I figured I would hired as I had been previously - as an employee. And wow was I shocked when tax day came and I owed 30% of my earnings plus penalties for not filing quarterly estimated taxes. I didn't know taxes were not being withheld -- and I actually had to set up an installment agreement with the IRS. And of course, I didn't have health insurance during those years or any type of benefits. These practices are unfair to workers across the United States. We can't stop employers from being greedy (oh how we've tried!) -- but we can get these progressive job boards to stop posting unpaid internships and to only post jobs which are paid as employees (W2, not 1099), which will cut of the pipeline of applicants to employers who aren't willing to pay their fair share. By cutting off their supply of applicants, I believe we can force non profit organizations and for profit companies to do the right thing, pay their interns a living wage, and to pay their fair share of taxes and benefits.
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