• Target Workers Demand Hazard Pay - T2212
    Both the New York Times and ProPublica have written about the impact of COVID-19, reporting that in states where Black communities make up only a relatively small portion of the population, nearly half — if not majority — of all COVID-19 deaths are members of the Black community. Given that T2212 is located in a primarily working class, Black community, Target is responsible for the protection of both its employees and the community that it serves. If Target is truly dedicated to racial equality, then it must provide a minimum of $2 hazard pay to mitigate the extreme risk that its essential workers face on a daily basis at this location.
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  • Support Meadow Park Workers!
    Workers at Meadow Park in St. Helens have been trying to get management to have their COVID risk taken seriously. Now there is a substantial COVID outbreak affecting both workers and residents.
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    Created by Cole Richardson
  • Stand with Bookshop Santa Cruz Workers as they Organize a Union!
    Bookshop Santa Cruz workers, who are not currently offered health insurance by their employer, have concerns about the management’s inconsistent communication regarding health and safety at the store, as well as concerns about the rising cost of living in Santa Cruz and the sustainability of the store. The workers want job security, an option for healthcare, and additional employee support systems. The workers’ organizing committee says, “We felt we could garner greater support as a collective rather than as individuals. 2020 has been a difficult year for small businesses everywhere and we hope to collaborate with management to create a sustainable path forward for one of the only independent bookstores in the area.”
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  • Protect frontline employees at Industrious co-working spaces
    We continue to put ourselves at risk each day because we are committed to our jobs and we care about our members. We deserve to feel safe and comfortable at work.
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  • No Holiday Work at Carvana!
    The last few years Carvana has shown us that we are not important or of concern to them...numbers are. We have seen this through their point system where you get pointed if you get in an accident before work or if you’re terribly sick at work and management sends us home. Recently, they have forced the night shift to work into major holidays: Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas. This stops us from being able to spend time with our families which should be number one with any company. Since headquarters refuses to care and make us wait until a week before the holiday to make a schedule, we need to let them know that enough is enough. Night shift should have their own schedule and it should be delivered to us at the beginning of the year.
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    Created by Cherrelle Townsend
  • NACCHO management: recognize our union!
    For years staff at the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) have been frustrated with the lack of transparency, inconsistencies in policies and procedures, and disparities in job responsibilities, salaries, and hours across like positions from management. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated our frustration. At this time, an overwhelming majority of staff at NACCHO have decided to form a union with the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 2. We believe that increasing opportunities for staff input in decision-making, open and transparent communication between employees and management, and acknowledging the importance of racial and ethnic equity across the organization will ensure that staff, and thus NACCHO, will be able to harness our full potential and advance our mission together. By agreeing to voluntarily recognize our union, Management at NACCHO can demonstrate with meaningful concrete action to our staff, the members we serve in nearly 3000 local health departments, and the public health community as a whole that NACCHO is an organization where staff are respected, valued, and encouraged to stay and work into the long future. We ask that you join us in asking CEO Lori Tremmel Freeman and the NACCHO Management team to respect the wishes of NACCHO staff by voluntarily recognizing our union by signing our petition!
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  • Food service workers deserve better! We work hard to feed ESU students. Honor our contract!
    We are the hardworking men and women who feed students day-in and day-out at East Stroudsburg University. We recently negotiated a union contract that ensures we are paid fairly, treated with respect and provided with benefits that help us take care of our families. We can't allow these protections to be threatened by the PA State System of Higher Education's (PASSHE) merger of the food service operations at ESU with those at Bloomsburg University, Lock Haven University, Kutztown University, Cheyney University, Mansfield University and potentially Millersville University. Starting next academic year (2021-22), one food service contractor will feed students at all six campuses under one agreement. Food service companies have submitted their bids now. The winning company will be chosen this winter. We call on Interim President Long and Chancellor Greenstein to demand that the winning company honor our existing union contract as well as the contracts of our union brothers and sisters at Lock Haven, Bloomsburg, Millersville, Cheyney and Mansfield. The winning company should also grant workers at Kutztown University a fair process for joining a union so that they too can negotiate for fair wages, benefits and working conditions. We are prepared to take action if this arrangement threatens our union contract. We are well aware of how unfairly many nonunion food service workers are treated and how poorly they are compensated. We will do whatever it takes to preserve the fair treatment, pay and respect we have fought for!
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    Created by PASSHE Dining Workers United for Dignity
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  • Increase base pay & offer hazard pay to gig workers. Company profits must be transparent.
    No one should profit from the pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic all incentives and bonuses that had been offered regularly prior to the virus disappeared while business for these companies dramatically increased. These companies should not be allowed to exploit workers by consistently excusing themselves from any responsibility to these workers via the "independent contractor" classification.
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    Created by Xio Vargas
  • Pay Us What You Owe Us, C2 Logistics!
    *11/10 IMPORTANT UPDATE* there has been another wave of workers that have not been paid on a site in Kansas. C2 has backed out of the contract and left workers in a bind where they either had to go home or transfer to woods construction, who C2 made a deal with. going on 30 days and over 150 people have not been paid. some workers are even sleeping in their cars trying to hold out on the job while waiting for a check. C2 Logistics solutions has gotten away with wage theft and unjust firings for too long now! They have lied to and ripped off working families across the country! Most recently they withheld tens of thousands of dollars from over 75 families by not paying workers on time or only paying part of what was owed. Some workers were not paid for 4 weeks and are still waiting on money owed. All while working in often unsafe conditions without proper permits and inspections!
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  • NBCUniversal: pay the migrant workers making your products in Thailand!
    NBCUniversal has a responsibility to ensure workers’ rights are respected in their supply chains. They must ensure we receive all the money we are owed for making their products, and their profits. The Mae Sot region of Thailand is known to be 'a black hole' in the Thai garment industry, where labour rights violations are common place, and factories routinely take advantage of visa dependent migrant workers. If we win, this can set an important precedent for the future – that brands can’t just walk away, proving the power of collective worker action and global solidarity to ensure justice, even in the darkest corners of the garment industry.
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    Created by Mirjam van Heugten
  • Home Chef overworking, underpaying, and discriminating
    Employees working in this company are being overlooked, discriminated, underpaid and overworked to the point where individuals get unhealthy. Employees no longer feel valued & get wrongfully terminated. Not a safe work environment.
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