• Don't Let Law Firms Hide Harassment and Discrimination
    We believe these contracts are harmful because they shift claims related to mistreatment at work, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, or denials of family leave, out of court and into secretive proceedings that often unfairly favor the employer. Students who are expected to sign these agreements may have no notice of these policies until after they have accepted their offers. As a result, they have no meaningful power to negotiate these terms or seek alternative employment. NALP is uniquely positioned to gather and distribute this information to law students. We hope that NALP will use its influence to collect and disseminate this information, which is critical to us as we make important decisions about our futures. Specifically, we urge NALP to adopt the following questions: 1: Does your firm require any employees (including summer associates, first-year associates, paralegals, or other non-lawyer staff) to sign a mandatory arbitration contract, regarding certain or any types of disputes, as a condition of employment? 2: If yes, does this mandatory arbitration agreement include a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement which encompasses workplace misconduct? As the dominant organization in legal recruiting and career development, NALP’s leadership in this matter can effect meaningful change because it will empower students to make career choices that align more closely with their values. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this issue.
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  • Stop using my tip as money guaranteed
    Because they don't offer any help with car repairs and only give a 1 dollar for gas per order, even if it is 12 miles away. It's not fair. I'm doing all the work and they get to use my own tip money for their guaranteed pay.
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  • Let Starbuck employees wear acrylics/ paint nails
    This is important because I have spoken to many partners who feel the same way and haven’t been able to voice their feelings. It is a form of self expression and the rule has prevented many people from wanting working there. In 2019, society has very much advocated for self expression and Starbucks has good values already, but allowing this would further more support that.
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  • Stop WCCUSD Graduate Tutor Cuts!
    Graduate Tutors work closely with English Learner and Newcomer students — students who have recently arrived in the United States from another country. Cutting Graduate Tutor jobs would have a devastating impact on individual student achievement and would eliminate one of the only safety nets this demographic, and the other students who receive additional academic support from Graduate Tutors can consistently rely on for individualized, small group support. One thing is very clear: Without graduate tutors, students, parents, teachers — everyone loses. ¿Porque es importante? Los tutores graduados trabajan en estrecha colaboración con estudiantes de inglés, estudiantes nuevas a la comunidad, y estudiantes que han llegado recientemente a los Estados Unidos desde otro país. Recortar trabajos de tutores graduados tendría un impacto devastador en el rendimiento individual de los estudiantes y eliminaría una de las únicas redes de seguridad de este grupo demográfico, y otros estudiantes que reciben apoyo académico adicional de los tutores graduados que hoy en día pueden contar con el apoyo individualizado en grupos pequeños. Una cosa está muy clara: sin tutores graduados, estudiantes, padres, maestros: todos pierden.
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  • Support PSAV Riggers
    PSAV is a company that runs the audio-visual services at hotels and other venues across the country. In the Washington, DC area, they make sure guests can conduct their presentations at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, the Marriott Marquis, and the Trump International Hotel, among many others. Recently, PSAV’s rigging employees in DC, who do the hard and often dangerous work of building truss and structures for presentations at the hotels and convention centers, decided to join together in union and be represented by IATSE Local 22. At every turn PSAV has objected to their union, even going as far as to attempt to halt their lawful National Labor Relations Board election. Joining together with your co-workers to organize a union is a fundamental right recognized in U.S. labor law. It’s even affirmed in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Tell PSAV to STOP interfering with workers’ rights, and to recognize the employees’ decision to speak up together. PSAV must negotiate a fair contract that raises workers’ wages, provides health care and other essential benefits, and protects their safety. The conference industry is an important part of our city’s economy. We want to be sure that when people visit our city, they see the best we have to offer, with skilled workers building safe structures for all events at our hotels. Tell PSAV to do the right thing and support their workers’ desire to come together.
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  • Waffle House Servers Allowed to have faux nails with color and design
    It’s important because we get to still be ourselves while working we get great compliments and we keep ourselves up I’m gonna continue to be a black girl who rocks and a server that rocks.
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  • Walmart: Stop Hurting People with Disabilities
    My name is Kathleen Hendricks, I have spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and I’ve worked at Walmart in Texas for 19 years as a greeter. Last year, Walmart raised the lifting requirements for greeter positions and told me I wouldn’t be able to greet anymore. After a series of requests to be moved into a different position, I was finally reassigned to the fitting room where I answered phones, helped customers, and processed returns. After a few months, Walmart started cutting my hours. Eventually, my manager stopped putting me on the schedule altogether because I can’t climb a ladder with my wheelchair. I loved my job at Walmart. I don’t know what I’m going to do to find another one after almost two decades. It feels like Walmart doesn’t want me – or any other employees with disabilities –at the store anymore. Unfortunately, my story is not unique. This is happening to associates with disabilities like me all across the country — we’re being pushed out of our jobs. Join me and sign this petition.
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  • Waffle House facial hair
    This is important to some men because some does not like to be clean shaven or have only a mustache facial hair should be our right as Americans in the work place as long as it is neatly taken care of this issue has been a problem for years just no one has stepped up to speak out
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  • Darden: We need 2 weeks notice of our schedule, not 4 days.
    Some cities and states have already passed legislation requiring large food and retail corporations to have better scheduling practices. The main parts of these laws are: -Advanced notice of our schedules -Additional compensation for when our schedules get changed after they’re posted -The right to have input in our schedules for better flexibility -Access to more hours for those that want them -The right to rest between closing and opening shifts Where these laws exist, Darden is already following them! With these laws, shift swaps between employees and requests made by employees would still work the way they do now, and Darden already has software that lets us do this. There’s no reason they can’t follow these basic things to give us more stability and flexibility to live our lives, whether that’s taking care of kids, going to college, or anything else. Please sign the petition to demand that Darden implement secure schedules in ALL of their restaurants!
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  • Fire Activision CEO Bobby Kotick for pocketing millions while laying off 800 workers
    The 800 workers who helped with community management, marketing games, running eSports, legal, and so much more are all far more valuable than the CEO. When making the decision to cut someone from Activision we'd choose to #FireBobbyKotick every time. Bobby Kotick has been raking in $30 million dollars a year as Activision CEO, that massive income doesn't come from nowhere. It comes from the labor of his employees. Kotick's wealth is built from the stolen wages of his workers. [1] Activision, under Kotick's leadership, gave a $15 million dollar bonus to the CFO *just for changing his job title* then they have the gall to turn around and lay off 800 workers just days later? [2] It's disgusting to hear Kotick boasting about record revenue for the company then announcing an 8% staffing cut in the next breath. Kotick was especially proud to announce the 9% bump to stockholder values. That 9% comes from our labor. [3] Please sign this petition in solidarity and send a message to Activision Blizzard's c-suite that we won't let their greed ruin the games we love and uproot the lives of workers anymore! Sources: 1. https://kotaku.com/activisions-ceo-made-28-6-million-last-year-300-times-1825715966 2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-04/activision-gives-15-million-sweetener-to-new-cfo-dennis-durkin 3. https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/yw83kg/activision-blizzard-reports-record-revenue-as-they-fuck-over-800-employees
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  • Provide certainty for EU and non-EU staff and cover all employment-related immigration costs
    As a global university, Birmingham UCU believes the University of Birmingham should be doing more to support EU and non-EU staff. Providing financial support to current and prospective EU and non-EU staff will reduce the financial burden and worry they face and ensure the University of Birmingham remains an attractive and welcoming global institution.
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  • Don't Let Workers Get Priced Out of Ferndale
    A recent measure passed by City Council will double the rates of downtown parking. Workers who live paycheck to paycheck will have to seek better paying jobs or they will be forced to park further into the neighborhoods. It is unsafe for workers to be walking through unlit neighborhoods in the middle of the night; it is unsustainable for business owners to have high rates of staff turnover due to doubled parking expenses for workers; it is unfair for residents to have to compete for street parking with displaced workers. A $0.75 wage increase would offset these new parking fees and income taxes for downtown workers and help sustain our community.
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