• Corporate Communication
    It will give our employees a sense of safety and know that corporate cares.
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    Created by Lucas Schwartz
  • Top Hundred Companies to Work For?
    This is important to all your employees not only to help them financially but to also show them you do care, because we are all in this together!
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    Created by Denise Burger
  • Suspend Costa business until further notice, due to the Coronavirus
    The Coronavirus pandemic has already forced many businesses to close for their customers safety and their staffs safety. Despite the government offering to pay 80% of people’s wages Costa Coffee has refused to close its sites. Staff members should not have to be exposed to potential life threatening illness when the government is so willing and able to help people avoid it.
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    Created by James James
  • Paid sick leave without being charged
    We are being forced to use our earned time off during a national crisis that is no fault of our own. We should receive paid time off and not have to use our personal time.
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    Created by Anthony X
  • Part Time Live Nation Hourly Employees need financial help!
    Some of us love what we do and count on this for our income. We would love to continue working here after everything is done and over with but we have to survive it first. Please help us so we can continue doing what we love when things get back to normal.
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  • Keep workers safe and pay them sick pay
    My son works for one and he said they dont get sick pay and he cant wear rubber gloves cause he has to keep removing them and hes a single dad with a toddler at home in his sole care. All these delivery companies need to do way more to protect their employees. Not only are they putting them and their families at home at risk but they are also putting their customers at risk. And Starbucks should definitely shut down!
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    Created by Kathleen DiOrio
  • Make GameStop close give employees paid sick time
    I really shouldn't have to explain this I mean come on we all know GameStop isn't really essential it should shut down for the Coronavirus.
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    Created by Josiah Hill Picture
  • Target is not a essential store.
    I say this is crucial because you do not know who has this deathly virus. Sure, you can wear PPE gear (personal protective equipment) but, that may not stop you from still using that same glove to wipe your nose with that you instantly forgot could be contaminated. Of course, keep your safe distance, 6 feet from person to person contact--that will not keep you virus safe as no one knows who has it and they do not need to stay home as no one is watching them to do. Especially new families with infants and elderly to keep safe.
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    Created by Ant Z
  • Close Dunkin during pandemic. Pay employees
    This is our health and money for big corporations is being put ahead of that. It is not a necessity to be open during times like these.
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    Created by Brittnee Stoilov
  • Temporarily Close Dunkin’ Due to Coronavirus
    DUNKIN’ IS NOT AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS. We, as well as our customers, most of whom are elderly, deserve to be protected from the Coronavirus. We are transmitting germs everyday by serving each customer that comes through the drive thru or comes in for takeout. This is not okay and Dunkin should shut down all locations ASAP.
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    Created by Katerina Werth
  • Shut it down
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    Created by James Smith
  • Risking employees health for profit
    Closing the sales department, during this pandemic of the coronavirus is crucial. The virus itself is airborne, and although washing your hands frequently, and disinfecting the store is helpful, that won’t prevent the spread of said virus. Both customers AND employees are at risk of catching and spreading the virus. At this point in time, there is no way to know who has the coronavirus, due to the limited number of tests. Suspending all business hours, until further notice, WHILE continuing to pay all workers, would be beneficial to both customers & employees. Employees and Customers can display no symptoms, while still being able to transmit the virus to others. Instead of waiting until an employee has been exposed or catch the virus, closing all stores would prevent anyone from getting the virus. At this current time, employees are on the frontlines, potentially being exposed and spreading the virus, unknowingly. The moral thing to do, would be to suspend business, while paying employees, until there is a grip on the virus.
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    Created by John Lewis