• Let me get my nails done
    Starbucks has always strived on allowing partners to express themselves in many ways. In previous years they have allowed for your hair to be colored however you choose and the change in dress code has allowed for partners to express themselves through their clothing. We are petitioning for Starbucks to change the rules on nails because it is a way for everyone to feel good about themselves and exude confidence while at work. With the change in nail products there is an extremely slim chance that you would run into the issue of nail polish chipping or nails breaking.
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    Created by Sherry Karimi
  • Let your employees show their tattoos
    This is important because not only will the employees feel more comfortable at work. They will feel better that their employers accepts them for who they are. This confidence instilled will trickle down to the clients! Also covering up tattoos on the sales floor creates an awkward environment in the middle of the hot summer, and sweating profusely in front of the client.
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    Created by Anthony Williams
  • Acyrylic nails
    Because we I feel like a woman should b able to feel pretty while in work place or o jus feel like we can use that kind of pampering. Every other resteraunt allows the girls to wear nails
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    Created by Sarah coleman
  • Let men have long hair
    These policies are out dated, and archaic. They stem from the 1930s when Publix was originally founded. The social norm of the era was that it was considered polite for men to be well groomed with hair above the ear and not touching their collar. However this is 2018 and society has changed. We shouldn't have to abide by the social norms of 88 years ago in order to keep our jobs.
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    Created by Brent George
  • Associate hair policy change.
    With recent change in beard policy, it should finally be time to review other outdated policies in regards to how associates maintain their own hair appearances. Providing that we can still maintain the same level of sanitation in personal appearance and in store operations, the individual associate should be able to choose the way they wish to wear their hair. The beard policy change has been a positive change and we believe that this will also be a positive change for both associates and the company.
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    Created by Theodore Weiner
  • G4S Security let us have NEATLY kept beards
    Because it's self expression and it makes you feel confident and better about yourself. If you want people working for you to do a good job, then make them happy.
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  • Allow facial piercings
    It is important that the associates are allowed to express themselves. We have come a long way as a nation. We used to see tattoos as some taboo form of art. Now they are more widely accepted. Piercings are also becoming more commonplace in the younger generations. Are piercings really much different than a person wearing makeup?
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    Created by Jessica Maguire
  • Allow dollar general employees to dye their hair non-natural colors.
    This is way important because they are basically saying we are not able to express our selves in our own way. They are stopping us from being free to show who we are even if it includes us dying our hair a silly color.
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    Created by Ashley Hauke
  • Facial Hair Policy
    The facial hair policy they currently have is outdated , the culture today isn't the same as it was back when a clean shave was appreciated.
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    Created by Isaac Ramos
  • Starbucks, restricting piercings is keeping your partners from showing their true selves!
    It's simple! Having multiple piercings, whether it may be a septum piercing, eyebrow piercing, or many, many ear piercings, doesn't make our appearance seem criminal, and it does not mean said partner is unapproachable. Customers care about our products and the amazing experience they receive by coming the Starbucks. This WILL NOT be hindered by allowing partners to have more piercings. Please, allow partners the ability to FULLY express themselves. If you agree, give this petition a sign!
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    Created by Alexandra Hasting
  • Allow unnatural hair color at Holiday
    With the changing times, many have become more accepting to unnatural hair color or styles in the workplace.I feel that it is important for employees to express themselves and their character while still being in a uniform. A change in the dress code policy to allow unnatural haircolor would help.
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    Created by Ashley Preston
  • Give us our hands!
    The reason I believe this is important because I care for my hands. I have always used color on my fingers as part of my personality. I accepted this as the part of my job I hate. Which says my job is great! The public sees our hands a lot! But I see so many women express themselves with color. It causes connections in our stores. Imagine how much more connected we can be to have another topic to discuss with our customers.
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    Created by Amanda aguila