Many associates were forced to remove their nose piercings if they wanted to remain employed, which is rather unfortunate and unfair. If appropriate tattoos are allowed to be visible, shouldn't the same go for small nose piercings? Furthermore, a small nose stud piercing should not affect the quality of one's work ethic.
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    Created by Kamiya Kirkpatrick
  • Allow Dollar General Employees to Have Unnatural Colored Hair
    Dollar General prides itself in being inclusive. "Diversity and inclusion at Dollar General means doing our best to make sure the company is a welcoming place for all employees, no matter their backgrounds or personal circumstances, and recognizing the value of having a broad range of perspectives ..." And their dress code was created "in order to convey a positive and professional image to our customers". Yet when it comes to "unnatural hair colors" it is still prohibited. According to a study done in 2008 by Clairol (a leading salon color brand) 75 percent of American women dye their hair and it's been increasing since then. This days it is more acceptable to dye your hair unnatural colors and both males and females of all ages do. So it would be denying a job opportunity to a majority of woman and man just because of old customs since a hair color does not limit a persons ability to perform a great job or give excellent customer service. As long as we keep our uniform clean and offer great customer service, the color of our hair should not matter, we should be included too!
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    Created by Daiannie Vera
  • Allow Pizza Hut Employees to Have Unnatural Colored Hair
    One of things I love about working at Pizza Hut is the out-of-box mentality. We encourage our employees to bring their own creative and unique personalities to the table. To express themselves in their work. I feel this should also apply to the way they choose to present themselves. It is time for Pizza Hut to update their outdated dress code standards to reflect the colorful and unique generation we cater to, and join other food chain giants like Starbucks who have allowed their employees to freely express themselves at work.
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    Created by Anna Cole
  • Let Starbucks Employees Have Unnatural Hair Colour UK and Ireland
    Variety in a workplace is always great! Wouldn't you want to have some red, purple, green, or maybe pink in your hair? From my personal Barista experience I have had countless others be let down by the new code not being taken into action since it was passed last summer within the USA. Countless other Barista roles in other companies (Costa, Nero etc.) have allowed unnatural hair for years, so why shouldn't Starbucks? To keep with the changing times this should be a no-brainer for the company to appeal to it's customers and keep its loyal employees happy and be able to show their uniqueness.
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    Created by Natasha O'Hare
  • We want colored hair at Jimmy John's!
    We asked for tattoos and we got them. Seriously so awesome! However, tattoos are a permanent thing that is stuck with you whether it was in good taste or not. So if we got tattoos, why not hair? Hair is temporary, so why can't we have fun with it!? Our hair is pulled back up into a hat anyway, so hair isn't much of a distraction. I've noticed a lot of Jimmy John's employees have similar edgy style, so I'm almost positive all of our hair colors would have good interest. I'm almost positive that I can get the sandwiches done in 30 seconds, while rocking my dream orange hair do! Bring diversity into the workplace! I love my Jimmy Johns family, but I also wish more than anything that I could express myself through my hair. This could be an amazing thing! It's just hair after all, and it most definitely doesn't define my work ethic or professionalism!
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  • Colored hair at Jimmy Johns
    This is important because a person's hair is an extension of their personality. Most people who work at Jimmy John's are young highschool and college kids. Those are the time meant to figure out who you are and this extends to hair color. Many professions are allowing colored hair include most of the food industry, which Jimmy John's is part of. Please help Jimmy John's employees express themselves with their hair color.
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    Created by Jane Doe Picture
  • Allow body mods at dominos
    Cuz people have tattoos they have to cover like me
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    Created by Alex Ostrander
  • Let Your Employees Show Their Tattoos
    Why is it important? Sleeves get in the way of everything, doesn't matter if we are stocking or helping a customer get their perfect fit. We are your shoe experts and I don't see any other shoe company that I have been into other than Skechers that makes their employees cover up their tattoos. So why treats us differently when we are your experts when we chose your store, your company to work at. One thing I learned from when I worked at Gamestop is that the company is a family. I have that same feeling with Skechers, but why would you force family to cover up something that is who they are when it's not offensive that makes kids smile and that helps connect with the customers so much more? I know with the tattoo policy being looked at and done away with, as long as the tattoos aren't offensive, will being more customers in, will help employee moral, and will help us be over all better. Let us Show our Tattoos
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    Created by Walter Burnie
  • Update PACCAR dress code and shaving policies
    The PACCAR formal dress code and shaving policies are out of step with current workplace norms. By eliminating them, employees will be more comfortable while they work and commute. Certain positions may continue to require a formal appearance, but other companies in our industry were able to make these changes decades ago. This is also true of the shaving requirement for men. Shaving doesn't improve performance or commitment to the company. It doesn't increase truck sales. It prevents employees from being themselves and turns personal grooming habits into a management decision. These easily implemented changes would show that PACCAR is an adaptable business and cares about and respects employees. Please consider making these changes as soon as possible.
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    Created by Chuck Jones
  • Short, natural/neutral colored nails at work while wearing gloves
    This is important because so many of us who work for Starbucks are young, we're college students, we enjoy looking and feeling good. Having our nails done makes us feel good. That's our enjoyment and treat to ourselves after a sometimes stressful day at work.
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    Created by Shardae Vance
  • Blue Jeans at Starbucks
    It really just shouldn't even be an issue at Starbucks - Every other coffee shop allows blue jeans behind the bar - Why not Starbucks?
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    Created by Meghan Cruikshank
  • Allow Chick-Fil-A Employees to Have Beards
    This is important because the mustache only look is not appealing for the guests. Also, beards can be a great look. It's important for the employees to feel good about themselves. Ones level of self-esteem, according to 'Simple Psychology' online, affects how you deal with people and situations. They went on to say, "people with high self-esteem focus on growth and improvement, whereas people with low self-esteem focus on not making mistakes in life."
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    Created by Morgan Fitch