• Change Hair Policy At Walmart
    Hair color is not distracting, nor does it affect work ethic. Employees should be able to do with their hair whatever they please. Being an adult, you should have the option to dye your hair as naturally or unnaturally as you please.
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    Created by Kayla Chambers
  • Publix, let stockers wear uniform black khakis
    Publix expects their lower paid and even underworked stock clerks to wear their Sunday best to work. Their jobs are dirty. Their jobs are hard work. They're not bagging groceries. They're not standing around. They're unloading and reloading trucks in the elements. They're crawling on the floor and cleaning shelves. They're handling dirty boxes. Their clothes already take a beating and Publix wants them to spend a fortune replacing their Sunday best pants every few weeks rather than allowing them to wear black khakis such as Dickies style pants that will take more of a beating than slacks will.
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    Created by Sarah Sidal
  • Allow Domino's team members to have "unnaturally" colored hair.
    Domino's mission statement reads "Exceptional people, all with a shared goal : to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. That's Domino's Pizza's vision.” There is no research article anywhere that has found purple hair to cause a negative impact on professionalism and efficiency in the workplace. Domino's team members are already required to wear a clean Domino's uniform with their shirts tucked in and their hats facing forward. There are also grooming standards in place. If Domino's wants to be the best pizza delivery company in the world, then its going to need the happiest employees in the world, and how happy can they be when they can't all express themselves in any remote way (unless they have tattoos)? Why should any long term team member be threatened to be fired after doing something new with her hair? Why should a long term eployee have to choose between keeping her job or keeping her new fun hair? Hair color will not impact the quality of one's work ethic. So, why should work impact the color of one's hair? Is an exceptional team member suddenly unexceptional the instant his/her hair turns blue? Please sign the petition for freedom of being. Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/people/adwriter/
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    Created by T Ruth
  • Allowance for unnaturally dyed hair at McDonald's
    It is written in the Constitution of the United States that we have the "Freedom of Speech". As a part of that, our appearance speaks a lot of who we are. It is an expression and no one should be sent home or fired because of that.
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    Created by Rayven Goodman
  • Allow Watches & Engagement Rings
    We need to quickly check the time when dating products and to keep track of breaks and punch times, and wearing a watch would be an efficient way to ensure we can always check the time without running to the BOH computer or bothering the partners on register. Engagement rings should be allowed, they are symbolic and important to those who have them, just as wedding bands are.
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    Created by Lauren Ward
  • Change of Dress code
    Because I believe that we are all tired of the dress code....and the color white seems almost redundant since we are constantly getting dirty! When we get to work we do stock, constantly picking up and carrying boxes, as we are always moving. The color white should not even be considered for retail, especially when we spend more money for clothing than the company provides in labor.
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    Created by Laquondra Miles
  • Discount Beards
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    Created by MATTHEW PITTMAN
  • Clarify the tattoo policy!!! Let our tattoos show!!!
    I can still be kind and compassionate and do my job well with my tattoos showing. I KNOW my efficiency will IMPROVE with short sleeves as the hot summer months and being a female (change of life) is making my work days unberable. I have had many patients question why I am covered and could not believe that I HAVE to cover my beautiful flowers. I feel diversity should be embraced and not judged.
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    Created by Ashley Wells
  • Enterprise: Free The Beard
    It's 2015, and having a beard will not obstruct the way customers will view a rental car company.
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    Created by Marshall Hendrix
  • Male workers can have earrings
    To keep Publix workers happy and to have the best customer service ever.
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    Created by Phillip Edwards
  • Walmart, let us wear shorts.
    I am a believer of you will get more work done, faster, if you're comfortable. And to add, Walmart expects associates to have good hygiene. Being drenched in your own sweat because you're working a heavy department being forced to wear long pants, doesn't feel all that great.
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    Created by Tom R
  • Let us have beards!
    Publix already allows beards at its new GreenWise markets and it has been successful, so why not implement this new dress code policy in the overwhelming majority of its business?
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    Created by Brandon Wesley