• We want dreads in Jimmy Johns
    The employees and customers want to see that Jimmy stands by his "Rockstars wanted!" statements. Rockstars stand out in a crowd and show enthusiasm constantly. Shouldn't unique hair, style or vibrant coloring, be a good thing for a business that wants to stand out and attract a variety of different customers? Letting employees at Jimmy johns express who they really are leads to better attitudes and enthusiasm for their jobs. Which leads to a contagious happiness for our customers. Therefore gaining yet another returning customer purely on satisfaction alone. With the speed and diversity among the staff we mark a strong memory in their minds that will create a frequent customer base.
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    Created by Sheena Grantz
  • Jimmy John's: We want visible tattoos too
    Having to adhere to the dress code rules of not being able to show our ink is an outdated practice as Kristie Williams as proven with the mass amount of signatures on her campaign to get Starbucks to revise its dress code policies. Just as in the petition to Starbucks to change its dress code to allow visible tattoos, we should be able to show ours as well. We work hard for this company. We are supposed to make all sandwiches in under 30 seconds through anytime of the day, and keep a good attitude the whole time we do it. Letting us express our individuality isn't really much to ask for -- especially since we're supposed to be these "Rockstar" employees. When I first started working for Jimmy John's, you had to wear white socks that covered your ankle. This was in the dress code. I can't fathom why the color or length of my socks are detrimental to making sandwiches. It's the same with this outdated policy to keep tattoos covered up. Jimmy Johns eventually changed its policy on socks, and I really do believe that this company can be swayed to revise its policy on this issue as well. Just as the white socks really didn't matter, neither does having us keep our tattoos covered up. Jimmy Johns is really an impressive business model. Fresh veggies, freshly sliced meat, great bread baked all day, small delivery areas for faster deliveries, and first and foremost, FAST service. I think it's time to let employees unleash our inner "Rockstar" and let us not have to cover up our tattoos. It's 2014, no one really cares when they go into a quick service restaurant and the people working behind the counter have some ink -- plus it will make our work a lot more comfortable, efficient and pleasant. LET'S MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER AND REVISE THESE OUTDATED RULES! (BIG thanks to Kristie Williams for inspiring this!)
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    Created by Frederick Gautier
  • nail polish / nails/piercings
    We shouldn't have to change who we are just for a job that we need to make ends meet. We are in a new generation now filled with many people freely expressing themselves in different ways and work places shouldn't have rules that wont allow us to freely express ourselves.
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    Created by melissa martinez Picture
  • Let us have visible tattoos!!!
    I can't tell you how many times I have pumped a syrup of some type DOWN MY SHIRT SLEEVE on accident... Long sleeves GET IN THE WAY!!! We work HARD to keep creating inspired moments in our customers day. We want to be comfortable!! Especially in the hot summer months but working in general in long sleeves is a pain! Please let us get rid of our sloppy, syrup covered sleeves! We wash our hands to keep them clean, but what about those long sleeves getting frap roasted all summer long? ON THE STARBUCKS WEBSITE IT SAYS: "Our Partners... We’re called partners, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Together, we embrace diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard." A PLACE WHERE EACH OF US CAN BE OURSELVES. I KNOW our efficiency will IMPROVE with shorter sleeves.
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    Created by Kristie Williams Picture
  • Gender Neutral Dress Code
    1. ensures that there’s fair and equal dress code expectations between men and women. 2. prevents unfair discrimination of LGBTQIA employees, especially those whose sex or gender does not fall on the male/ female binary. (Ie: trans, non-binary, and intersex individuals). 3. promotes equal workplace expression for all
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  • Let your employees show their tattoos
    This is important because not only will the employees feel more comfortable at work. They will feel better that their employers accepts them for who they are. This confidence instilled will trickle down to the clients! Also covering up tattoos on the sales floor creates an awkward environment in the middle of the hot summer, and sweating profusely in front of the client.
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    Created by Anthony Williams
  • Acyrylic nails
    Because we I feel like a woman should b able to feel pretty while in work place or o jus feel like we can use that kind of pampering. Every other resteraunt allows the girls to wear nails
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    Created by Sarah coleman
  • Let men have long hair
    These policies are out dated, and archaic. They stem from the 1930s when Publix was originally founded. The social norm of the era was that it was considered polite for men to be well groomed with hair above the ear and not touching their collar. However this is 2018 and society has changed. We shouldn't have to abide by the social norms of 88 years ago in order to keep our jobs.
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    Created by Brent George Picture
  • Associate hair policy change.
    With recent change in beard policy, it should finally be time to review other outdated policies in regards to how associates maintain their own hair appearances. Providing that we can still maintain the same level of sanitation in personal appearance and in store operations, the individual associate should be able to choose the way they wish to wear their hair. The beard policy change has been a positive change and we believe that this will also be a positive change for both associates and the company.
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    Created by Theodore Weiner
  • Expand piercings allowed in dress code!!!
    I know many partners that wear retainers to make their piercings invisible at work, or even had to take their piercings out when they started their jobs at Starbucks. I believe this negatively affects partner morale, as well as contradicting Starbucks' reputation as a highly open and accepting company. Self expression is to me, a vital part of barista culture and I would love to see Starbucks expand their celebration of this. Hiding my septum piercing at work to adhere to dress code is one of the few ways I feel limited in the workplace, and I would feel so much more comfortable if this was not something I had to do. Having worked in many kitchen and food service environments, facial piercings have never been previously considered relevant to food safety in my experience. I understand that the laws in different areas may state otherwise, and that Starbucks as a company has an obligation to adhere to state and local law concerning body jewelry. Above all, I put my trust in Starbucks to adapt to current shifting cultural ideas surrounding the appearance of it's partners, and to modify our dress code to follow.
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    Created by Artemis McGettigan
  • G4S Security let us have NEATLY kept beards
    Because it's self expression and it makes you feel confident and better about yourself. If you want people working for you to do a good job, then make them happy.
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  • Allow facial piercings
    It is important that the associates are allowed to express themselves. We have come a long way as a nation. We used to see tattoos as some taboo form of art. Now they are more widely accepted. Piercings are also becoming more commonplace in the younger generations. Are piercings really much different than a person wearing makeup?
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    Created by Jessica Maguire Picture