• We demand safe conditions without fear of retaliation!
    On Mon., January 9, 2023, Elijah Wood was terminated from his employment at the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) after speaking up about safety concerns that the Systems Advocates’ team were raising in the field. The concerns Elijah raised are rooted in the desire to protect the people who are doing this work, our unhoused neighbors, and our community. We believe Elijah’s termination was unjust, illegal, and without cause or due process. Therefore, we, the unified employees of KCRHA, stand together to demand that:  Systems Advocates not be assigned to conduct outreach in the field without proper safety equipment.  Systems Advocates not be assigned to conduct outreach without the proper information about encampments needed to do their jobs safely and effectively, like whether any known dangers are present.   All staff concerns be heard and centered with regards to safety policy and procedure, and not be dismissed or punished.  We, the undersigned, hereby demand that Elijah Wood be reinstated to his former position immediately and that an internal investigation be conducted into the safety concerns raised.
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    Created by Claire Guilmette
  • Release My Data
    Screenwriters are under-recognized and under-rewarded for their contributions because the work happens early in the production process. Minority and female writers face the largest barriers to credit and pay. Fortunately, the Screenwriters Guild has collected and archived many years of data on contracts, earnings, and credit decisions. These data hold the answers to our questions! These data have the power to reveal what policies can improve the bargaining position of writers, and equity among writers! Have challenges to credit been handled fairly? Have our policies to limit executive credit increased pay for writers? Are credit reviews really anonymous and giving equal treatment to females, males and non-binary writers? Are minorities credited equally for equal work, and paid equally too? These data must be released to an expert to find out! A Harvard professor has offered to analyze the data and produce a high-profile report on the topics we ask for, but Tery Lopez must grant them permission to access the data securely. Please join us in a movement to release our data for answers!
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    Created by Imogen Van Arts
  • Facebook: Stop exploiting your workers
    It is the job of Facebook content moderators to try and make the platform safe. This means reviewing every post that is either reported by a user or flagged by Facebook’s automated tools from its 3 billion users. For context, around 130,000 images are uploaded to Facebook every minute. The work can be harrowing, with content moderators having to look at some of the worst material on the internet. This includes murder, gruesome violence, hate speech and the sexual exploitation of children. Outsourced content moderators don’t receive proper mental health support and many develop PTSD as a result of their experience. This year, TIME magazine (https://time.com/6147458/facebook-africa-content-moderation-employee-treatment/) revealed chilling abuse at Facebook's content moderation centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Workers reported exploitation and unlawful union-busting at the Nairobi office, run by Sama — the US company who Facebook use as its main provider of outsourced content moderation in Africa. For this harrowing and dangerous work, TIME revealed workers are paid as little as $2.20 per hour. Sign this petition today in solidarity with them and all Facebook content moderators around the world.
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    Created by martha dark
  • Safeway Employees expired contract .
    Every contract is 3 to 4 years and they know the deadline why should we wait . Then if we do get a raise we get it in what they call retro pay that they tax like a bonus 40 percent . I want my Union and Safeway to negotiate now . I don’t want to wait .
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    Created by Christina Harrison