• Olive Garden: Reinstate a pregnant employee who was unjustly terminated
    My name is Courtnee Dean. For the past 10 years, I have been a loyal employee of Olive Garden store 1370 in Bala Cynwyd, PA. I am also a mother, currently seven months pregnant with my second child. On October 1st, 2014, I was unfairly terminated from my employment at Darden Restaurants for a lost coupon. I offered to compensate for the coupon, but the manager, Lily, refused the money. Instead of following the customary procedure of writing me up or taking the money, she called corporate and had me terminated. Even after working at Darden for 10 years, not only was I treated as disposable but so was my growing family. That’s why I am demanding that Darden Restaurants make this right by: 1) restoring my employment, 2) fully compensate me for all the time I have missed from work as a result of this unjust termination, and 3) meet with me and members of the Restaurant Opportunities Center United to address my case and the issues that workers face from Darden management all over the country, like being discriminated against for being pregnant and being forced to work while sick. Please join me in asking Darden Restaurants, the largest full-service restaurant company in the world, to do the right thing so that I can support my family and prevent similar situations from happening to the rest of Darden’s employees.
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  • Tell Delta: “Our Voices Will Not Be Silenced”
    The timing of Kip’s termination on December 2nd is no accident. It came in the midst of a national week of action for “$15 and a Union,” and just as three different union drives at Delta, and their subcontractor AirServ, kick into high gear. Over 200 rallied on December 5th at MSP Airport, blocking traffic, to demand $15 and a Union and that Delta re-hire Kip. Delta thinks firing Kip, a leading 15 Now and union activist, will silence other airport workers from standing up for their rights. They couldn’t be more wrong. With your support, and the mobilization of the wider labor movement, Delta’s blatantly illegal and unjust actions will only deepen workers’ resolve to fight for $15/hour and union rights. We call on Delta and the Metropolitan Airport Commission, which governs operations at MSP Airport, to immediately reinstate Kip Hedges and to make clear that these intimidation tactics will not continue. We stand in solidarity with Kip and with all workers fighting for $15 and a union!
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  • Occupy Tingalpa
    We’re fighting for a fair deal for all Smiths Chips workers in Tingalpa, Queensland, especially the casual workers who get paid less than me and other permanent workers. We think all workers should be treated equally and paid equally for the work that they do. That's why we are all sitting-in the lunchroom until we get equality and respect. #OccupyTingalpa Brett Thomas, Smiths worker and union delegate.
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  • Shorter shifts on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
    Gives people more time to spend with family. Working from 12pm to 8pm is not a good way to spend most of Thanksgiving. If I could work from 9am to 2pm or even 12pm to 5pm I think your associates would be way more happier. This is coming from someone who you would call "irrelevant" but what I'm stating is how everyone feels.
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  • Allow Starbucks Partners to have Unnatural Hair Color
    The Starbucks mission statement is: "Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time." Starbucks is place where partners are unique and should be able to show their true selves. How are they going to do it if they can't color their hair how they want? Sometimes color shows the person's true self. Allowing tattoos and nose piercings was a good first step but now let's allow unnatural hair color. Variety in a workplace is always great! Wouldn't you want to have some red, purple, green, or maybe pink in your hair?
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  • Ban Thanksgiving store openings
    This is important because as retailers are rushing to open earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving day mostly to stay afloat in an evolved marketplace and stay competitive against the online retailers, they are losing their identities. Toys R Us was always a company that valued the family environment. It is a company that their whole livelihood is based on building a family and caring for it. If one would listen to those superficial statements and see the truth; they are just another company that values corporate greed at the expense of the very same people that build this company. We are not allowed to get any time off, and those that are in management positions within the stores are FORCED to work overtime and FORCED to have a 6 day work week. Is this the world we wanted for our families or the world that CEOs and corporate pigs want?
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  • Best Buy and other Corporate Businesses to be closed Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is not Macys One Day sale its a day created to be thankful for your life, your family, your friends, and everything you should be thankful for. These CEO's are thankful that regular employees get to slave away on Thanksgiving while they're at home with their families. Why bother having Thanksgiving anymore if nobody gets to celebrate it anymore?
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  • KOHLS: Petition for Holiday time off.
    This is important because family is the basis of what made this country what it once was and should be again... A nation founded on belief in morality and the true values of what is important, other than the "Almighty dollar."
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  • Kmart: Allow Employees Time Off On Thanksgiving Day
    We understand that it is retail, and employees understand that they have to work hours on holidays. However, Kmart’s unnecessary hours are forcing its employees to miss out on important time with their families. With lives that are continuously busier and busier, it is more important now than ever to put an end to this before we no longer have holidays. There are other stores who have decided to close on Thanksgiving to give their employees time with their families. Why not be in the news in a positive light? The sales can wait a few more hours. Kmart covers its shameless act of greed by stating that it is giving its employees more time to make money. Kmart: have you even talked to your employees about your holiday hours and what they will be required to work? The answer is no. We are almost 2 weeks away from Kmart stores being open 42 hours straight, and employees - even after asking management about what hours they will be required to work - still have not received information about their schedules during this time. Kmart - You should not open your stores at 6am on Thanksgiving Day nor should your stores remain open for the subsequent 42 hours. Furthermore, you should be honest and advise your employees on their schedules so they can plan when to spend time with their families when you put this burden on them. Kmart has said that it will staff its stores using volunteers and seasonal employees. I’m calling on Kmart to commit to respecting the schedules of employees who request not to work on Thanksgiving Day. Kmart should close their stores early, or, at the very least, allow flexibility with scheduling to give their employees time to spend with their families.
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  • Starbucks: Let us be pierced...freely
    In recent weeks Starbucks has lifted it's ban on visible tattoos without many guidelines attached which is commendable. On the contrary side, we as partners are still no even allowed to have even 3 diamond studs on an ear or something as simple as a tongue ring in our mouths...Starbucks policies enforce the customer experience however this policy doesn't affect our customer experience and suppresses who we are as individuals. We as unique individuals are whom make up Starbucks. We as unique individuals are the ones who provide legendary customer service. We as unique individuals should have the right to be individuals.
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  • Let us have our holidays
    We deserve to have holiday time with our families. It is very important to allow us to have Christmas and Thanksgiving off.
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  • Federal Employees for Socially Responsible Investment Options in the Thrift Savings Plan
    Many federal government employees dedicate their careers to advancing important social objectives such as protecting the environment, enforcing labor standards, encouraging responsible corporate behavior and advancing civil rights at home or human rights abroad. I have over 20 years with the federal government in various jobs and am now working at the Department of State. I would like to be sure that my retirement funds are invested in companies that reflect the values that are important to me. Nevertheless, unlike many state and local government workers, federal employees do not have the opportunity to invest their retirement monies in mutual funds that support these same objectives.   More than one out of every nine dollars in the United States– or $3.74 trillion - is invested according to sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) strategies. It's one of the fastest growing categories of investment. These mutual funds allow many employees across the country to ensure that their investments reflect their values on a broad range of issues from climate change and other environmental risks to human rights, decent workplaces, consumer protection, diversity and product safety.  While federal employees do not currently have the option to participate in this kind of investment for their retirement funds, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) has recently authorized the agency managing the Thrift Savings Plan to explore the creation of a "mutual fund window," which would allow TSP investors options to invest in mutual funds beyond those limited ones currently available through the TSP. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/wp/2014/11/18/tsp-moves-toward-opening-investment-window/. It is important to demonstrate to the TSP there there is substantial interest among TSP investors (both current and past federal employees) to provide socially responsible options if and when this window is created. Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/people/89228431@N06/
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