• Hazard Compensation
    Because our safety is the first priority, yeah we made it through a burning building but I'd rather suffer a burn then have hyperthermia and frost bitten feet and hands.
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    Created by russell raines
  • Cutting Hours
    So people can save up money to buy things.
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    Created by Michael Schwartz
  • Riders violating TOS should pay higher cancellation fees
    We are losing money and wasting time driving to locations to pick up passengers who are violating TOS. and the account holders are putting their children in danger by attempting to get them rides when they are underage or thinking they can hold a small child in their lap....They should feel in in their wallets and maybe they will think twice before asking a driver to break laws.
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    Created by Diana West Picture
  • Let men have long hair
    These policies are out dated, and archaic. They stem from the 1930s when Publix was originally founded. The social norm of the era was that it was considered polite for men to be well groomed with hair above the ear and not touching their collar. However this is 2018 and society has changed. We shouldn't have to abide by the social norms of 88 years ago in order to keep our jobs.
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    Created by Brent George Picture
  • Associate hair policy change.
    With recent change in beard policy, it should finally be time to review other outdated policies in regards to how associates maintain their own hair appearances. Providing that we can still maintain the same level of sanitation in personal appearance and in store operations, the individual associate should be able to choose the way they wish to wear their hair. The beard policy change has been a positive change and we believe that this will also be a positive change for both associates and the company.
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    Created by Theodore Weiner
  • Expand piercings allowed in dress code!!!
    I know many partners that wear retainers to make their piercings invisible at work, or even had to take their piercings out when they started their jobs at Starbucks. I believe this negatively affects partner morale, as well as contradicting Starbucks' reputation as a highly open and accepting company. Self expression is to me, a vital part of barista culture and I would love to see Starbucks expand their celebration of this. Hiding my septum piercing at work to adhere to dress code is one of the few ways I feel limited in the workplace, and I would feel so much more comfortable if this was not something I had to do. Having worked in many kitchen and food service environments, facial piercings have never been previously considered relevant to food safety in my experience. I understand that the laws in different areas may state otherwise, and that Starbucks as a company has an obligation to adhere to state and local law concerning body jewelry. Above all, I put my trust in Starbucks to adapt to current shifting cultural ideas surrounding the appearance of it's partners, and to modify our dress code to follow.
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    Created by Artemis McGettigan
  • Separate employee handeling Togo orders.
    We have to stand up for our already low wages. We have to let our employers know we are willing to do the job that we are paid for but need to make more when more is asked of us. I have been a server for a long time and have never felt more underpaid than now.
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    Created by Kahleb Brosie Picture
  • Uniting LA Cab Drivers
    For the future of everyone.
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    Created by Hovsep Maadanjian
  • Keep D3 at D3 status regardless of flying with D2
    It is important for current active employees to keep their benefit at its current status for commuting, going on vacation with RC or spouse. Upgrading D3s will cause more work for agents and cost the company more money. Friends sometimes just need to buy a real ticket and not make it harder for employees to get on.
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    Created by Nancy Schneider Picture
    Employees shouldn't be forced to work under those conditions. Some staff members have health issues and other issues going on in their life. It is very difficult to come to work and be positive and function when you have a supervisor that is doing all those things
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    Created by Tammy Parker
  • G4S Security let us have NEATLY kept beards
    Because it's self expression and it makes you feel confident and better about yourself. If you want people working for you to do a good job, then make them happy.
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  • Parking Issue at 91Springboard, Andheri East
    Workers at the hub have to either wait for ages for a person to move their car, or have to interrupt important work/meetings to move their cars hindering everyone’s work and schedules.
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    Created by Ishita Hurkat Picture