• Cap the number of Uber/Lyft/Rideshare drivers based on the population of each city
    This promotes: 1. A sustainable wage for independent contractors working for ride-share companies. 2. Fewer C20 emissions in each city due to an extreme and unnecessary number of drivers in cities worldwide. 3. The integrity and respect of the drivers who do the majority of work for billion dollar companies. Overall, we all love our Rideshare companies. I, myself, have been both a driver and a passenger of Uber in particular. However, the work of these companies is not done, and this petition could help Rideshare companies prove that they not only care about their passengers well being, but the drivers well being as well, who help make their companies just what it is--awesome.
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  • Let Your Employees Show Their Tattoos
    Why is it important? Sleeves get in the way of everything, doesn't matter if we are stocking or helping a customer get their perfect fit. We are your shoe experts and I don't see any other shoe company that I have been into other than Skechers that makes their employees cover up their tattoos. So why treats us differently when we are your experts when we chose your store, your company to work at. One thing I learned from when I worked at Gamestop is that the company is a family. I have that same feeling with Skechers, but why would you force family to cover up something that is who they are when it's not offensive that makes kids smile and that helps connect with the customers so much more? I know with the tattoo policy being looked at and done away with, as long as the tattoos aren't offensive, will being more customers in, will help employee moral, and will help us be over all better. Let us Show our Tattoos
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  • Starbucks: Commit to fixing your own racism!
    We each hail from Milwaukee – a city we love deeply. Yet every day, we're faced with the reality that systemic racism, police brutality, and a lack of good jobs have made our community home to both the highest incarceration rate for African Americans and the highest joblessness rate for Black men in the country.

 Roughly 40% of Starbucks' workforce are people of color – yet just 15% of its executives are of color. And in Milwaukee, which is a majority people of color city, African American employees are scarce in Howard Schultz's workforce. Clearly, there is plenty of work for Starbucks to do in its own house. We've each laid out some of our thoughts below.

 From Joe:

 I've worked at Starbucks for three years, and have lived and worked in Milwaukee for the past six months. My crew is excellent, and we support each other through tough days and busy shifts. The people in my store understand the challenges facing the patrons we serve. We are part of our community and we understand its needs. I also know that Starbucks – as a corporate entity – can do a lot more for its workers, customers and the communities it serves.

 During the week of March 16th, my manager distributed a roll of stickers and passed around a handout detailing the new "Race Together" initiative. I was shocked – it seemed so hypocritical when Starbucks employs thousands of baristas of color in jobs that pay poverty wages with too few hours to survive. Why not raise wages so that every barista makes at least $15 an hour and has access to stable, full-time work?
 If the company really cared about racial justice, they would look at the diversity of its workforce. Here in Milwaukee, it's hard to miss the fact that most of the Starbucks employees in this majority people of color city are white. Starbucks should be part of the solution by hiring more people of color in our city and giving these employees jobs that can support a family.

 From Nate:

 When we first learned of Starbucks' new "Race Together" campaign, we were kind of appalled. My brother, Dontre Hamilton, was shot 14 times by police after Starbucks employees repeatedly called the police on him. The people of Milwaukee have been protesting and petitioning for months for Starbucks to meet with us to discuss its role in the killing of my brother, and to help us heal and find a solution so that this tragedy never happens again. We've been asking the Starbucks CEO to speak out in support of our efforts, but have seen little in response.

 I've lived in Milwaukee most of my life and I feel Milwaukee can and must do better. What happened at the Red Arrow Starbucks is a symptom of the lack of investment and opportunity for black folks in Milwaukee. Starbucks has an important role to play here.

 By asking employees – without training or support – to engage in dialogue with total strangers about this deeply personal issue, you’re revealing just how little you understand about white privilege and systemic racism. My brother's tragic killing was an opportunity to initiate a frank conversation about the diversity of Starbucks employees, your policies and practices when dealing with diverse communities, and the impact racial bias, profiling and inequality have on your stores. Instead, corporate has done next to nothing but write #RaceTogether on a cup.

 Howard Schultz has announced that he's coming to Milwaukee on April 1st. I'd like Schultz to commit to real solutions during that visit – not gimmicks. The practices that led to the death of Dontre are being repeated in stores across the country. This isn't a Milwaukee problem, it's a company-wide problem. If Schultz wants to address racism he can start by making meaningful changes in his own business practices, by setting company wide protocols for dealing with diverse communities and by creating good jobs for our communities.
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  • Bank of America: Provide adequate training that keeps jobs and customers safe
    We are Bank of America call center workers. Every day, we help customers with their daily account needs from handling deposits to opening credit card accounts. We are dedicated employees, and value giving our customers the best service possible. However, the bank often does not provide us with training that prepares us to adequately and ethically serve our customers. Much of the training call center employees do receive happens online with no facilitator and no opportunity to ask questions. At work, neither our team leaders nor company’s help desk are able to answer many of our questions that arise. What’s worse: our team leaders and managers are never held accountable when they give us inaccurate information which means that we’re the ones who end up being disciplined and even fired. Team leaders and managers should receive a higher level of training than the associates who report to them, so that they are experts in our policies and procedures. When we take leaves of absence, we’re not given enough time to be trained on new procedures to ensure we’re doing everything according to up-to-date standards. Not only is this frustrating for us as employees, it means that customers won’t get the best possible service. In fact, due to strict performance metrics for employees, we are encouraged to limit our time spent with clients instead of taking the time to answer all of their concerns. We want to be able to do right by our customers and keep our jobs. We have seen too many of our co-workers get fired for making mistakes that adequate training could have prevented. We are asking that independent, federally-guided training be implemented immediately for employees and managers alike. ** UPDATE (from March 2015)! Since we started speaking out about these issues, we’ve seen some improvements to our training. For example, Bank of America introduced a new online banking feature that allows employees to use their mouse to guide their client and navigate them through the online system. But we still need more improvements. Specifically, we would like to see more and up-to-date training on credit cards (that takes into account federal regulations and training); better online banking training; and diligent training and cross training of managers to ensure that they are fully prepared to assist us in handling any difficult situations that arise. We need this to be consistent and up to date so that it reflects the needs of customers and accountability of the bank.
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  • Bailiffs Shouldn't Be Wrestling With Cage Fighters
    My name is Melanie and I'm a bailiff for San Antonio municipal courts. I have worked in law enforcement for 32 years, so I know a little about safety protocols and the physical requirements of my job. As law enforcement officials, we're required to meet certain physical standards. Everyone accepts this as part of the job and we try to stay in good condition. To meet these standards, we go through periodic physical trainings. For years, San Antonio court employees have met those standards by participating in courses certified by the State Board (TCLEOSE). I've done it many times, and I've found it to be safe and effective. That all changed a few years ago, when decisions were made to abandon the traditional state-certified courses and switch to a local mixed martial arts studio, Blue Tiger MMA. Blue Tiger is active participation -- both defensive and offensive. The people my coworkers and I are up against are trained in mixed martial arts. We are not. Some of us are also much older and not nearly as strong. To put it another way, I'm a 59-year-old woman being placed in wrestling holds by MMA fighters. Imagine that. As trainees, we're put in a number of holds. We wrestle with fighters, and are told to lift and move weighted punching dummies. In two sessions that I did not attend, my coworkers were paired up with cage fighters. They said those sessions were truly brutal. I’m concerned that one of us will be seriously injured if these MMA trainings continue. There's no reason I can think of for why the city of San Antonio is paying for Blue Tiger sessions. There are no course points for the active licensed peace officers and these sessions are not taught by a certified TCOLE instructor. I've lived in San Antonio for most of my life. I grew up here, and attended Holmes High School in the Northside. I want to do my job well and I want my taxes to be well-spent. The Blue Tiger MMA program is demeaning and a waste of taxpayer money. Join me and my coworkers in calling on San Antonio municipal courts to immediately stop the Blue Tiger mixed martial arts “trainings” and return to state-certified courses.
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  • Registration is not Clinical!
    Patient safety is a major concern. Registration is not medical staff, thus we are unable to perform basic first aid duties or CPR if need be. If we are unsure about a situation, the only option is to call a code medical response, which can take up time and resources for other patients who need critical care. We did not take this job on to do the duties of a nurse, nurses aid, or the like. We took on this job to provide accurate insurance information for billing and to confirm patient demographics. This is unable to be done efficiently when three shifts a day are doing a job that we are not meant to be doing, especially without clinical support. When patients come in and they need help and nurses are unavailable, we aren't able to help them. We can't do anything except sit and watch them in pain, bleeding, or vomiting. This looks bad on the emergency department and on the hospital as a whole.
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  • Lowes West Hills
    Management is harassing employees by intimidation and fear of being written up for reasons that are unfair and unethical. Abuse of authority and lack of support during COVID pandemic.
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  • Bank of the West: Stop Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
    Employees should not be fearful of management or Human Resources, otherwise what is the point of them? Employees should feel comfortable coming forward with sexual harassment or discrimination issues instead of being retaliated against, harassed, bullied, or singled out. Human Resources and management threatening employees jobs or giving verbal warnings unrelated to work performance due to reporting systemic issues within the bank is disgraceful. Our job is to provide customers the absolute best customer service. If our employer does not treat us right, how do they expect us to do our jobs successfully? Turnover is too high at Bank of the West and for good reasons. Management and Human Resources do not care about employees and corner employees into submission to keep their power. We cannot allow this to happen anymore. We should not feel powerless or hopeless. Our workplaces need to be open and inclusive to let the best possible work to come to fruition. Bank of the West needs to act fast to correct these issues and hire a third-party agency to review the corporate sexual harassment policy and diversity and inclusion policy. Additionally, all employees, especially Human Resources and management, need to go through in-depth bias training provided by an organization specializing in diversity and inclusiveness training, fire perpetrators of sexual harassment, and management/employees that blatantly discriminate against minorities and disabled employees.
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  • Requests
    Unfair treatment and a hostile work environment has created stress and anxiety for many employees
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  • Endured Grievances Of Employees Of Dunkin' Donuts
    To improve working quality of the employees and provide incentives for better quality work.
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