• Let us have visible tattoos!!!
    I can't tell you how many times I have pumped a syrup of some type DOWN MY SHIRT SLEEVE on accident... Long sleeves GET IN THE WAY!!! We work HARD to keep creating inspired moments in our customers day. We want to be comfortable!! Especially in the hot summer months but working in general in long sleeves is a pain! Please let us get rid of our sloppy, syrup covered sleeves! We wash our hands to keep them clean, but what about those long sleeves getting frap roasted all summer long? ON THE STARBUCKS WEBSITE IT SAYS: "Our Partners... We’re called partners, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Together, we embrace diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard." A PLACE WHERE EACH OF US CAN BE OURSELVES. I KNOW our efficiency will IMPROVE with shorter sleeves.
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    Created by Kristie Williams
  • Starbucks: Give us a fair workweek!
    We’re Starbucks employees and we love our customers. Every single day, dedicated customers like Georgia, Chris, Jim, Herb, Colleen, Anna, Rob, Sandy, Charlie, Tim, Mike, Mark, Ashley, Lee, Andie and countless others come into our stores, order their drinks, and share a little bit of their day with us. Our customers are loyal, consistent, and predictable (about their drink orders, at least!) and we love serving them. But we need Starbucks to treat us like we treat our customers. We, employees of Starbucks, demand Starbucks give us one-month advance notice of our schedules, stable hours, and access to full-time work. We regularly have schedules that fluctuate from 15 hours to 40 hours to no hours. We often get our schedules less than a week in advance — that’s not nearly enough to plan for childcare, another job, or school… or enough to cover our bills. And few baristas actually get those health benefits Starbucks brags about because it costs too much or they don’t work enough hours to qualify. Jannette Navarro, a Starbucks barista and young mom, just told her story in the New York Times of the constant chaos of an erratic Starbucks schedule: “You’re waiting on your job to control your life,” she said, with the scheduling software used by her employer dictating everything from “how much sleep Gavin [her son] will get to what groceries I’ll be able to buy this month.” All across the country, Starbucks baristas like us sold copies of the New York Times paper that exposed what it's like to be one of the 130,000 workers making the lattes that keep America going every day. We are a few of those baristas and, like Jannette, we also struggle with the nightmarish "magic" of Starbucks' computerized schedules. After the article came out, Starbucks responded with an announcement that they will now post schedules one week in advance and stop giving baristas closing and opening shifts — we call them "clopens" — back to back. Basically just adhering to policies they already have – and this isn't enough. We are coming together with our dedicated customers — like you — and asking Starbucks for one-month advance notice of our schedules, stable hours, and access to full-time work. There's no reason why our work schedules can't be as consistent as our loyal customers who line up for their morning “Venti soy latte”. Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/people/ivypics/
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    Created by Zee, Connor, Liberte, and Sarah
  • Starbucks please do not open dining rooms
    It’s not recommended to have prolonged contact with anyone without masks. Opening the inside cafe opens up not only prolonged contact, but prolonged contact, as people take their masks off to drink, eat, talk, sneeze, and cough. The CDC still recommends masks and no prolonged contact with people. Baristas are going to be put into a position to pick employment or risking their lives. Please keep inside dining closed down until there is minimal covid infections in the United States or a vaccine most Americans will get. It seems to be a greedy move to open cafes and subject baristas to illness or death. Please keep cafes closed to reduce the spread of covid! It is not time to let go of caution .
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    Created by Cynthia McGowen
  • Starbucks, restricting piercings is keeping your partners from showing their true selves!
    It's simple! Having multiple piercings, whether it may be a septum piercing, eyebrow piercing, or many, many ear piercings, doesn't make our appearance seem criminal, and it does not mean said partner is unapproachable. Customers care about our products and the amazing experience they receive by coming the Starbucks. This WILL NOT be hindered by allowing partners to have more piercings. Please, allow partners the ability to FULLY express themselves. If you agree, give this petition a sign!
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    Created by Alexandra Hasting