• Suspend home health Physical Therapy
    We can not practice the 6 foot rule, and do not have proper PPE, and it is putting the lives of our patients (whom we have pledged to protect), our families, and ourselves at risk. For home health, most of the patients have just come from the hospital and are high risk to begin with, many have likely been exposed to COVID19 due to unsafe conditions there. As home health PTs, we are carrying those germs from patient home to patient home, knowingly spreading the virus, but forced to choose between our jobs and our lives. AND we are using valuable PPE (the little we get) that could be going to someone actively saving lives. NO ONE in home health is going to die without Physical Therapy right now.
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    Created by Marie Johnson
  • Reclamo Salarial
    Is very important becose with my salary pay rent , meats and other issues or things like utilities
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    Created by Carlos Carrera
  • Close Wendys and all fast food chains and pay its employees
    The United states is in the middle of a pandemic where most businesses have closed due to corona virus spreading. Yet wendys remains open and ia forcing its employees to work out od a drive thru window does not even follow the safety guidelines of 6 ft. Were not given masks or hand sanitizer and were told to ration are gloves. Were forced to wear headset that are right on our faces that are not being disinfected between uses. Why is it our lives our not important. Since when is a double cheeseburger an essential thing for people to survive. We have kids and families that we are endangering everyday. Most people who work in fast food our senior citizens, people with disabilities and people with kids. Why are our lives not important. Let us go home or give us safe work environments and the proper items to safely do our jobs during the corona pandemic.
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    Created by Shaun Cole
  • Fast food is not essential!!
    To help stop the spread of the Coronavirus!! To protect Americans!!
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    Created by Jane H
  • Hazard pay for dock workers/ truck drivers at trucking companies
    It's important for the same reasons cities are being quarantined and companies are being shut down. To stop the spread of the virus.
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    Created by Rico Rodriguez
  • Top Hundred Companies to Work For?
    This is important to all your employees not only to help them financially but to also show them you do care, because we are all in this together!
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    Created by Denise Burger
  • Paid sick leave without being charged
    We are being forced to use our earned time off during a national crisis that is no fault of our own. We should receive paid time off and not have to use our personal time.
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    Created by Anthony X
  • Shut it down
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    Created by James Smith
  • Walmart associate protection covid19
    To keep associates and customers safe and following the regulations of state and Federal government.
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    Created by Linda B
  • Removing Repetitive Music from the Workplace
    Working with the same set of songs playing 24 hours a day, week after week while working makes me want to spend the least amount of time possible at work. Music has in the past been proven as an effective torture method used to break the will of prisoners of the Iraq war and also Guantanamo, so why should the workplace include a similar environment while under the stress of work? I dont think anyone should have to be forced to listen to the same thing for 8 hours a day 5-7 days a week, that to me is ludicrous.
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    Created by Zackary Strand
  • Requests
    Unfair treatment and a hostile work environment has created stress and anxiety for many employees
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    Created by Carl Tipton
  • Casino 580 Smoke Free Workplace
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that secondhand smoke is a Class A carcinogen for which there is no safe exposure level. Employees of Parkwest Casino 580, Knighted Ventures and all Patrons should be protected from second and third hand smoke and the carcinogens that it carries and leaves in our work environment. Many Pregnant, breast feeding, asthmatic, and elderly people's health are being compromised for the convenience of smokers.
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    Created by Jennifer Albert