• Removing Repetitive Music from the Workplace
    Working with the same set of songs playing 24 hours a day, week after week while working makes me want to spend the least amount of time possible at work. Music has in the past been proven as an effective torture method used to break the will of prisoners of the Iraq war and also Guantanamo, so why should the workplace include a similar environment while under the stress of work? I dont think anyone should have to be forced to listen to the same thing for 8 hours a day 5-7 days a week, that to me is ludicrous.
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    Created by Zackary Strand
  • Requests
    Unfair treatment and a hostile work environment has created stress and anxiety for many employees
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    Created by Carl Tipton
  • Casino 580 Smoke Free Workplace
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that secondhand smoke is a Class A carcinogen for which there is no safe exposure level. Employees of Parkwest Casino 580, Knighted Ventures and all Patrons should be protected from second and third hand smoke and the carcinogens that it carries and leaves in our work environment. Many Pregnant, breast feeding, asthmatic, and elderly people's health are being compromised for the convenience of smokers.
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    Created by Jennifer Albert
  • Change Our Leave Company
    This is important because many of us here at Apple have had to take a leave of absence from work for various reasons. The leave process is challenging and draining. Most, if not all of the process is put on the employee. The employees may already be under stress, anxiety, or intense pressure due to their own personal situation. When we were hired, we were guaranteed these benefits but we aren’t all receiving them. This is especially true for those of us suffering with mental health problems which I believe are usually disregarded by the leave company and never seriously considered a disability. The government finds many mental health issues to be disabilities, so, why is it different when dealing with a leave company? Perhaps because the leave company believes the employee just wants to get paid to be out of work and to do whatever they want. However, the reality is that when on a leave for mental health issues, those issues are exacerbated due to the added stresses of being out on a leave, and mental health does not improve. There is no fairness when leave claims are handled between those with physical health leaves and mental health leaves. Physical and mental health do correlate. Personally, I have found Sedgwick to be a one-sided company whose only objective is to save Apple money by not paying their employees while out on a medical leave of absence from work. More specifically, in relation to medical leaves involving mental health. They also do not employ doctors to interview employees or review the documentation to verify their reason for the leave. They employ nurses, who are not qualified to make medical decisions, to make decisions regarding ones claim. Sedgwick is an unfair company with unfair business practices and many complaints regarding this company have been filed in recent years.
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    Created by Taralynn Ruiz
  • Acyrylic nails
    Because we I feel like a woman should b able to feel pretty while in work place or o jus feel like we can use that kind of pampering. Every other resteraunt allows the girls to wear nails
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    Created by Sarah coleman
  • NPC International Inc should hold Jacksonville, FL Pizza Hut responsible for worker endangerment
    Worker safety should be the most important thing next to revenue.
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    Created by Jules Rodgers
  • We Need Bathroom Access- Stop Locking Us Out!
    Not having access to this bathroom means that we have to take time out of our short breaks to walk across the whole store to go to the other bathroom, if it is open at all. Having these bathrooms open and available would greatly improve the work day of associates who have medical issues that require immediate access to restrooms.
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    Created by Jennifer Sanchez