• Close AAA Offices in LA County!
    Please keep AAA employees safe at home and work from home to help remain healthy and help families in these difficult times in LA county. The only time you should leave your home is for essential activities. AAA does not qualify as an essential business to remain open, employees should now work from home.
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    Created by L R
  • Get Best Buy to Close in LA County!
    The only time you should leave your home is for essential activities. Some essential businesses are: grocery stores, restaurants, financial institutions, transportation services, healthcare operations and hardware stores ONLY. Best Buy does not qualify in any of these, so therefore should close doors for the safety of the employees & their families! Also offer Pay Leave to employees!
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    Created by L R
  • IPP Stores Paid Sick Leave
    We are facing a national crisis and are required to go to work every day without pay if we get sick. We are told how important it is we stay open to serve our communities. We are putting ourselves at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 while IPP does nothing for it's retail staff on the front lines.
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    Created by FIRST LAST
  • Target is not a essential store.
    I say this is crucial because you do not know who has this deathly virus. Sure, you can wear PPE gear (personal protective equipment) but, that may not stop you from still using that same glove to wipe your nose with that you instantly forgot could be contaminated. Of course, keep your safe distance, 6 feet from person to person contact--that will not keep you virus safe as no one knows who has it and they do not need to stay home as no one is watching them to do. Especially new families with infants and elderly to keep safe.
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    Created by Ant Z
  • Close Dunkin during pandemic. Pay employees
    This is our health and money for big corporations is being put ahead of that. It is not a necessity to be open during times like these.
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  • Temporarily Close Dunkin’ Due to Coronavirus
    DUNKIN’ IS NOT AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS. We, as well as our customers, most of whom are elderly, deserve to be protected from the Coronavirus. We are transmitting germs everyday by serving each customer that comes through the drive thru or comes in for takeout. This is not okay and Dunkin should shut down all locations ASAP.
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    Created by Katerina Werth
  • Get Staples to close & pay employees!
    It is unnecessary and unsafe to be open during a PANDEMIC. We are not an essential store and corporate is fighting and begging to stay open, claiming Staples is essential and putting employees and their families at risk. Staples should temporarily close stores and pay their employees for the time being. Many employees are at high risk ages, are immunocompromised, have asthma, etc. This is NOT RIGHT and extremely unsafe. In order to curb this virus and the spread of it, Staples needs to close their doors and pay their employees.
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    Created by Jasmine Smith
  • Canada Post Must Ensure Safety for Employees and Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Public health officials have made it clear that everyone should stay home and avoid contact with others as much as possible. By continuing to work as normal, postal employees are put at great risk of contracting the virus and/or spreading it to customers. If Canada Post fails to act swiftly and boldly, many employees and customers alike may become severely ill or die as a result. The gravity of this can hardly be overstated.
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    Created by A Canada Post Employee
  • St. Mary's Health Professionals Demand Paid Sick Leave for All
    As healthcare workers, we believe all Wisconsin residents, and indeed, in the USA, should have paid sick leave, but for those of us on the front lines, this is non-negotiable.
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  • New Seasons Market Employees for COVID-19 Hazard Pay
    Employees are experiencing elevated anxiety and fear as they continue their regularly scheduled shifts at the eye of the pandemic storm, especially those who are considered at-risk. Hazard pay would go a long way in terms of increasing morale and knowing their employers recognize the hard work and health risks they face amid this global crisis. According to the UN, hazard pay is “a form of compensation granted to staff members who have been requested to remain and report for work in duty stations where very hazardous conditions, such as war or active hostilities, prevailed and where the evacuation of families and nonessential staff had taken place.”
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    Created by Jordan Hoff
  • Risking employees health for profit
    Closing the sales department, during this pandemic of the coronavirus is crucial. The virus itself is airborne, and although washing your hands frequently, and disinfecting the store is helpful, that won’t prevent the spread of said virus. Both customers AND employees are at risk of catching and spreading the virus. At this point in time, there is no way to know who has the coronavirus, due to the limited number of tests. Suspending all business hours, until further notice, WHILE continuing to pay all workers, would be beneficial to both customers & employees. Employees and Customers can display no symptoms, while still being able to transmit the virus to others. Instead of waiting until an employee has been exposed or catch the virus, closing all stores would prevent anyone from getting the virus. At this current time, employees are on the frontlines, potentially being exposed and spreading the virus, unknowingly. The moral thing to do, would be to suspend business, while paying employees, until there is a grip on the virus.
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    Created by John Lewis
  • Crisis/hazard pay
    These health care providers are risking their lives along with the loved ones they go home to each night, while providing life saving care to coronavirus victims. They are not expected to work from home, practice safe distancing, or put their concerns first; instead, it’s all hands on deck for this group of health care providers. With barely enough money to cover monthly expenses and student loan debts, if they become infected by a + patient, the hospital loses a set of caring hands, but the employee risks so much more. Offer hazard pay to nurses and techs. They are dealing with a crisis and should be paid accordingly
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    Created by Dave Mitchell