Employees shouldn't be forced to work under those conditions. Some staff members have health issues and other issues going on in their life. It is very difficult to come to work and be positive and function when you have a supervisor that is doing all those things
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    Created by Tammy Parker
  • G4S Security let us have NEATLY kept beards
    Because it's self expression and it makes you feel confident and better about yourself. If you want people working for you to do a good job, then make them happy.
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  • Parking Issue at 91Springboard, Andheri East
    Workers at the hub have to either wait for ages for a person to move their car, or have to interrupt important work/meetings to move their cars hindering everyone’s work and schedules.
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  • Facial piercings/ear piercings
    Facial piercings/ear piercing is a trend in today society. Many people spend a lot of money on such things as piercings just like tattoos. Publix allows full size arm tattoos in plain view on cashiers, but not a tiny little nose diamond stud barely visible? Silly! Even 8 hrs out can cause it to close up. Mine closed after a wk of working at Publix!
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  • Allow facial piercings
    It is important that the associates are allowed to express themselves. We have come a long way as a nation. We used to see tattoos as some taboo form of art. Now they are more widely accepted. Piercings are also becoming more commonplace in the younger generations. Are piercings really much different than a person wearing makeup?
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  • Stop cutting our hours
    Because if it isn't stopping, NOW. I Wont have a job to go to, unless it isn't Walmart. I'll be forced out, forcing me too find full-time employment. Not only to pay, my rent and buy food . But to stop the eviction that's coming, and only reason is. 100% because of my cut hours with Walmart. And stop then worries and trembling that I have never had before being told from management that there. Is nothing anyone can do about it, so if you're schedule says to work 9 hrs. For the week, just follow your schedule. Just do it. Lol. 😂 OMG! And I could have used other words here, but that's not me. Is anyone at Walmart listening???, are at least trying to apply common sense?? To what I and an thousands of other faithfull Walmart employees are saying? And no Walmart is not the only place of employment for us, and just trying to figure out if that's what Walmart wants? And is it there goal ? To work with less employees , even the faithfully and hardworking one? Just to not to have the Heart do it the right way and be straight up with employees and tell us that it would be best if we seek other full time employment? I Sure would appreciate the REAL answer. Because I doubt seriously I'm the only one stressing the unanswered questions of our full-time 40 week, when? And if it will ever be reinstated? AND WHEN? Are if I should leave my job with full-time benefits? And seek other full time employment? And forget about benefits . That will never be usefull anyways with 9 hour weeks. And just get new full time employment, to keep a roof over me and my family head and food in our stomach ,? Again, just appreciate some real straight up answers.
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    Created by Leonard Gachassin
  • Expanded Educational Benefits
    This is important because there are many Starbucks Partners who have already earned a 4 year degree, been in the workforce for a period of time and no longer see value in what they studied due to changes in life, interests, and career path, especially many older Partners such as myself. In my particular stuation, I have earned a 4 year degree, and after years in the workforce, no longer want to pursue a career path in my field of study. This makes me no different than a twenty something starting out in College. In both cases, we are trying to find a career path, I'm just older and degreed.
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    Created by Louis DeLaPena
  • Asking Microsoft for fair treatment of UHRS workers
    As workers, the tasks we complete for Microsoft are many. We are the ones helping to improve Cortana's speech recognition, and improving Zo.AI by judging the quality of its responses in human interaction. We help users of Bing map services travel quicker and more efficient routes by analyzing map results. We help deliver users more accurate results by providing feedback on Bing search engine results. We help safe search filters filter out adult content, in the process of which we expose our personal computers to viruses and occasional illegal content. In doing these tasks we take pride in the work we are doing because we believe it to be truly valuable and useful. We ask Microsoft to match our commitment to the platform by not treating us as disposable. We understand that as contract workers there are many rights enjoyed by others in the workforce which we do not, such as a guaranteed minimum wage, employment benefits, job security or a guaranteed right to work. While we are truly grateful for the opportunity to perform work for a successful company through the UHRS platform, which offers competitive pay and the opportunity to work from home, there are certain changes we would like to ask Microsoft to consider in the interest of fairness and productivity. Many of us rely on this platform as our sole source of income. While this is our choice, we do believe there should be a strict set of guidelines and some sort of system in place to ensure that we all know what is expected from us and that we as workers are able to deliver high-quality results. In short, we are asking that Microsoft stop treating its workers as disposable and address some longstanding inefficiencies with the UHRS platform. Happier workers means higher quality work delivered and faster output, which as a result will benefit Microsoft and the exchange between workers and hitapp owners as a whole. We believe that these changes will not only help to ensure that those working for Microsoft are treated fairly, but will also enable workers to perform the highest quality of work for Microsoft. Improving work conditions will potentially place Microsoft on the vanguard in terms of recognizing the value of contributions made by crowdworkers, and ensure continued improvements to UHRS in the years to come.
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    Created by Rich Hartwick
  • Let the unions in at Publix
    Publix has taken drastic steps to cut costs and hours among the already low-paid, low-hour store level employees. This was completed unilaterally and without input from the associates. Meanwhile, the corporate officers continue to get paid at a much higher rate, and are never asked to cut their pay or benefits. Allowing a labor union to represent you would establish a process in which Publix must follow before they are allowed to do this. It provides a disciplinary process that is fair and equal to everyone, which will eliminate favoritism. It would establish an universal pay scale. It is also important to know that Publix, by federal law (Chapter 5 United States Code) CANNOT fire or otherwise discipline you for attempting to form or join a union.
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    Created by Kyle Beamsderfer
  • Allow dollar general employees to dye their hair non-natural colors.
    This is way important because they are basically saying we are not able to express our selves in our own way. They are stopping us from being free to show who we are even if it includes us dying our hair a silly color.
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  • NPC International Inc should hold Jacksonville, FL Pizza Hut responsible for worker endangerment
    Worker safety should be the most important thing next to revenue.
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