• Target Starbucks (piercings and hats)
    Letting Starbucks team members wear piercings allows for the team member to express their true self and feel comfortable. Wearing hats while being a barista can be really annoying since it gets extremely hot with a hat on. Wearing hats can be even more annoying for women since they get hot quicker because of their hair. As team members we want to feel acknowledged and like a Team Member of Target. All other Team Members are allowed to wear piercings and are not required to wear hats and as Target baristas we feel left out. Yes, it is a food area but not all restaurants and cafes require the use of a hat or ban piercings. Short hair for men and a high bun for women is fair in my opinion.
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    Created by Uriel Mendoza
  • Higher Wagers for Starbucks Partners at High Volume Stores
    Partners at high volume locations work hard to insure the Starbucks customer experience while juggling various other tasks while still keeping drive thru times low and and beverage accuracy high. Because of having such high volumes, the job demands more both physically and mentally out of partners. On top of having more work to do in high volume stores, but we also increase company sales. Our managers at high volume locations get bonuses based on high sales and volumes that us partners create by working hard, thus it is only fair that we are compensated fairly as well since we are the ones working hard to achieve those goals.
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    Created by Jenn Wray Picture
  • Starbucks 2019 piercing rule
    Starbucks is a corporation that focuses on the partner experience being a great one. One of the many ways they insure this is by allowing us to express ourselves through our tattoos and hair color. But the current December 2019 piercing rule is extremely restrictive. Allowing only one facial piercing is not in line with the ethos they stand by, and quite frankly makes no sense. I myself identify heavily as somebody with many body modifications and I feel I have to hide a part of myself and my identity every day I go to work by taking out my numerous piercings. This makes me feel less confident, there for making my partner experience less great.
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    Created by Kylie Anderson
  • Requests
    Unfair treatment and a hostile work environment has created stress and anxiety for many employees
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    Created by Carl Tipton
  • Let me get my nails done
    Starbucks has always strived on allowing partners to express themselves in many ways. In previous years they have allowed for your hair to be colored however you choose and the change in dress code has allowed for partners to express themselves through their clothing. We are petitioning for Starbucks to change the rules on nails because it is a way for everyone to feel good about themselves and exude confidence while at work. With the change in nail products there is an extremely slim chance that you would run into the issue of nail polish chipping or nails breaking.
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    Created by Sherry Karimi
  • Adjuncts Unite: Nashville and Surrounding Areas
    Adjunct Professors are struggling with integrity and income with what they love the most, teach and assist students.
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    Created by KALAI MUGILAN
  • Broken toilets at office
    We must get the toilets fixed. People have to pee in bottles and go to the backlawn for bigger issues. We need everyone to get on board together so that the HR listens to us and does something about this!
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    Created by Karri Lybeck
  • Publix Employee Discount
    I think employees deserve a discount
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    Created by Jonathan Hart
  • Paisanos equal pay for drivers.
    Paisanos drivers make $5/hr in the store and on the road, on average we make a 3rd of what other stores drivers make.
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    Created by Alan Braden
  • Casino 580 Smoke Free Workplace
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that secondhand smoke is a Class A carcinogen for which there is no safe exposure level. Employees of Parkwest Casino 580, Knighted Ventures and all Patrons should be protected from second and third hand smoke and the carcinogens that it carries and leaves in our work environment. Many Pregnant, breast feeding, asthmatic, and elderly people's health are being compromised for the convenience of smokers.
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    Created by Jennifer Albert Picture
  • Disney Daycare Teacher support
    Disney Daycare parents - current, past and future care for the well being of the teachers. Many of these teachers served our children for over 10, 20 years. They should remain Disney employees.
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    Created by Sunny Oh
  • Retirees
    Retiree is punished for retiring. You check in 24 hours in advance for non rev flight get to the airport and some dependent checks in 15 mins before a flight and the retiree gets knocked down. Not Fair for the service you gave the company. ALL ACTIVE EMPLOYEES WILL RETIRE ONE DAY
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    Created by Larry Dillon