• Get Kroger Workers Hazard Pay Again
    Because we have been there on the front line from the beginning working long and hard extra hours and risking getting sick with covid or bringing it home to our kids and now from what I hear quite a few Payless stores are cutting workers hours and we cant make a good living off our normal wage
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  • Apply for Hazard Pay
    This is important to all essential worker for going above and beyond is such a trying time. We put our health and mental health at risk daily.
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    Created by Christel Little
  • Health Care Committee Petition for a New Quarantine Policy
    There should be no obstacles to people staying away from work if they could possibly be COVID positive
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    Created by Aamir Deen
  • Justice for Natalie
    Natalie had worked at Surly for almost 2.5 years. She was a server captain before the pandemic, and was one of the few who continued to work throughout the shutdown, including volunteering to pack free meals for employees weekly, and helping create and execute the curbside to go system from the ground up. Since the reopening of Surly, she had learned how to operate each FOH job role and trained countless others to work those positions, without being asked to and without compensation. She was even on track to becoming a potential supervisor when she was suddenly terminated by Dan Dinovis, making false claims that her job performance quality had decreased dramatically and that she was not fit for the new service model that most employees have had a hard time with. She constantly stayed late to help coworkers, and had a positive attitude and great relationships with staff throughout the company. Natalie había trabajado en Surly durante casi dos años y medio. Era una capitana de servidores antes de la pandemia y fue una de las pocas que continuó trabajando durante el cierre, incluido el voluntariado para empacar comidas para empleados semanalmente y ayudar a crear y mantener el sistema nuevo para comida para llevar. Desde la reapertura de Surly ella había aprendido cómo operar cada puesto de trabajo en el frente de casa y entrenado a muchos otros trabajar esos puestos, sin que se le pidiera y sin compensación. Iba a ser una supervisora potencial cuando de repente fue despedida por Dan Dinovis, haciendo afirmaciones falsas de que la calidad de su desempeño laboral se redujo drásticamente y que ella no era apta para el modelo de servicio nuevo con el que la mayoría de los empleados han tenido dificultades. Ella se quedaba hasta tarde con frecuencia para ayudar a sus compañeros de trabajo y tenía una actitud positiva y excelentes relaciones con empleados en toda la empresa.
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  • Safety Measures
    As stated above We feel at risk. We have urgent, shared concerns that the new office has inadequate accessibility, and our current COVID safety protocols in our workplace are not enough. We are asking for these immediate measures to address our safety
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  • Don’t cut hazard pay
    They are risking health for themselves,their families to serve public and continue to make Starbucks a successful corporation.
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    Created by Marge Tippie
  • Open our closed registers
    First and foremost, Walmart with game it's happy customers back, and lose they griping and complaining coming from the customers now. Secondly, it would allow our Walmart cashiers, the time that they need to do their other responsibilities, that come with the job. And in third place.... It would keep management from holding the cashier accountable for not doing the included jobs that they cannot do due to the time constantly ringing up and bagging items for the customer, from the beginning of their shift straight up till the end of their shift. this one change would make everything else fall right back into place. Happy customer, happy employees, happy managers.
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    Created by Noel Field
  • Temperature testing, covid screening questions and masks provided.
    SAFETY! Several employees at facility have tested positive and facility ran out of mask
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    Created by Edwin Burrows
  • A Fair Wage at CapTel
    We, CapTel employees, work for this company night and day, everyday, and without us, the company would cease to exist. What we make now, barely allows us to exist. This is one reason why CapTel has trouble retaining the staff that is essential to the company. We deserve a living wage, $15/hour as a starting wage. We, CapTel employees, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. As part of this, we deserved to be recognized with our true gender identity, not the one assigned to us by CapTel. We, CapTel employees, deserve good healthcare. We deserve to qualify for health insurance after three months, not seventeen.
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  • Driver
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  • Bank of the West: Stop Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
    Employees should not be fearful of management or Human Resources, otherwise what is the point of them? Employees should feel comfortable coming forward with sexual harassment or discrimination issues instead of being retaliated against, harassed, bullied, or singled out. Human Resources and management threatening employees jobs or giving verbal warnings unrelated to work performance due to reporting systemic issues within the bank is disgraceful. Our job is to provide customers the absolute best customer service. If our employer does not treat us right, how do they expect us to do our jobs successfully? Turnover is too high at Bank of the West and for good reasons. Management and Human Resources do not care about employees and corner employees into submission to keep their power. We cannot allow this to happen anymore. We should not feel powerless or hopeless. Our workplaces need to be open and inclusive to let the best possible work to come to fruition. Bank of the West needs to act fast to correct these issues and hire a third-party agency to review the corporate sexual harassment policy and diversity and inclusion policy. Additionally, all employees, especially Human Resources and management, need to go through in-depth bias training provided by an organization specializing in diversity and inclusiveness training, fire perpetrators of sexual harassment, and management/employees that blatantly discriminate against minorities and disabled employees.
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  • Board of Director's choice of new CEO
    Their choice is very wrong for the organization and all of us on many levels. It is with a deep concern and sincerity that we respectfully submit to you our concern regarding your choice of a new CEO. As you are aware, he had previously resigned from UAII. That in itself should be disqualifying. But something even more troublesome is that he is NOT Native American. According to a stipulation on page 3 of the Indian Preference Act, first choice should be given to qualified Indians. We don't believe this was followed and the BOD is NOT in compliance. We greatly appreciate the leadership of Gene Martinez as Interim CEO. guided us through the most difficult time in the history of UAII He has worked with the City and County of Los Angeles, the employees, our clients and the greater Native American Community these past several months to keep us safe. His leadership was thoughtful, heartfelt, professional and knowledgeable. He worked with a cultural awareness and sensitivity that comes from his background and ethnicity as a Native American man. He was raised in the very community he now serves and has a great allegiance to it. We believe he has PROVEN himself. And in taking on the incredible task of leading us through this pandemic, and making sure we secure a building for our move, he has EARNED the position of CEO. It is not in the best interestof UAII staff, clients and our Native American Community to change leadership now. Please make Gene Martinez's status permanent CEO. And we urge the BOD to work closely and respectfully with him.
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