• Help Starbucks Partners Keep Their Hazard Pay
    Lots of store’s hours are still reduced, and many partners can’t get the hours that they need to pay bills and live their lives. Partners cannot enforce that customers wear masks, and don’t know if they have been following proper health and safety protocol. Due to this fact, partners are risking their health and safety to serve coffee.
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  • Philadelphia city workers forced to return to work without testing
    Workers are at risk of becoming infected with the virus from their coworkers.
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  • More Lenient Publix Personal Appearance Policy
    This is important because allowing employees to express themselves more freely and have more lenient personal appearance policies will make employees much more happy to work at Publix overall and won't feel so controlled over every aspect of their appearance. Not only is it sexist for men being unable to wear earrings, it is unfair for employees to have tattoos but if you have gauges you need to put in flesh/skin tone. Also, why does it matter so much for employees to not have facial/a lot of jewelry/dyed hair anyhow? If the excuse is that "If you do that to yourself, you're not professional", this company is mistaken. Appearance has nothing to do with being professional, unless we are talking on terms on cleanliness and things of that nature. Personally, it is difficult to remember to change my gauges for work because it's such a small portion of my appearance it is easy to look over. But that's not exactly what all this is about. In conclusion, there are many aspects of appearance that this company focuses on, when that focus should be applied elsewhere, because as employees we already feel controlled enough as it is.
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  • corona exposer risks health welbeing
    This is important because i had never missed a day or been late and i feel like i am being mistreated
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  • Staff to round on one unit at a time
    Having one technician per unit (open and special care), instead of one for both units, will ultimately benefit the entire unit by increasing safety and creating a better environment for everyone. Furthermore, sufficient staffing will allow staff to have more time to assist and comfort patients and will let technicians also be able to greater assist nurses. With more assistance, nurses will be able to provide better care to their patients. Lastly, sufficient staffing will prevent burnout in all staff, therefore possibly decreasing overall call outs and turn over rates. For reference that Mcdermott is insufficiently staffed, Boys town has a ratio of 1 psychiatric technician per 6-8 patients (according to their psychiatric tech job application). On their website this number is stated to ensure a constant safe ratio of staff to patients and allows technicians to consistently provide the highest quality of care. According to California Law “(13) The licenses nurse-to-patient ratio in a psychiatric shall be 1:6 or fewer at all times. For purposes of psychiatric units only, “licensed nurses” also include psychiatric technicians in addition to licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses. Licensed vocational nurses, psychiatric technicians, or a combination of both, shall not exceed 50 percent of the licensed nurses on the unit.” At Mcdermott there is 1 tech for up to 21 patients and two psychiatric units. This number includes special care, a unit which has a higher acuity and requires significantly more attention. According to the job description of a Mental Health Technician at CHI our main job is described as to assist patients with their individuality, self-expression, acknowledging and accepting responsibility for psychological and behavioral patterns, participate in admission procedures, orient patient and family to unit, lastly, perform basic tasks such as vitals. Rounding is not listed, nor prioritized as the main job function in the description. Electronic rounding for two units is time consuming and only leaves a few minutes between each round. A few minutes is hardly enough time to get a patient necessary items, such as toiletries, let alone have a conversation with them and work on all the other factors described in the job explanation. The mission of CHI emphasizes human dignity and social justice while creating healthier communities. The core values include reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence, and the spiritual mission is to address each patients spiritual and emotional needs as well as physical. Working towards CHI’s mission while understaffed and in unsafe conditions is impracticable, unsustainable and unjust to patients and employees. https://www.boystownhospital.org/services/behavioral-health/psychiatric-inpatient-care https://govt.westlaw.com/calregs/Document/I8612C410941F11E29091E6B951DDF6CE?contextData=%28sc.Default%29&transitionType=Default
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  • Immunocompromised Workers
    Walmart is giving immunocompromised workers 14 days off without penalty of termination. The attendance policy is that we can only miss five days in a 6 month period before we are terminated whether you are ill with the flu or not. With COVID19 our days should be extended.
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  • Hazard pay to ALL warehouse employees!
    I, like most Amazon employees, have a family to come home to and we cannot afford to stay in hotels like some healthcare workers are having the opportunity to do. I have a fiance, a 6 year old and a 10 month old at home and everyday I go into work I feel like I'm risking their lives to help deliver Amazon products to many families getting paid more than me on unemployment and I feel that is very unfair. Especially since my fiance and 6 year old both have asthma and are at a higher risk, I do not feel that Amazon has our health and saftely at heart, just their bottom line and trying to get back to their 2 day delivery promises to its customers.
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  • End Covid-19 Induced Discrimination
    Errol Blackstone, a current student at Grinnell College, said it best: "We all know that crises like the one we are facing affect marginalized people more harshly and COVID-19 has created large inequity in the education that Grinnell College has promised us." Grinnell itself states that "[b]ehaviors designed to intimidate or hinder others from accessing the benefits provided by the College are strictly prohibited." However, current Grinnell policy hinders hundreds of students from being graded based on competence rather than circumstances. It places a burden on students from marginalized groups who already carry the weight of injustice on their shoulders. We are living through the crises we study and leaning on the science that was once constrained to two-hour labs. Now is not the time to force pedagogical learning when our lives are our classroom. Our responsibility is to ourselves and each other, not our transcripts. Thank you, The Grinnell College Community (https://www.grinnell.edu/about/at-a-glance/mission)
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  • Protective Personnel Equipment for All Front Line Workers
    It is important for everyone to stay healthy and to reduce the risk of spreading germs and viruses to those whom we come in contact with. Employers should be encouraging their employees to protect themselves with PPE and create a safe environment for them to work.
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  • Hazard pay
    We deal with everybodys garabage and recyclable
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  • Frontline Grocery Employees Should All Be Tested
    Grocery employees come into contact with countless strangers every day, and this not only puts them and their families at risk, but also the public who depend on them to provide essential supplies. A high percentage of cases are believed to be transmitted by asymptomatic carriers. Waiting for symptoms to present merely compounds transmission and endangers employees and customers alike.
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  • Pay Pizza Hut employees hazard pay
    Because employees feel at risk and afraid because they are dealing with the public and taking a risk everytime they clock in. There are cases of covid in some on the communities in which they work and they continue to come to work amd make the company money while feeling at risk.
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