• Bring back our quarterly bonuses!
    The quarterly bonuses help provide ownership, accountability, and the desire to reduce shrink. We used to say "That's coming out of your bonus", which technically it did, now we say it as a joke... Managers and Asst. Managers still get quarterly bonuses, as part owners of the company, we should too!
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    Created by John Smith
  • Hazard Pay for Cannabis workers
    Los Angeles has the highest cases of COVID-19. It is now reported that one in five people have Covid. We are literally risking our lives to produce a product for a company that has yet to acknowledge that sacrifice. We have worked all of 2020 without any adjustments to pay. Peoples lives are at stake.
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    Created by Pat Bean
  • Harassment,Retaliation, Unfair treatment of Employees
    This is very important because this treatment has been ongoing even before. So many workers have been fired( even I), quit because they can’t stand for themselves and for everyone.
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    Created by Janice Carothers
  • Hazard Pay for Essential Variety Care Employees
    No one saw COVID-19 coming. The staff realizes that we need to see patients because the patients need us and our community needs us. We need Variety Care Administration to provide hazard pay to any and all staff that has duties considered to be essential. Housekeeping, Maintenance, Receptionist, Medical Assistants, Lab techs, Providers-- anyone that who must be in the front lines of COVID and directly impacts the care of patients should be given hazard pay
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    Created by Variety Care
  • McDonald's Should Not Be Allowed To Schedule Workers 8 Hours But Only Pay Them For 4 Hours work
    McDonald's is CHEATING their employees out of a full paycheck which they've EARNED and causing undo hardship by stealing living wages right out of their pockets. People are working full time so they can get a full time check not a partial paycheck. It is not right and has to be against the law to have someone work a 40 hour week and turn around and pay them for a 20 hour week. If you don't want employees getting paid for full time hours then schedule them to work 20 hours per week. It is the RIGHT of every employee to get paid for the ACTUAL hours they put in. McDonald's does not appreciate their employees and treat them like slaves. These are human beings you are dealing with. You cannot play around with someone's livelihood. Many of these people are over 30 and over 40 and have children they are trying to feed as well as meet their own obligations. McDonald's wants its workers to put in the hours and do the work but they don't want to pay them what they're worth. This is a very difficult job and no employee should be earning LESS than what they deserve while being overworked and undervalued. This is the true definition of overworked and underpaid. McDonald's is the most heartless, ruthless, stressful, unfair and highly disorganized organization I have ever been a part of. I will NOT be returning. It's so not worth the toil just to get a few dollars in your pocket.
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    Created by K. James
  • Don’t cut hazard pay
    They are risking health for themselves,their families to serve public and continue to make Starbucks a successful corporation.
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    Created by Marge Tippie
  • A Fair Wage at CapTel
    We, CapTel employees, work for this company night and day, everyday, and without us, the company would cease to exist. What we make now, barely allows us to exist. This is one reason why CapTel has trouble retaining the staff that is essential to the company. We deserve a living wage, $15/hour as a starting wage. We, CapTel employees, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. As part of this, we deserved to be recognized with our true gender identity, not the one assigned to us by CapTel. We, CapTel employees, deserve good healthcare. We deserve to qualify for health insurance after three months, not seventeen.
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    Created by Brian Johnson Picture
  • Driver
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    Created by Fernando Orozco
  • Help Starbucks Partners Keep Their Hazard Pay
    Lots of store’s hours are still reduced, and many partners can’t get the hours that they need to pay bills and live their lives. Partners cannot enforce that customers wear masks, and don’t know if they have been following proper health and safety protocol. Due to this fact, partners are risking their health and safety to serve coffee.
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    Created by Nicole Elizabeth
  • Keep Jimmy John's Workers and Customers Safe
    We, the undersigned workers of Jimmy John's are concerned about the COVID-19 Health Crisis, and are worried about how our current work situation is putting us and others directly in harm’s way. We do not feel it is safe to be allowing customers to continue coming into the lobby when the CDC and medical community agree that we have not yet even reached the peak of this crisis. Even with the precautions that management has taken to make things safer, the reality is that our stores are mostly small enclosed spaces, COVID-19 is highly contagious, and cases in Indiana are continuing to rise by the hundreds each day. Also, our state does not have regularly accessible testing so the actual number of confirmed cases and deaths are likely far higher than what they are reported as now. We understand that sales are down, but we believe that management must put the lives of its customers and staff over its own profit. If one of us gets sick and is unable to take paid time off or the lobby is opened then they have significantly greater risk of spreading the virus to the rest of the staff and to customers. We cannot in good conscience put ourselves, our families, and our customers at even greater risk by keeping the lobby open and increasing the amount of direct contact that could likely spread the virus further. The close contact at the register and in the lobby means that anyone taking orders and drivers returning from deliveries come well within six feet of many customers and put both parties at risk.
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    Created by Jimmy John's Workers United - Greater Lafayette
  • Wage increases for all licensed CNA’s
    There is a huge lack of CNA’s to care for our Loved ones. They do the brunt of work which is physical and mentally challenging. The facilities are always understaffed because they can’t find anybody to work for the little wage that they make and the care that they have to provide to residence. I know this because my husband has had caregivers for over 10 years and I hear the same shit all the time how they can’t find staff and that’s why range of motion isn’t getting done, there teeth aren’t getting brushed, only two showers a week. I could go on for ever.
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    Created by Denise Pederson
  • Reclamo Salarial
    Is very important becose with my salary pay rent , meats and other issues or things like utilities
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    Created by Carlos Carrera