• Starbucks shift differential
    The expectations and standards employees are required to meet make working at Starbucks one of the most mentally and physically taxing retail work environments. It is not a stretch to assert that Starbucks is the hardest I’ve ever worked, while simultaneously being the least I’ve ever been paid. That disparity cannot continue to exist. In order to rectify this issue, Starbucks must implement a shift differential for their morning and weekend shifts to fairly compensate their staff.
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    Created by Steven Rizo
  • Better communication between mgt and staffnd staff
    Most of us need a second job to make ends meet, many of us are stressed about neverending lines ( one recent Sunday two cashier's called in sick and no replacements were called leaving two cashiers to handle lines halfway down the store), and noone can live on $12/hr.
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    Created by Jane Lehmkuhl
  • Unionize IYR 2021
    The only way our working conditions and wages will improve is if we all band together to tell our employers that they are not entitled to our labor until they treat us all much more fairly. Our current wages are barely enough to scrape by when considering that after taxes, there's still a struggle to cover rent, bills, groceries, vehicle maintenance, pets and any unexpected injuries or accidents. Our current working conditions are hostile almost daily, typically in the form of coworkers having disagreements and getting into screaming / yelling matches (often in front of donors and / or customers) that go largely unresolved by management; these disagreements also commonly end in "behind each other's backs" comments that often lead to further disagreements that, again, end in one of these two ways. When asked to help resolve many of these issues, management has commonly responded with some remark about or similar to being "unable" to do anything about it.
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  • Please Pay On A Schedule
    So we can finally get some order to the craziness! This is just a start to show everyone we DO have rights. We just have to know them and be willing to fight for them.
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    Created by Cortney Green
  • 7-Eleven not allowing Tips
    In a time where a labor shortage has gone beyond anything an owner could imagine finding a great employer has become a tremendously difficult task. Our customers coupled with our management like our employees to feel special, appreciated, and rewarded. In numerous occasions our clientele has requested to tip employees, thus a tip jar should be permitted. A small jar can go a large way and can allow employees to feel supported and get a bit extra during such a difficult time.
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    Created by Noufel Aleem
  • Higher Wages
    So Michaels craft stores are willing to show there employees as well as future employees they are willing to pay to keep good employees and help make the shopping easier for customers!
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    Created by Janette Kimble
  • Reverse Uber Driver Pay Cuts!
    If this does not happen we cannot survive. You will live drowning in finances, working three times as hard for 40% less pay. The pay has gotten out of control. It should matter to you that they are making millions and have cut our pay to almost nothing.
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    Created by Joseph Macauley
  • Raise Wages to $22 To Truly Support Our Family
    Our leadership cannot claim to be pro-employee, as FHCSD has done, and not be proactive in improving the safety and well-being of our employees. To continue to devalue our workers you continue to choose to allow them to suffer through housing and food insecurity. As our leaders, we expect you to choose better. If you are a Family Health Centers of San Diego employee, or want to support our community, sign this petition to voice our collective demand for FHCSD leadership to change the organization's starting wage to $22 per hour for all employees, and provide adequate adjustments based on previous raises earned.
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    Created by Giovanna Victor Caria
  • Bring back our quarterly bonuses!
    The quarterly bonuses help provide ownership, accountability, and the desire to reduce shrink. We used to say "That's coming out of your bonus", which technically it did, now we say it as a joke... Managers and Asst. Managers still get quarterly bonuses, as part owners of the company, we should too!
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    Created by John Smith
  • Hazard Pay for Cannabis workers
    Los Angeles has the highest cases of COVID-19. It is now reported that one in five people have Covid. We are literally risking our lives to produce a product for a company that has yet to acknowledge that sacrifice. We have worked all of 2020 without any adjustments to pay. Peoples lives are at stake.
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    Created by Pat Bean
  • Harassment,Retaliation, Unfair treatment of Employees
    This is very important because this treatment has been ongoing even before. So many workers have been fired( even I), quit because they can’t stand for themselves and for everyone.
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    Created by Janice Carothers
  • Hazard Pay for Essential Variety Care Employees
    No one saw COVID-19 coming. The staff realizes that we need to see patients because the patients need us and our community needs us. We need Variety Care Administration to provide hazard pay to any and all staff that has duties considered to be essential. Housekeeping, Maintenance, Receptionist, Medical Assistants, Lab techs, Providers-- anyone that who must be in the front lines of COVID and directly impacts the care of patients should be given hazard pay
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    Created by Variety Care